Fragments XXIV



six short pieces

Serious tail

To Sérgio and Gema

Palestinian cause, African cause, Latin cause, indigenous cause, health cause, psychiatric cause, female cause, racial cause, sexual cause, social cause, environmental cause, God help us! There is no shortage of public causes. Are there drummonds or Mayakovskys missing? Who knows, maybe they migrated from plane, planet, fur, tired of their increasingly longer tail... Maybe what's really missing is public — could it be? Don't citizens here sign over ten petitions every month? Are we saturated, sated, fed up? Some are even afraid of in... Just in case, one more, one less, you won't leave the place. Airton Paschoa, BR, SP, poet, no institution, no comment.


Various threats, comme il faut, contribute to the end of the homo repelens… for whose survival, by the way, there was no leaked dollar since the middle of the last century. Apart from what remains of the fauna and flora of the blue planet — of course, seen from beyond, I personally support the nuclear solution, perhaps more imminent, and whose winter will save us (God willing) from global warming.

Palestinian children

amputated without anesthesia

But thank Jehovah no

missing track

(not even gauze)

Stories of irony

“Good times when it was just a wolf man!” (anonymous, c. 2024 AD)

Pariah is not Israel. Pariah is Palestine. They elected the new ones and to take care of the playpen they put the old Jews. News? It is disgusting to turn to Ecclesiastes and its worn-out nothing new under the sun... battered and sweaty, readily helping all sorts of nihilism. The old news is that, without newness, the end dawns. End, end or beginning? eternal return? In the view of chronocyclists, for whom the wheel redeems the world, there is no doubt — yet another reason, and definitive, to embrace the extinction of the world. homo pestiens.

Refinements of humanity

The degenerate genre has already given what it had to give, with refinements of all kinds; the meteoric solution continues to be the meteor, but I fear that it doesn't want contact either; Hopefully, with fission or fusion, nuclear will soon come to our rescue, otherwise we will remain for decades dragging our cruelty across the shameful face of the earth.

Wait and see

To Valentine, in memoriam

You didn't even wait for the visit. It was a matter of days. He left without leaving a note. Very handsome, Arnesto Facioli. I was going to try once again the country cuisine whose secret you didn't keep under lock and key, take him the little book you forced me to write, remember? Just in case, I even registered his (ir)responsibility in a dedication in big letters that we gladly took down. Why so much of a rush, I don't understand, I promise you... see the Old Wizard right away? delight in prose dropped from beyond the grave? Or were you already tired of taking a world of medicine and not having any for the world without medicine? Maybe I understand, yes, you idiot, come to think of it, but that doesn't mean I forgive you for your unexpected rudeness, let's be clear. I'll only forgive him when he sees me again, and I'll let him know straight away that it won't just be a visit.

*Airton Paschoa is a writer. Author, among other books, of Polishing slippers (e-galaxy). []

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