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Considerations about the war in Ukraine and Brazil today

Liev Davidovich Bronstein was best known worldwide as Leon Trotsky, the War Commissioner who heroically took the Winter Palace, defended the victory of the Russian Revolution and created the famous and glorious Red Army!

Paradoxically, Lev or, if you prefer, Trotsky, was born in Kherson Oblast, a small town in present-day Ukraine! Yes, Trotsky is more “Ukrainian”, certainly, much, much more Ukrainian than that faker named Volodymyr Zelensky!

Was the fake Volodymyr Zelensky born in Ukraine? Perhaps even this is not true! True, he was born in Ukraine. He was of Jewish origin, and so was Trotsky. Being of Jewish origin can be both Nazi and Communist.

I myself was born Uruguayan and my mother, around the age of four, fled Uruguay with a German Jew to Brazil. She, with her colonialism, said he looked like Garry Cooper, the heartthrob of Hollywood. But my father, Hector Pichuaga Rodriguez Benoit, was very violent, and the German was afraid of him. Then he and my mother fled to Brazil. At the end of my mother's life, she died at the age of 98, we spoke calmly and sincerely. After all, what did we have to hide?

I asked her a very difficult question: who was the biggest man in your life and the best in bed? She told me: “without a doubt, your father”.

I learned Nazism at the hands of the German, Ernst Toller! He told me that the Germans were the “elite of Judaism”. The “Poles, Russians, Czechs and other Jews are coarse peasants…”.

I, Uruguayan, with all the honor in the world, at the age of three or four, was called by the German “criollo”, for him Brazilians were “Indians”!

I learned at the age of four to be an anti-Nazi and a communist, moreover: a radical anti-imperialist!


Leon Trotsky!

Did he found the heroic Red Army? Yes, he was born in Kherson Oblast, in a small town in Ukraine, his parents were relatively poor peasants, even if they exploited work. We know well that, when Trotsky was already in power, he received his father and he asked him for financial help; Trotsky, like an irreducible Bolshevik, said to his own father: “Nothing to do, goodbye”.

But let's compare the history of both Trotsky and the fake Zelensky. There's no doubt! Volodymyr Zelenskiy became famous as an actor, and, winning the popular TV contest “Dance of the Famous” Ukrainian version of “Faustão”!

Afterwards, comedian Zelenskiy launched himself as a joke candidate for the presidency of the Ukrainian republic and won. Like a Tiririca who was the most voted deputy in an election, similar to the old “Cacareco”…

Well, as an actor, Volodymyr Zelensky later addressed all the corrupt parliaments of Europe and the US, to hypocritical applause. In addition, the war in Ukraine saved the grotesque Boris Johnson from his “very private” parties, which almost led to his downfall, since at the time he recommended austerity to the extremely “pure” community in England, starting with the “very pure” family royal, which among other things, has in its “history” the suspicion of the murder of Princess Diana!


Brazil and Lula

It's ok to vote for him, it's better than the worst. However, its limitations are sad. Came out on the cover of Times, 04/05/22. As always, talk nonsense! It says that “Putin should not have invaded Ukraine”!

Now, Putin was, on the contrary, “not invading Ukraine”. In fact, Putin was defending Russia from NATO imperialism, USA etc. I was only defending Russia from US aggression, and from the miserable British-French imperialism that still maintains colonies in Latin America, such as the Malvinas Islands in Argentina and the French Guianas in the north of our America, not to mention the scandal of the decades from the US base at Guantánamo, on the island of Cuba.

I am not a “criollo” and we Brazilians are not “Indians”, even though the ones we have, of so many indigenous ethnic groups, are noble ethnic groups, they are much better than the “gringos”. I had a hearing student for several years, an Indian, I learned more from him than I taught him.


the national question

Undoubtedly, Lenin was right against Rosa Luxemburg. She, despite being Polish, thought that the national question of Poland was of no importance. What did Lenin answer? We cannot hand over the national question to the right! Where did the USSR begin to fall? For Poland, for Solidarity of Walesa, which all the “Trotskyists” said was the “political revolution”. What was the “political revolution” that took place in Poland? In fact, it was the beginning of the fall of the USSR.

I write these lines with so much emotion, comrades. But they are sincere words by Paco Ibanez. A Basque like me, like Arrascaeta football, Basque, Uruguayan, the greatest player in Latin America.

On the national question Lenin himself supervised and revised a book by Stalin on Georgia. Of course, Lenin stood up for the freedom of Georgia. Likewise, he defended the freedom of Ukraine. What was Lenin's motive? Freedom to Ukraine, Georgia and Poland, not to hand over the national question to the right!

Putin, with the worldwide collapse of the dollar, with the growth of the ruble, as a world currency, may be a great political and economic hope, not only for Brazil, but also for all of Latin America, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Venezuela , Colombia, Peru and Cuba. Could it be that my and Che's dream didn't fade away?

I don't accept being called “criollo”. Not even a Brazilian black person should accept being offended by racism! No Brazilian Indian should be humiliated! No more sanctions!

USA: You are no longer in charge of the world economy! Ruble rises as world currency!

*Hector Benoit He is a professor at the Department of Philosophy at Unicamp. Author, among other books, of Plato's Odyssey: The Adventures and Misadventures of Dialectics (Annablume).



EICHENGREEN, Barry. The Rise and Fall of the Dollar and the Future of the International Monetary System.


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