Fragments X



four short pieces



only size
and herd
and bath
of blood

just bullet
and ditch
and room
of IML

just lead
and cry
and fertilizer
in black

just silence
and consent
and science



from characterless hero to bad-character myth
from the sympathetic hero to the hepatic myth
from the trickster hero to the miliquian myth
from the macumbeiro hero to the macambúzio myth
from the hero who lies to the demented myth
from the hero who plays to the myth who laughs
from the hero who laughs to the myth that gnaws
from the lazy hero to the myth that mocks and destroys
from the hero who says grace to the myth that disgraces
from the hero who speaks to the myth that deforests and says kills
from the hero of our people to the myth of dead people


[averse to browsers]

I make known, to anyone who may be interested, in a nautical-Camonian glossary, what size territory (albeit immense and immersed) has not developed an outlet through the Pacific.


Pay attention

The government does not.
The country does not.
We don't.
Life sucks.
The view sucks.
The visa does not work.
The ear does not work.
Oblivion does not work.
Covid-18 sucks.
Covid-16 sucks.
The gravedigger is no good.
The timekeeper doesn't work.
The user does not.
The mill owner does not.
Sugar doesn't work.
Cane does not work.
Caninha works and doesn't work.
Cannabis sucks and sucks.
The pen doesn't work.
The reed does not work.
Consumption sucks.
The installment does not.
The sold does not work.
The loser does not.
The winner does not.
America sucks.
Trumpstrume sucks.
The trumpestifer sucks.
The corpse is no good.
The doctor guy sucks.
The medicine doesn't work.
The plot sucks.
The plotter sucks.
The pandemic sucks.
The bread of mio presta.
Panic sucks.
Time sucks.
The network does not work.
The fish sucks.
The poem does not work.
The post sucks.
The pole does not work.
. . . . . . …. . . . . . . . . . .Attention!
The school does not.
The choice does not.
Skol sucks.
drool in moderation
. . . . . …. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .no good.


*Airton Paschoa is a writer, author, among other books, of the life of penguins (Nankin, 2014)

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