Massacre in Gaza

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With more than four thousand children killed in Gaza, the “Criança Esperança” broadcaster defends attacks on ambulances

Zionism is an inherently racist and belligerent ideology. And cynical, deeply cynical.[1] Which is why some say, after 75 years of looting and belligerence,[2] that Zionism has a guaranteed place on the list of atrocities promoted by modern States over the last five centuries.

See what is happening in the Gaza Strip. Consider seriously what the State of Israel is doing right now against the Palestinian population. In the last four weeks, routine attacks, torture and murders have taken on an industrial scale.[3] The crimes, of course, are authorized by the government. The soldiers are obedient and barbarism is sweeping the Gaza Strip. Civilians have nowhere to flee; They have nowhere to hide, except, perhaps, underground, next to Dostoevsky.[4]

Judging solely by the Israeli government's speech, what is taking place would simply be the right of defense – read: a legitimate response to the attacks promoted by Hamas on October 7th.[5] In practice, however, the story is not quite like that. Strictly speaking, Hamas does not appear to be the target. To stay only on the material level, it is enough to see that the attacks are destroying the entire infrastructure of Gaza, including hospitals.[6] In the latter case, in fact, the justification given is an old and most cynical lie: the bombed hospitals were being used as shelter by terrorist groups.

A parenthesis. Even if there was interest, the mainstream Brazilian press does not have enough capacity to cover closely and independently what is happening in any military conflict around the world. The reason why news presenters often find themselves in a tight spot: reading fantasy texts, created from reports coming from far away, notably the propaganda material that is routinely distributed by military forces involved in combat. Thus, when it comes to war news, instead of serious and reliable news, the Brazilian press tends to reproduce only fantasies and propaganda.

In the case of the 'War in Ukraine', for example, the type of report reproduced in news programs (National Journal and similar) aimed, above all, to shine the invaded country and tarnish the invading country. In the case of the 'Gaza War', the tone was reversed. The purpose now is to polish the invading country and destroy the invaded place.

It was a 180 degree turnaround, almost overnight. But nothing that will lead to a loss of audience. After all, professionals who manage journalism departments are very familiar with the most modern advertising and marketing techniques. Manipulating and controlling are these people's specialties. Result: in two or three days, a large part of the audience is convinced that the inhabitants of Gaza are not human. The Geneva Conventions, therefore, do not apply to this rabble.

 “Let's get rid of these animals soon” – phrases of this type, spoken in broad daylight by members or former members of the Israeli government, echo in our press. Instead of criticism and repulsion, however, any and all statements coming from Israeli authorities, no matter how absurd they may be (and almost all of them are absurd), have been welcomed, including by press professionals.

A few days ago, for example, a veteran journalist from Globo committed a crime in the air (see here). And it doesn't appear that he was reprimanded or even warned by his colleagues. (Someone might have reprimanded him if he had said something trivial about gender or skin color.) A repeat offender of criminal speech, the guy this time argued that Israel could bomb even Palestinian ambulances. To this end, he evoked the (sacred?) right of defense of the Zionist State. Now that's open sewage.

Before closing, I would like to illustrate the degree of cynicism of our media with two very curious cases.

First. In 2017, in a much less serious speech (said off-screen), journalist William Waack (CNN), then in command of Globo newspaper, was sent away from the station (see here).

Second. The media company that now defends the racist and criminal thesis that Israel has every right to bomb Palestinians, even when Palestinians are inside ambulances, is the same one that annually promotes the Criança Esperança campaign.[7]

There is something wrong there: the campaign, the broadcaster or the statements that defend death, including that of children.

*Felipe APL Costa is a biologist and writer. Author, among other books by What is darwinism.


[1] Zionism, Semitism and anti-Semitism are very different things – for a characterization, see the previous article.

[2] Remembering that the state of Israel was established in 1948.

[3] The crux of the matter here is: How many Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli army since October 7th? Let's look at some statistics. On 23/10, 16 days after the start of Israel's attacks, the number of Palestinian citizens killed was already over five thousand (5.087, to be more precise). 62% of these victims were women or young children (see here). Yesterday, 5/11, the number of Palestinians killed by the Israeli army was already at 9.770, 4.008 of which (41% of the total) were young children (boys and girls) (see here). Today's news, 6/11, reports that the number of Palestinians killed by the Israeli army is more than 9 thousand (here) and may have already surpassed the 10 barrier (here).

[4] I am thinking of the Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821-1881), author of underground memories (1864)

[5] Hamas militant attacks on Israeli territory reportedly resulted in ~1.350 Israeli deaths (see here), including military personnel, armed settlers and unarmed civilians.

[6] The Geneva Conventions (I-IV) (1949) are international treaties that aim to limit the barbarities of war. The terms of these agreements protect, among other things, those who do not participate (civilians and health teams) or those who no longer participate (wounded and prisoners) in clashes (see here). Attacks on hospital facilities, for example, are classified as war crimes.

[7] The list of crimes tolerated or promoted by the company seems to be endless: torture, murders, gambling, cocaine trafficking, prostitution, plagiarism, harassment (moral, sexual), tax evasion, occupation of APPs, deforestation , coup d'état etc. About the Criança Esperança campaign. Word has it that Unicef ​​has interrupted its partnership with Globo (1986-2003) due to the bad smell. Since 2004, the partnership has been with UNESCO (see here).

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