XVIII Fragments


By Airton Paschoa*

six short pieces


[safe harbor]

I make it known, to anyone who may intrigue, that it is possible, yes, to be happy being a security guard. In the morning, shuddering, the torrent on the telephone, crystalline, cascading, spreads a good morning to flood the earth. How is it that… Well, the sky of the skeptic or cynic, sinister, empty of plans, collapses in its entirety in the face of the firmament of promises, smiling both, sky and insurance, full of policy & apocalypse. But covered! here is the revelation, apocalypse covered - with a deluge of advantages! Do you have a good morning more full of goodness?



Absolutely modern, (which the modern poet used to say, giving up letters and weapons and going to traffic in Africa) we expected to die from everything, anything, robbery, plane, crash, bike, cell phone, drone, bomb, blitz, lightning, bullet in the lost head that it was. Or, at worst, decently modern, suicide, heart attack, stroke, ATV, overdose, overbode, overbody, steroid, asteroid whatever, my God! But plague, plague, epidemic, in the third millennium of the Savior! out of a pandemic, and begging for a vaccine! it's to knock any narcissist's mental gini score down. It is the final straw! or worse—the beginning of the never-ending stings.


[my better]

I make it known, to as many as I can envy, that I never get tired of exalting America, placing it (without ex) on the due and devoted altar. There everyone does their best, óoex, people do their best, any gai, any americara from any buraquaquara don't hesitate paçoca — I'll do my best! Here… alas, alas… (no exclamation, no interjection, no injection… reticent) we do what we can.


crown of christ

The thorny questions, compressing the brain to the point of exhuming the eyeballs from their sockets, in the image and likeness of the crown of Christ, no, not the ornamental bush that garnishes hedges, and is adorned with hyphens, the instrument of persuasion resurrected a few years ago glosses, the thorny questions, pardon the lack of continuity, go stretching along the road and the platform, stretching — a platform, yes, natural, where I spend a good part of the time speculating, for example, why they didn't make use of the bed of Procruste... Too costly in blood the version shorts? and the feature film version? Bleeding is blood, who doubts it? internal yet, clandestine blood, under the smooth rhythm of the crank... I heard that they updated it, the aggrandizing version, with two cars pulling the lower and upper limbs in opposition, democratically leveled then, but, if it is licit for us to palpitate in a conservative vector, the use of improvements in modern life affects the integrity of the myth, which should not, under pain of hurting common sense and good taste, be stretched. In short, they can't be fixed, they tear, that's what this old leather guarantees, yes, sir, they tear! Time all amnesty.



We are capable of anything, who doesn't know? From extreme tenderness to extreme torture, the man animal stretches to taste. On average it's just bad. This, on a case-by-case basis, isolated. In sheepfold, I don't know if it hits better score the sampling. The human standard deviation always gives an air of grace, from UFC to PCC, passing through MPF, STJ, and god knows how many more letter and lethal combinations.

Due to the invariance, the following derivatives appear to the demented: escaping like the quadratic form? to the Markov chain? to the abscissa in sight?

So, one of two things: either you annihilate the weighted average or you blindly follow the curve outside the point.



to jappe

Without wanting to thicken the tail of evolutionary psychology, the fact is that several times I have come across, disgusted, the reptilian brain that inhabits us. Amongst so many, it was a shock to rattle when I couldn't hide from myself, disgusted, that I could hardly adopt. How could it not be ours who held her lap and threw it in the air and changed the diaper? Shit, I know, and much more nauseating than simply, which our communist peers accuse, carrying the label of reaction, bourgeois, boss, narcissus or something else. It is primitive, primate, primate, sub-reptilian, fence and cradle.

*Airton Paschoa is a writer, author, among other books, of see ships (e-galaxia, 2021, 2nd edition, magazine).


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