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Containing the corrupting force of money is one of the most important challenges for democracy in Brazil

The trial begins today at the TSE that could revoke the mandate of senator Jorge Seif (PL), from Santa Catarina.

A resounding example of the nullities that Bolsonarism has brought to the top of Brazilian politics, he is being tried for abuse of economic power – along with his sponsor, Luciano Hang, known as “old guy from Havan”.

There are rumors that the trial of Sergio Moro, subject to impeachment for a similar reason, in Paraná was interrupted pending the outcome of Jorge Seif's case at the TSE.

This is because the PSD is trying to promote the thesis that, with Jorge Seif impeached, instead of calling new elections, the runner-up in 2022 should be sworn in – former governor Raimundo Colombo. Created by the Konder Bornhausen oligarchy, which has tried to control Santa Catarina since the beginning of the last century, Raimundo Colombo is today as crude a Bolsonarist as Jorge Seif.

The impact in the case of Paraná is obvious. If the TSE embraces the thesis in favor of Raimundo Colombo, which is unlikely, the impeachment of Sérgio Moro would take the Bolsonarist, monarchist and propagator of fake news Paulo Eduardo Martins.

As you can see, in Brazilian politics, especially in the South, there is not much to run to.

In the PL of Santa Catarina, there is great support for the impeachment of supporter Jorge Seif. People like federal deputy Carol de Toni and state deputy Ana Caroline Campagnolo are vying to compete for the position.

A word is also necessary about Jorge Seif’s co-defendant, the “old man from Havan”. Luciano Hang never respected any legal or moral limits in the use of his companies – whether for his own enrichment or for political influence. He was the protagonist of the biggest shows of electoral harassment on record.

If he weren't in Brazil (and more precisely in Santa Catarina), he would be in jail.

Instead, the penalty he is subject to, if convicted, is ineligibility. Doubly useless, as his lawyer even (subtly) mocked. Firstly, because Luciano Hang is already ineligible, due to a previous conviction. Then, because he doesn't want to be a candidate. What he wants is to influence – we can exchange it for “corrupt” – the elections with the force of money.

There are many challenges to democracy in Brazil – so many that we hardly know where to start.

Containing the corrupting force of money is one of the most important.

* Luis Felipe Miguel He is a professor at the Institute of Political Science at UnB. Author, among other books, of Democracy in the capitalist periphery: impasses in Brazil (authentic). []

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