By Airton Paschoa*

Home prison

Old people sulk like children. The first ones because they stole the sun and the last ones because they took away the rays and scolds. Some working more, others less, the adults spend day and night laughingly apprehensive. Ripe ones ripen, waiting plenty of time to rot. Young people do not conform; they have done nothing and can do nothing. The open-air penitentiary, so many taking it for freedom... as for freedom they took the semi-open regime in which they lived. How many, what does it matter if the sun rises square? either a current form of suprematism or an open form of supreme autism.


always the same and unique
I shake and shudder
the millions of mornings that dawned
the thousands of mornings that pointed
hoping hope
not even what tip
to the obverse opposite
of spear
of blade
of discouragement
tired the heart
to hit and catch


trunk and trunk
the foolish time


heat waves
radio waves
waves of hate
waves of fear
medium waves
and just ironing

the board


It was to recover this era.
No stone unturned.
Not even anger.
Not even ivy.


The Impossible, the unthinkable impossible, what scratches the sky and rips the veil, what skips time and pulses at the temple, what arches, what reveals and unravels, what is a bow and is iris, what stretches the string and cuts speech and cuts with a knife, impassive impossibility, what is it, if not what touches the celo?


Let's think that every morning redeems every morning. Otherwise… No. There can be no alternative. If there is... We need to deny, deny. We need to institute the morning as a unit of time, as the only unit of time! Yes, without exception. No possibility of dismissal. We need to believe that each morning absolves each morning, that each morning, blindly, piously believe that each morning redeems each morning. Day after day. We need, we need. We need to believe. We need to decree. We need to forget, we cannot forget, we need to enact the dictatorship of mornings.

*Airton Paschoa is a writer, author, among other books, of the life of penguins (Nankin, 2014).

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