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Victim power and naturalized barbarism

“At the UN Security Council meeting to discuss the war between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas this Monday (30/10), Israel's ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, and other delegates placed yellow stars [emblemas of Nazi discrimination against Jews] on their clothes with the words “never again” written on them.”[1]

The gesture of representing Israel at the UN means that, whatever the State of Israel (run by the ultra-right and which claims to be the exclusive representation of Jews around the world) does or does not do, whatever whether the facts and its actions or reactions, Israel always presents itself as a victim, to the exclusion of any other potential or actual victims currently and in the future.

The tragic past of the Jews as victims of the Nazi Holocaust would justify today, tomorrow and always, the current role of the self-declared Jewish State as executioner of the Palestinians, as it is a justification of “symbolic” reparation whose means is pure and simple material violence that falls against a population without defenses and without any links to the fate of the Jews in Adolf Hitler's Germany.

“War between Israel and Hamas” is clearly a euphemism conveniently used by news agencies that hides the long and continuous process of physical and symbolic erasure of the Palestinian people that began with the creation of the State of Israel, whose idealized narrative of its origin and destiny contrasts with the crudeness of the means used in the past and present.

The various historical or pseudo-historical and unilateral or selective “moralizing” justifications, that is, “of justice” in the creation of the Israeli nation in Palestinian territory revealed themselves, in the course of this process, as a cover-up for an initiative of a fundamentally colonizing nature, whether say: of territorial appropriation and ethnic domination, and therefore violent by design, whose historical model was European nationalism and colonialism, and had the de facto support of the powers of Europe and the USA in the XNUMXth century as an essential condition of its implementation.

It is up to the Palestinian people to atone for the crimes of the Nazi far right in Germany. This is what the gesture of the Israeli representation clearly and absurdly says, whose addressee is, not the global humanitarian conscience that clashes and rebels against the Palestinian genocide, but the white and Christian West and its absolute centuries-old guilt for the fate of the Jews in history .

There is a kind of publicly declared blackmail here that aims, just in case, to guarantee the mystifying narrative of the “defense war”. Almost unnecessary blackmail, I would say, since the material and strategic interests of the USA, with its European vassals, and the power of the State of Israel, allied and subordinate to the Global Empire, completely coincide in the situation and in the historical cycle.

In general, it is about the North American initiative to contain China, dominate Russia, and reaffirm the subordination of the Global South. In this panorama, the proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, instigated and financed by the USA, the political and economic subordination of Europe, the publicly anticipated destruction of Nord Stream by Joe Biden and the negative repercussions of the anonymous attack carried out on the already weakened European economy, Israel's present genocidal offensive against the Palestinians of conquest and territorial domination, which explicitly has as an important coordinated objective, according to Israel's own leadership, the containment of new energy routes initiated by China between Asia, the East Middle East and Europe, as noted by several analysts.

These are elements of the same process and strategy by which the Empire tries to reverse the historical exhaustion of its conditions of global domination. Mastery of the Middle East and its energy resources, including the resources of the Gaza coastal region highlighted by experts, is a vital part of this strategy.

The State of Israel, to the misfortune of its citizens in the present crisis, is a cog in this machine of global domination that, ultimately, surpasses the decisions and power of its ruling elite, despite the arrogance and criminal violence of its current leaders, the messianic ideology, the providential arrogance, always uncertain of itself under the “divine” protection of North American weapons.

The Palestinian attack on Israel, with all its bloody dimension and the apocalyptic violence of the Israeli response, definitively eliminated the current process of commercial and diplomatic normalization of Israel's relations with Arab countries in the region, such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Normalization that would mean even greater isolation and final abandonment of the Palestinian cause as several analysts have noted.

This initiative of enormous local cost by a minority force against a powerful adversary demonstrated its rationality and strategic effectiveness. Israel's response, multiplying violence, betting on barbarity, clearly demonstrates, under the mask of fortitude, the surprise and fear of its leaders and the practical and ideological limits of the national and ethno-religious narrative and has repercussions on the material, practical bases and histories of the State.

After the desired and unlikely total elimination of the Palestinian people and the final territorial conquest, what is the future of Israel? The depth of the current crisis does not allow us to glimpse the simple continuation of status quo ante or a definitive resolution favorable to the established plans for regional hegemony of the Western-supported Israeli ruling elite.

The violent and unequal conflict between Palestinians and Israelis is shown today in a crystal clear way for all who want to see, and they are becoming more numerous every day, as one of the faces of a global systemic crisis expressed in the crisis of Western hegemony that signals profound changes in historical paradigms inherited in the XNUMXst century.

In this context, behind the masks of local and global power, the growth of violence expresses senselessness, blind arrogance, hubris, the de facto disorientation, the uncertainties, difficulties and fear of the so-called transnational elites, the anxiety of the global dominant classes regarding the historical-structural transformations underway.

Reactions that will only increase the challenges, uncertainties, dangers and costs of the global crisis for the world population in this period marked by the inevitable exhaustion of forms of domination with trapped life energies, confined by a universal system of inequalities, exploitation and oppression of the majorities.

Gaza is, in its own way, the living metaphor of confinement and oppression as the destination of people subjected to the predatory practices of the world's owners, of the barbarity of domination and equally a symbol of resistance at the heart of destruction and despair.

Marcelo Guimaraes Lima is an artist, researcher, writer and teacher.



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