XIII Fragments



eight short pieces

New normal
I can't wait to see everyone again holding hands and backs.

Tostão, tostãozinho only slowed it down, not slowed it down — the locomotive.
In order to break it before the break, just by screwing in irons — the crazy reason.
Reasons abound, not even crazy.

super realism
The young people who shoot at random take the surrealist provocation to the letter. They have with metaphor the difficulty they don't find with metranca. They form the quintessence of the new humanity. Do they fulfill the fatal purpose that the old archway bears in its wake? However it is, or ceases to be, it descends, ascends, locks, unlocks the suprareality, if not of the dream, of automatic writing.

The man inhales and exhales.
Between breaths aspire.
God sneezes.

without swimming
without running
without walking
in fine pain

on the way to pass
I've been passing
thank you very much

he hasn't changed
I didn't mute
we are divorced

Desert, what you see.
Eye problem?
Cataract, the diagnosis.
Demands intervention.
Finally, the mirage is seen.

oh topia
greek taprobanapra
arabic serendibpra
native srilankapra
eden for fallen
paradise for deportees
eldorado pararefugee
america for business
new world for old
another world for messianic (atheist and believer)
possible or unlikely for many people

oh for forgotten
ceylon pra guy
I don't know for swallowing
I know not to choke

*Airton Paschoa is a writer, author, among other books, of see ships (Nankin, 2007).

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