Lula, Zanin and us

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Lula is grateful to the work done by Cristiano Zanin at Lava-Jato. This is Lula's personal debt to Cristiano Zanin, not that of Brazilian society

Ten years ago, our country experienced gigantic mobilizations. It was June 2013 and we were experiencing the beginning of the second Dilma Rousseff government, the fourth consecutive PT government, which culminated in the coup against the country's first female president, today, yes, proven by her acquittal in the TRF1.

And then came Michel Temer, Lava-Jato, Sérgio Moro, the arrest of President Lula and the hell of Bolsonaro. We have eaten the bread that the devil has kneaded for the last four years. Record deforestation and land invasions, 700 deaths from COVID, many avoidable, mockery, cracks, state rigging, widespread release of weapons, coup attempts, disrespect for human rights, minorities and so many actions that put our democracy seriously at risk.

And the general elections came with a very narrow victory for Lula and the election of a hostile Congress that, day in and day out, makes governability difficult. Undoing and/or repairing the tangle of laws, appointments, and wrongly planted projects is, in itself, a very heavy agenda for someone who stated that he would not remain at the head of the nation for more than one term and will demand a lot of skill from the president, which we know , Lula has, but also little margin for errors in choices that may demand future charges.

It is notorious that the choice of members for the Supreme Court is a choice that rests solely with the President of the Republic. Therefore, the choice of Cristiano Zanin for one of the vacancies that Lula has the right to nominate is strictly his responsibility. It is up to him, yes, to question questions about matters that are dear to Brazilian society. And more, historical flags of the Brazilian progressive party and field.

Even with all the trust and competence that Lula has always declared to place in the new minister, I do not believe that the president was unaware of the ideas of his competent lawyer on drugs, indigenous peoples, the Amazon, minorities, abortion, etc.

We also know that Lula is extremely grateful to the work carried out by Cristiano Zanin at Lava-Jato, where the lawyer played a fundamental role in the annulment of the processes and the consequent freedom of the president. However, this is Lula's personal debt to Cristiano Zanin, not Brazilian society's debt to Cristiano Zanin.

If there was political skill left in his hearing in the Federal Senate to avoid thorny issues dear to Brazilian society, which has been waiting for a long time for a definitive position from the Brazilian judiciary, there was a lack of transparency in presenting his thoughts to Brazil, as it was a candidate's duty to the highest position in the Brazilian Judiciary, after so much suffering experienced with COVID, illegal mining, genocide of native peoples with action at the International Criminal Court awaiting judgment, be clear in your statements. And that sure didn't happen!

Brazilian society does not want a Minister who is a friend of the power of the hour, but someone who, in addition to notorious legal knowledge, has the ability to understand that our country is made up of a significant number of women who suffer from sexist and misogynistic men.

We have a selfish elite who believe their needs are greater than the rest of the population; that due to slavery we are still a racist and prejudiced people today. This definitely needs to be resolved; military personnel are not citizens above the law; that despite the freedom to practice religion across the country, we are a secular State; that every Brazilian citizen can be free to be whatever he wants to be. And that the original peoples did not arrive here to celebrate the promulgation of our Constitution on October 5, 1988.

Dear President, dear Justice of the STF.

That justice was done to President Lula with his freedom and that Cristiano Zanin has all the merits for the important work carried out, is a fact and we applaud. That now in the STF, Minister Cristiano Zanin has the sensitivity to pair technicalities and the cold letter of the law with the concreteness of inequalities and injustices.

The choice was Lula's. The vote is from Cristiano Zanin. The right to accompany is ours!

*Odilon de Barros Pinto Junior is an administrator, postgraduate in Social Responsibility and Third Sector at UFRJ.

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