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The government's contradictions and the 2024 federal education staff strike

The current Federal Education strike is not a flashy piece of Lava Jato, where all it took was a power point and a presentation to get what you wanted. Because unlike Lava Jato, it goes against neoliberal logic. And it points to the strengthening of rights, public service and universities.

At this moment, there is a consensus around neoliberal austerity policies, which have taken the imagination of the right and left by storm. Now, the fact that the right supports a policy that takes public funds from the poor and directs them to the rich is nothing new. Now, when this is considered from the left, it proves something terrible.

The fight against the Spending Ceiling has been going on every minute since the estrovenga was inserted into the Constitution. The pandemic took away what little ballast he had and finally, it collapsed on its own, on the eve of Lula 3. But like the madman in the story who didn't want to be discharged, Fernando Haddad, Lula's main minister, decided to restrain the government with a “fiscal framework” that, in practice, restored the spending ceiling, replacing a poorly designed measure with an exquisite system of tightening investment in rights.

In this way, it is the people who suffer. And the hardest blow falls on some public servants. We say part, because the federal government, to the detriment of Education, for example, granted a package of benefits to some categories, while distributing blows to others. It is clear that among these careers, some played an abject role in the last elections. And the category that from the beginning was Lula's base is being ignored and mistreated.

Tired of being treated like nothing, the administrative technicians and technicians in education at Universities went on strike. They were followed by university professors and employees of Federal Institutes. A strike that prioritizes debate and the search for effective appreciation of professionals and Higher Education Institutions.

The federal government continues with its opera buffa, where it pretends to negotiate, while imagining itself as the protagonist of a strike, in which it only plays the role of antagonist, as it insists on pleasing the market, while raffling off workers, both active and retired.

There were many times that this government showed that it was unaware of federal universities and institutes, nor were there the times that it acted disrespectfully towards the representatives of the categories. At this moment, the priority of education remains in the speeches, while the budget remains in the hands of the bankers and the center.

Universities have changed. If teachers and students were previously the main protagonists of the academic community, the 2024 strike showed that technicians also deserve their place in the sun. Both for their combativeness at this time, when 11/06 marks the 90th strike, and for their contribution to teaching, research and extension. TAEs want salary equality with other executive careers to end the high dropout rate of civil servants and continue the excellent activities carried out at the university.

The greatest career in the public service and one of the most prepared, the TAE continues to be solemnly belittled by a government that, let us recognize, was the object of hope for many, many of us, but which at this moment refuses to be the subject in realizing those hopes. , leaving our universities to become increasingly scrapped and allowing the evasion of civil servants who made our universities and institutes the reference centers for teaching, research and extension, in Brazil and the world.

*Wagner Pires is an administrative technical servant in education at the Federal University of Cariri and a doctoral student in education at the Federal University of Pelotas.

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