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The disregard for the 100 deaths, treating this tragedy as something that does not concern him, saying that it is necessary to “get away” from it, is yet another immoral tactic of the demoralizing hybrid war in Brazil

The pandecynism of the federal government, of the so-called president Bolsonaro, had in his personal “live” on August 06th another thoughtful and pronounced expression of the essence of his political philosophy: “touch life and get away from this problem”. The problem to “get away with”, once called by Bolsonaro the “little flu”, which, according to him, would fatally reach a maximum of 800 people, until last Saturday, killed 100.477 (one hundred thousand, four hundred and seventy-seven) Brazilians. These consecutive deaths from March represent until then more than the entire population of the city of Mogi Mirim - SP. From the dictionary of the philologist Antônio Houaiss it is found that “Safar” is synonymous with escaping, dribbling, fleeing. It is the word from which the word Safado originates, synonymous with cheater, shameless and cynical.

With the Bolsonaro government, Brazil is in the midst of reaping the fruits of the Coup planted in 2016 by the hybrid war, which began with street demonstrations in 2013, perpetrated by the US through local social, political, economic, legal, media coup plotters and military. As attested by the Chinese strategist general Sun Tzu (496 BC), in The art of war, the supreme merit is to break the enemy's resistance without fighting. For him, indirect war is one of the most effective forms of combat, as it saves resources that would be spent in a direct confrontation, in addition to maintaining the good image of the aggressor country that remains hidden by hybrid strategies and tactics.

If in the past conventional war was marked by bombings and war tanks, in the present the US has been applying, as in Syria and Ukraine, a model of war marked by the action of “street and digital demonstrators” and “insurgents”, protagonists who present themselves as disconnected from the State and Political Parties, publicly behaving as agents of civil society. Social and technological media, such as Facebook and Twitter, replace conventional weapons, acting with surgical precision in manipulating and guiding the lair of the new “militants”.

in your book hybrid wars, published in Brazil in 2018 by Expressão Popular, journalist Andrew Korybko demonstrates that this model begins with the implementation of “color revolutions”, as attempts at soft coups; in the context of a hybrid war, these masses rise up against the symbolic and administrative centers of power, in order to provoke a change of regime, as happened in Brazil in the attacks on the Dilma Rousseff government (administrative center) and on former president Lula and the PT (symbolic centers).

Korybko presents the concept of the Hive Mind, the central objective of foreign intelligence when infiltrating and operating in social networks (MBL, Vem pra Rua, Nas Ruas, Revoltados On-Line, etc.), through the principles of network warfare. This hive mind then causes its members to swarm against targets in seemingly chaotic fashion to bring them down. The purpose is to bring together as many people as possible who came indirectly to share those convictions against the government, as happened with many of our friends who today are regretful, but immobilized and passive, due to the fact that a liter of gasoline costs R$4,50, 5,45 and the dollar R$50: when they complained and took to the streets against Dilma Rousseff, these prices were XNUMX% cheaper.

Foreign intelligence works with the mission of “programming these minds” through attack tactics so that they will actively want to bring about change when the decision is made to initiate civil unrest. This programming allows disparate parts to become “one mind, one heart”, to mobilize as a unit, as a collective consciousness. The hegemonic media plays a fundamental role since it has the broader primary function that consists of interpreting > reifying information > transporting > transmitting messages from one place to another, to reinforce the artificial generation of disagreement against a given government. All this destabilization owes its genesis to the irreplaceable role of the media. Swarms are a deliberately structured, coordinated, and strategic way to attack from all sides, through a sustained pulsation of force and fire, both from close and far, as swarms organized in clusters.

Therefore, much of what is published and disseminated through social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, by official government operators, makes up the war strategy. These activists not only reproduce on a large scale everything that is made public, but also edit the contents in favor of their interests in order to feed the minds of their hive. The disregard for the 100 deaths, treating this tragedy as something that does not concern them, saying that it is necessary to “get away” from it, is yet another immoral tactic of the demoralizing hybrid war in Brazil.

*Alexandre Aragão de Albuquerque Master in Public Policy and Society from the State University of Ceará (UECE)

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