Hermeneutics for the Uninformed

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How is it possible to keep in power a figure that undoes, in his mouth, the beauty of everything?

Only a guy like the ham president of Brazil gets into analyzing texts from biblical literature with glorious ease. Full of banality. And when he does, (from the Alvorada enclosure) he addresses his civilian troops with a view to producing discrimination against people, attacks on the condition of our people and guaranteeing the loyalty of the “show show” that serves and listens to him.

The last biblical interpretation of the newly “converted” to the environmental cause (Forgive Lord!) was about the so-called miracle of the multiplication of loaves and fish, which occurred in the region of Lake Tiberias and close to the Jewish Passover/Pesach. This is, for example, chapter 6 of the Gospel of John. His speech about the chapter was so banal that Macedo, Waldomiro, Malafaia and the entire pastorate that accompanies them and raises billions of reais with them should call the president and say: “Hey brother Jair, please don’t do any more analysis of the Bible because the people can lose part of the brotherhood. After all, everyone knows that we are closed with Your Excellency and our pact is kind of scorched with your talk about the Bible. Did I talk?”.

Certainly they will not do it, because they are not men of Christian faith, but of tax collection, of imposition of their factory of speeches about false prosperity, of theological incompetence, whose approach to the powerful demands privileges and tax cuts from churches funded with the money of the Poor of the Earth.

Jair's only mitigating factor is that he said: “…if I'm not mistaken” when starting his political-religious “interpretation”. Well, he was wrong again, as he is wrong every day for not knowing Brazil, its people, its needs, its poverty and death caused by its negligence, its meanness and its brutal incompetence.

In any case, Jair Bolsonaro's "hermeneutics" was made, it spread and just for this sacrilege the figure should not receive any affection or respect from the country's true evangelical believers and even less votes, either in him or in all his troop.

Jair began to analyze a central chapter of the mission of Jesus in the Aramaic space and in the world, present in the four gospels, that is, the premise that introduces the Eucharist and the earthly mission of Jesus into the field of faith. And the sinister figure compared such phenomena with the distributive policies of PT governments, both to diminish and devalue them and to demonstrate his horror for the poor and needy. It is impossible not to imagine, in the wake of his always badly made sentences, that the miraculous distribution of bread and fish transfers a messianic character to the Workers' Party and its government leaders. Surely they don't even remotely want such a stain.

In no instance of his textual “grammar”, Jair thought and said that the detail of the crowd was an argument value, but not of finality, even because Jesus faces the crowd and criticizes their conduct, which causes their quantitative decrease and problematizes their readings of faith and community. Jair did not discuss whether PT governments confronted the Brazilians (in the Freirean sense) who needed distributive policies due to a history of humiliation, enslavement, colonialism and denial of life. More: he never even suspected that every worthy government must face its people, discuss their problems with them, make criticisms when necessary, but maintain the generosity and respect that all people deserve. And more: call him to think, to formulate, to create, to improve his critical capacity. A dignified hermeneutics would make more complex and complete associations, including those related to politics, since there is politics in all human actions. Jair only knows how to mock. Nothing else learned.

The president, who does not understand anything about Politics, was also unable to perceive that the distributive policies in the Lula and Dilma governments were associated with participatory projects in education, housing, employment, health, work (see the National Conferences) and that none of this exists in the government he has led since 2019. A government that has not created or developed a single public social policy, as this columnist highlighted in a previous text published on the platform A Terra é Redonda.

The central phenomenon of chapter 6 of the Gospel of John, which exhibits more detail than similar evangelical texts, is the institution of values ​​preparatory to the last moment of the earthly time of Jesus the Christ. He recalls the memory of the Exodus from Egypt, goes to the Mount, like Moses, reveals his eucharistic condition as a son of God and prepares himself for betrayal, death and resurrection. The clumsy and incompetent hermeneutic saw none of this, for he has no eyes to see.

Jair trivialized the text in such a way that he saw there only the “personal” interest of the crowds and that the one who distributes bread and fish is also guilty, because in the act of distributing it gives rise to the meanness of the crowd. At the very least, he is justifying his government, which offers nothing, as it only helps to kill.

My God, Jair doesn't understand anything about crowds, he doesn't understand anything about miracles, he doesn't understand anything about the Eucharist or the similarity of historical processes that Jesus experiences. His comparisons overshadow and make the Aramaic text invisible and do not build anything in the present, except his madness for the election and the halter vote, or for the military coup over the land already suffering from enslavements, dictatorships, injustices and excesses.

Could it be that military schools in this country do not offer curricular components with something of history, a little bit of sociology, a little something of politics, psychology, anthropology, reflections that make you think and make comparisons that are at least dignified and intelligent? Or maybe Jair, the worst president of the Republic, was also the worst student at military school... Jair doesn't have the qualities of the worst of current governors.

The Eucharistic institution requires intense reflection on faith, as it works with multitudes who move between the symbol of bread and their real life. In this case, the hour was dark, painful and the chalice bitter. The bread distributed is urgent and necessary, but what is essential is the mission and its thorns, indispensable for the great change in life. Also for the arrival in the Promised Land, as read in the Hebrew texts.

Bread and Earth, placed there symbolically, coincide with what is denied to our multitudes (along with education, health, science, housing) in favor of the pettiest of politics, Bolsonarista. Is this the one that “converted” to Ecology? Go try it, Jair!

How is it possible to keep in power a figure that destroys, in his mouth, the beauty of everything, impoverishes literature, makes memory a fetish, mocks the phenomena of faith and suggests the end of indigenous and quilombola life due to the lack of fair and equitable demarcation? for encouraging barbarian prospectors.

Such a sinister disposition certainly makes his entire government and all those who, in government, accept and serve him a nothing, a nobody, non-existence. As Ricardo Salles means nothing, including the barbecue and rib diners.

Brasilia also shows signs of the accident. I miss Niemeyer and Lucio Costa. Even more of the candangos. Symbols operate in life. The hermeneuta needs to pass soon, along with his troupe. Brasilia deserves statesmen.

*Luiz Roberto Alves is a senior professor at the School of Communications and Arts at USP.



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