Yutaka Takanashi, Tokyo-jin, 1974, printed in 2012


poor and brown
bread paper:
save a haiku

the pressure of vultures
don't scare the child
who disputes the carrion

the open window
for the mistress:
of the night dream

she urges herself
with the fascist gesture:
raised left hand

children go to war
on paper boats:
who do not live in them!

on the edge of the vase
piercing the anus
rude piss

Ukraine full moon:
lightens the crying, the dead
and the unconformed streets

glutton of your vulva,
at Holy Supper time.
I want hell with me

ass track
speed and shit

poop floating
ass pearls
decorating the sea

goldfish in the aquarium
who has never seen the sea
” – who knows, on vacation”

cats in trouble:
in the middle of the water
and go away

Climbing Manual:
carnivorous flowers
opening spring

body on the coffin –
women praying
for the dead atheist

ask the fog
where do you hide
the night bombers

Valentine's Day:
with the letter and the flower
the pump triggered

*Johny Guimarães da Silva is a documentary filmmaker, poet and historian.

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