Highly artificial intelligence



Reflections on the case of the metaphysical automaton

In the era of Artificial Intelligence, which haunts those with social intelligence, there are individuals who develop the most diverse, severe and intimate social, moral comorbidities. We will call these individuals “carriers of highly artificial intelligence” (PITA). Commonly subjected, they are very few subjects of fact and of themselves (and, obviously, unaware of autonomy, of their own meaning), they end up involved in fetishistic and machinic sects.

Fetish for these individuals (which we will also call “this-being-there”) is something that boils down to libidinous acts. However, as it is very rare for them to know what libido is, they are just followers of unconfessable, unpublishable and ineligible desires. These beings do little dialogue with other beings, which are effectively social. Therefore, his fetish boils down to liquidating everyone as merchandise – he himself (“being-that-being-there”) would accept being manipulated (abducted) because he is no longer autonomous. They are beings so robotic that they see autonomous machines, that is, as if the machines were (or could be, effectively) autonomous. These individuals, in short, confuse automatons with autonomous people.

That's why they idolize and confirm myths so much, sometimes transferring the leader's fetish to the female companion of the ineligible myth. The fetish is for the leader, there is no doubt about that – be it the “of-this-being-there” or machinic fetish (his as merchandise of the myth), or the sexualized fetish for the companion of the myth. In this case, it is the already fallen, ineligible and despicable myth. If something like this could exist, let's say it is an ineligible “reverse fetish”.

This is the automaton that accompanies us in this series of The Metaphysician. Almost inexhaustible, there are so many possible caricatures, “this-metaphysical-being-there” is the same one already portrayed as “admirable new cattle”, waiting for their time at the slaughterhouse.

Today's highlight goes to the quality or, better said, type of intelligence he possesses – you could say. This is the manifestation that we outlined in the title: highly artificial Intelligence. This is proven by the fact that the “metaphysical-automaton-being-so” ignores the concrete facts. It is alluded to on social media, it is a firm belief in lies, in the worst distortions that judgment devoid of human value can confer. The more lying, compulsively lying, the more the metaphysician-automaton will want for himself.

The metaphysical-automaton is the individual devoid of autonomy (therefore, null in social intelligence) who lives to receive and multiply lies, in practice, as an effective non-being, but always as a curator and militant of highly artificial Intelligence.

Finally, today, we want to conclude by reinforcing his fetishistic transfer, from the myth, to his companion, equally unpronounceable. However, this is a thesis that needs to be deepened by psychoanalysts and psychiatrists: the fetish for the ineligible myth becomes a reverse fetish for the unpronounceable companion. Our argument is simply that the metaphysical automaton is a worshiper of the machinic fetish (about himself) and a replicator of highly artificial Intelligence.

The metaphysical-automaton is the very fate of his highly artificial Intelligence, he is the individual who reproduces all types of social disintelligence, as he is the bearer of a very unusual common sense. Even if he's the only one of the species who doesn't know that. It would also be interesting to think about what the metaphysical victimology of the fallen myth would be like, ineligible and fetishized by the disintelligence of the metaphysical-automaton.

But that's another story, and these stories are harmful to anyone with social intelligence.

*Vinicio Carrilho Martinez is a professor at the Department of Education at the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar).

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