Cold front

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Comment on our political incompetence

Time and time again I read theses on the viability or unfeasibility of a progressive front for the presidential elections of 22, a glorious year, it doesn't hurt to remember, the biennial of Independence and the centenary of the no less glorious Modernism. Long live our political and cultural independence! Hurray!

I am afraid to say that such fronts, however, only materialize in the face of imminent danger.

Bolsonaro is imminent danger?! Now, the extreme excrement has already been elected, it is no longer news to anyone and will continue to do what is already known, to put the lime shovel on a secularly cherished dream of a nation, a nation worthy of the name, politically sovereign, economically independent and socially integrated.

In 18, yes, then there was an immense imminent danger, the brilliant ustrarrat of the dictatorship's basement, and there was the moment to create - no matter who donated it, in order to return it to the sewer, our much talked about progressive front. It was our obligation at the time, moral and political, to elect anyone – anyone!

Wouldn't it be much better today, for example, to oppose Ciro?

In possession of the federal machine, the danger went from imminent to imminent... in yet another work also of our inability to foment a warm front.

Have we not learned? No. Or worse, we learned that interests are always more concrete than abstractions, and the country may never really be more than an abstraction.

The end of abstraction, however, is not the end of the world. Forces to change.

Our left has become mostly electoral and institutional.

From this point of view, it is still sad, despite understanding personal ambitions, to see someone like Boulos embrace a political career – to be admirable a guy like Stedile, who could have been a federal deputy for a long time.

To transform the country, Chico de Oliveira once said at Escola Florestan Fernandes, in a seminar, that about a thousand MSTs were needed.

Thinking about our invincible social apartheid, I see no way out if not led by a powerful Afro-descendant left, without which we will remain we-with-we, until the end of time, doing this, talking, discussing, glimpsing... when not despairing.

*Airton Paschoa is a writer, author, among other books, of the life of penguins (Nankin, 2014)



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