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Chronicle of a Night Capitalism Lost

It was a Thursday, late afternoon and early evening, on the verge of the beginning of the school holidays. Ideal moment to decompress from another very demanding semester. I'm not speaking for myself, but for a daughter dedicated to her studies despite being at the happy age of still not worrying about her professional future, much less the financial one.

The idea is to walk a little, look at some shop windows and have a snack that escapes the routine. In this step by step, she gets excited about what attracts her: a bookstore! I am immediately obliged to consider:

     – I barely had lunch today, can we come back after eating?

     - You promise?

With my consent, happy consent, by the way, we found some pasta for her and a greasy snack that I wanted. With peace of mind we ate and returned to the first stage of the tour, window shopping. In a few moments we were again next to that store that had appeared in some village and, due to real estate speculation in the great metropolis, had to content itself with renting a small space in the shopping box where we found ourselves.

He did not give up on his vocation and, against all odds, the aforementioned bookshop continues to sell books, astonishingly. In the blink of an eye I lost my offspring to that space; it got lost inside, almost transmuting itself into a colorful cover among the many existing ones.

As I calmly looked for her, so I could admire the enthusiasm that would certainly be on her face, I realized that an event was in full swing in the literary environment we entered: the launch of a book.

There were no canapés or sparkling wines, as usual, just a well-prepared banner with a full-size photo of the author (co-author, the banner said). Next to it, a small table and a chair. In this he was, there was no doubt, the co-author. It was so identical to the photo that I was curious to check if he was not wearing the same clothes. On the contrary, he seemed to have a good wardrobe, very neat, including cufflinks fastening the cuffs of an impeccably cut shirt. I immediately ruled out that he was a poet or novelist, the kind that have emerged in droves with the advent of digital publications. Everything indicated that it was some technical work, by a teacher who turned his classes into a manual, interested in having current and future students as faithful consumers.

One fact immediately caught my attention: he didn't give autographs. None of the souls present seemed to know that there was the birthplace of a past that could have a bright future: a book!

I forgot about the little girl and I was wondering, without asking anyone anything and looking askance. I didn't want to embarrass the good-looking author, I mean, co-author, who was still accompanied by just a few of his books on the table. I couldn't understand the reason for loneliness. Is he single? Has he already lost his mother or does she live in another city and couldn't come because she has to take care of his grandmother? Forgot to post the invitations? This hypothesis is not valid, now everything is online and publicized by social networks. Did you fail to notify students in the classroom or, by mistake, scheduled the launch on a test day? No fellow teachers? It could be that due to some oversight they got the day or time wrong… And the editor, isn't he even present? What a sad fate for authors these days. A partner that is, not even that one will show up?

I was still rambling when a light came on and everything cleared up. I realized that no banner there was also the name of the work, simple, direct and objective: Financial Evolution!

Everything was explained and the answers began to pop like corn in hot oil. Indeed, with such a title, a novel or poetry could not be. Technical book would have a chance, but I also discarded it. Teacher was also out of the question, hence the absence of those students I imagined. It can only be a self-help book! Own edition of some blogger who sells himself as trader, relying on the luck of people betting on the luck that money is easy to win, on market roulette. In that instant my empathy was gone and concern for my pre-teen was back.

Almost as if by magic, she appeared, just like that, with a book in each hand. By the way, I don't know where she found so many hands. She had a weak smile, a little embarrassed and happy with so many options. I was forced to give her a very difficult mission, to choose just one! Luckily self-help is not yet part of her readings and whichever option you choose will result in great reading. If I know well, he will devour the book even before the start of the holidays. After a resounding hesitation, one of the synopses hooked her and put the others away. We paid and she wouldn't let it wrap. As soon as we got in the car, he read aloud until we got home so I could follow the story.

I didn't pay much attention, to be honest. In my head, the luck of readers who were not invited to the launch event, forgot the date or who do not need mentors for their finances. Tonight capitalism lost...

     – Daughter, did you see that there was a launch at the bookstore?

     - Launch?! I don't think so, I didn't see any queues.

*José Fabio Rodrigues Maciel holds a master's degree in law from PUC-SP. Author, among other books, of Handbook of the History of Law (Saraiva Jur).

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