Strike as divine violence

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It is revolutionary because it is infinite: it wants more teachers, but it can overthrow the force structure

The USP strike is not a matter of positive or natural law. We could fence articles, and nothing useful would come of it. After all, the strike is ethical.

At the University, its mandarins accuse students of violence, such as what happened on January 8th.

The middle of the strike is pure stacking of chairs. The end is open.

It is revolutionary because it is infinite: it wants more teachers, but it can overthrow the structure of the force.

Yes, it is non-violent violence and its end is not clear: “No consideration that seeks to stigmatize such a general strike as violence can be opposed to this profound, ethical and authentically revolutionary conception, taking into account its possible catastrophic consequences”. (Benjamin, 2013, p. 144). In this quote, it is worth noting the careful reflection made by Walter Benjamin, taking into account the reading of Georges Sorel (2013), in relation to the use of violence – and its relations – with the revolutionary movement, so that strikes are understood as a means of tensioning the so-called repressive bodies of the State.

The mandarins invoke 2023, as do the Bolsonarist right. They don't see that the number one in Latin America doesn't know how to deal with poor black people who have just entered academia through the quota system, the same people who object to the meritocracy of the mandarins.

This strike is not supported by natural or positive law, as only “service takers”. It is, above all, sacred to the extent that it can spread and cause a revolution in the country in opposition to the oppressive rule of law, the São Paulo university.

Therefore, let us not refrain from the storm that blazes towards the future, at the same time that we must not ignore the growing ruins that pile up in the sky. (Benjamin, 2012, p. 8).

*Ari Marcelo Solon He is a professor at the Faculty of Law at USP. Author, among others, of books, Paths of philosophy and science of law: German connection in the development of justice (Prism).


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