Gaza – Palestine

Image: Banksky


Poem about the massacre of the Palestinian people

the horror the horror oh Palestine
     the mother looks for the corpses
of children under the rubble crying
         of the girl with burnt skin
  death live on internet screens
     the horror that repeats itself and repeats itself
and it repeats

    Armenians Warsaw Ghetto Auschwitz
the genocides of Russians and Chinese  
      Vietnam Cambodia Iraq Sudan  
  Libya Syria Yemen so many others
new millennium 20th century Modernity
        so many indigenous East Africans 
              oh Palestine
you are all of them now
       you are the synthesis
                of all the massacres
          in the freak circus of Gaza

There's no food or medicine, just hate

      irredeemable soldiers
                    and the rain of bombs
about houses and schools hospitals and mosques
      there is no refuge or rest in Gaza
           where people die now
                of death killed
                       by bomb or bullet
or mass murder
     with the dirty plague bombs
              and hunger

smiling soldiers take selfies 
       amidst the ruins of Gaza
   amidst the clothes of the women of Gaza
trophies from hunted game
         civilized people drink blood
   of inhuman barbaric Arab animals 
       the same story always the same
 litany the same chant the same
           bloodbath repeated ad nauseam
O martyrdom that has no end, O Palestine
    microcosm of horror
                of all barbarian lands
                    by Western Reason
    Gaza drowned in a Dead Sea of ​​hate  
       in a Red Sea of ​​blood
of the sons and daughters of Palestine 
          the same sea of ​​blood
     from everyone else
barbarian peoples a red ocean of centuries
                          and centuries of pedagogy
                    cannon civilization

O Palestine bitter irony
your exiled people
in your own land
by the children of the Diaspora

O Palestine bitter irony
you suffer the carnage
by merciless hands
of the children of the Holocaust

* Wilton Cardoso is a poet and essayist. Literary blog editor, the dream engineer.

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