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The scandal with Biden's son serves as an index to recognize Americans and their relationship with the nation

With the US autumn elections approaching, Republicans are already starting to pull their trump cards out of their sleeves. As expected, one of them is the legendary laptop of the President of the United States' son, which he forgot in a repair shop, and which contains a few tons of presidential family dirt. Its authenticity has recently been recognized even by Democrat-affiliated media. Prior to that, they spent two years defending themselves against all revelations with "you're lying" arguments.

Drug addict, alcoholic, bribery, womanizer, modern artist with a morbid addiction to pornography and prostitutes… It seems we already knew everything about Hunter Biden. But not. More and more revelations keep coming out of the infamous laptop like a cornucopia, the mythical horn of plenty. It's interesting to observe which of Hunter's exploits leave the American public indifferent and which actually shock them. It serves as an index to recognize Americans and their relationship to the nation.

For example, junior Biden's correspondence about military biolabs in Ukraine and their investments in developing dangerous viruses did not make much of an impression. What these labs were doing, what deadly diseases they were testing on poor Ukrainians, why Hunter was transferring millions of dollars (including from the Pentagon), and what other contagions they planned to unleash across the world… Questions that may eventually concern the entire planet, do not seem to concern American public opinion. So a boy from a good family was testing things like that on the native people of Yukrain?…

However, the video, in which Hunter walks around the hotel room naked with a gun and a naked girl, caused the most intense public indignation.

The fact is, the Democratic Party, to which father Biden belongs, has been relentless in its advocacy of banning or restricting gun sales. Every time a public shooting takes place (and lately they've been happening three times every other day), the Democrats erupt in their ritual cheers.

Meanwhile, Biden junior regularly buys guns – his ex-wife even complained about this in her memoir – and is filmed waving them around in front of his concubines. It's not pretty. Republicans are outraged. For them, anything around the topic of banning firearms is a punch in the gut. But Democrats are also exasperated, realizing how Hunter hurts his father and the entire party.

However, the most scandalous, most painful and dirtiest topic of the Biden kids is far from drugs, guns or orgies. Americans are much more concerned about money. Several times throughout his tumultuous life, Biden junior went bankrupt, even having to use his daughter's college savings. And each time, he rose, like a phoenix, from the ashes, and started again wasting thousands of dollars on drugs and whores.

Over twenty years, tens of millions of dollars passed through Hunter's hands. How did he get it, and from whom? Had he passed some on to his father? Did Dad use his position as Senator, Vice President, and then President of the United States to somehow repay his donors? And how could “Uncle Jim” – the president's brother – be involved in all this?

No, it is clear that “there is no corruption in the United States”. We have heard this mantra for thirty years. Corruption is somewhere in the savage nations that comedian Sacha Baron Cohen so wittily mocks in his films. In the United States, this is called "lobbying”, or “legal services”, or even “commissions to promote business”. And so, they don't exactly have…corruption.

And, curiously, a zone of alienation is gradually forming around the Bidens, within which all sorts of things are possible. No, the fateful word “bribery” has not yet been heard, but things are gradually moving in this direction.

The first swallow to sing is the memoir by Hunter's ex-wife, Kathleen Boulet, If We Break. In it, she politely suggests that Hunter owed huge debts to the Internal Revenue Service, but that he somehow worked things out and the matter disappeared.

This is a very sensitive topic for millions of Americans. The common citizen fears the ubiquitous tax collector as a scare from heaven, and is considerably indignant when he realizes that all kinds of high rollers are permitted in this explosive sphere. Under the pressure of public outrage, in 2020 Delaware federal prosecutors were forced to launch a tax fraud investigation against Hunter Biden.

The irony here is that Delaware is a state offshore classic in the heart of the United States. It's where the world's richest corporate owners hide their tax fortunes. The investigation is still ongoing. Money laundering and LOBBY of foreign interests have already been hinted at, but no result has yet come out in the public eye.

