Hegel, Alexandre Kojève and Eric Weil

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Note on the recently published book by Edoardo Raimondi

Alexandre Kojève's Hegel is the Russian Hegel. It is the secularization of the theology of absolute knowledge, of Sophia what Soloviev was talking about.

At the end of the story, the sage sees the universal and homogeneous recognition of all. It is the elimination of the dialectic of master and slave in the realization on Earth of the kingdom of heaven, communism.

In the book Hegel and the State, however, Eric Weil also defends the Kojevian view that Hegel is not a thinker of totalitarianism, but of the liberation of man from bondage.

What's the difference? The difference lies at the end of Eric Weil's story, despite the Hegelian-Marxist premises, it does not reach the existentialist conclusion of Alexandre Kojève.

Eric Weil is still influenced by the neo-Kantianism of Max Weber and the philosophy of life of Wilhelm Dilthey with the relativization of absolute values.

While Alexandre Kojève departs from Plato, the believer Eric Weil mirrors himself in Aristotelian realism.

The book, however, is much more meticulous and detailed than these general theses of mine. Therefore, it is worth reading as a definitive contribution to the clash between two French resisters.

Alexandre Kojève, in groups that took him to the front lines within the German army trying to free French prisoners, while Eric Weil, hiding his Jewish origin, interned not in a death camp, but in a prison camp for French soldiers.

They are, in the post-war period, revolutionaries, each in their own way: one of absolute knowledge, of Sophia, the other of a revitalized (neo-Kantian) morality.

*Ari Marcelo Solon He is a professor at the Faculty of Law at USP. Author, among others, of books, Paths of philosophy and science of law: German connection in the development of justice (prisms).


Edoardo Raimondi. Hegel tra Alexandre Kojève and Eric Weil: History, philosophy and politics all'ombra del Sapere Assoluto. Milano, Mimesis, 2023, 270 pages (https://amzn.to/45850YS).

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