But there's more to come. still the same laptop came a voicemail from Biden senior, addressed to his son in December 2018. In the old man's stammering message one can sense love and tenderness. He affectionately advises Hunter of the disclosure of the investigation of the New York Times, and how the tone of the article, according to him, turned out to be favorable. “I think you are clean now,” says Joe Biden. And he adds: “Call me if you can, I love you”.

“You are clean now” means that something was unclean in the past and that journalists may have discovered it. In fact, an article from the New York Times of December 12, 2018 addressed the ties between Hunter Biden and Chinese businessman Patrick Ho. However, the authors of the publication diligently diverted the focus of the investigation from Hunter. And he got away with it. Details of his collaboration with Ho were only revealed at a later date.

It turned out that Patrick Ho paid Hunter a million dollars for so-called “legal services”. One wonders what kind of service it would have been. It's ridiculous to think of Hunter as a lawyer. And the price is astronomical. It seems that the son of the Vice President of the United States was just a front for the Chinese. Also suggestive is the fact that the first call Ho made after his arrest by federal agents at JFK airport in 2017 was to James Biden, the so-called “Uncle Jim”.

According to New York Post, Hunter, the father, and Joe, the uncle Jim, formed a multimillion-dollar partnership with Ho in the oil industry. “Ten percent goes to the Big Guy,” Hunter warns the Chinese in an e-mail correspondence. “Big guy” would be the future president of the United States, Joe Biden?

That the Chinese shamelessly courted Hunter, offering him dinners, girlfriends, bribes, is nothing new to the American public. On one occasion, he was presented with a huge diamond. But for the first time, the public is presented with evidence that Biden senior was not only acutely aware of what was going on, but that he appeared actively involved in potentially criminal schemes.

What impresses is a kind of North American corruption, simple and cheap, even vulgar: expensive food, expensive drink, high society ladies, drugs, weapons, a diamond... All this is not surprising. Before becoming linked to the Biden family, Patrick Ho, according to US intelligence agencies, actively corrupted leaders in Africa. That's why he was convicted in the United States. The style is really recognizable, African.

In one of his porn videos, Hunter casually tells a prostitute about his dealings with Patrick Ho, describing him as a "very badass spy." It is clear that the entrepreneur did nothing in an official capacity. However, the thought involuntarily arises that Ho might be somehow involved with Chinese intelligence agencies. China's intelligence service works closely with the country's top businessmen, especially those involved in international projects. This is, strictly speaking, standard practice.

What happens then? Was the family of the future president of the United States working for the intelligence of the People's Republic of China for a pittance? That wouldn't just be bribery. It can be recognized as treason in a flourishing state.

“What proof do you have?” – resent the Democrats. Well, the main proof is right before your eyes. Biden's China policy is the exact opposite of the trade wars that Donald Trump has fought with steadfastness and confidence. Now the Washington government is getting sophisticated in its rhetoric, berating China while the neocons try to provoke strife in Taiwan, but in fact, business has been and continues to be done. US oligarchs are successfully cashing in on joint projects.

The new batch of revelations makes it clear that Hunter Biden has been promoting the interests of top Google executives in China. They, by the way, have long played a leading role in Washington government circles. Eric Schmidt himself, the company's president, rose to political Olympus with President Obama, and remains at ease there with Biden. Google, which he created, drowned all Biden family exposures in search engines for two years and labeled them as fake. Therefore, it is impossible not to ask: who governs the ruler? Is Biden still making the decisions? or are they being dictated to him by a handful of American oligarchs?

The Republican electorate in the United States has always been convinced that the country's president and his sons and daughters had sold out to the Chinese. Today, this topic begins to take on more objective assertions. Was there, in addition to gross corruption, possible cooperation with Chinese intelligence services? The questions for the Bidens start to pile up.

By all appearances, the Democrats won't just lose the election in November if the Hunter case really gets going. They can easily lose their president as well.

*Victoria Nikiforova is a Russian journalist, collaborates with the agency RIA Novosti.

Translation: Ricardo Cavalcanti-Schiel.

Originally published in News Front.


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