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The recent survey that revealed the increase in those who consider the policies and the state of the economy in Brazil to be bad, despite them being good, reveals the effective power of neo-fascist politics in Brazil

The government's drop in popularity recorded in a recent survey can be thought of, among other things, as an almost evident sign that the pocket-conspiratorial-evangelical-fascist propaganda and seduction machine continues to work at full steam. In fact, it remains largely free, light and loose, working in the same way that made it possible for the government of terror and national destruction to come to power in 2018.

We know, and any minimally informed person knows, that the economy of life, after a year of Lula III's broad-front government, is doing reasonably well: GDP 200% higher than the original judgment of the “market” is an expressive number. . Inflation is under control and there has been a real increase in formal employment. There is stability and predictability, social grants have been resumed and valued, and international industrial investments are announced in the country.

However, on the same day that the government presented an important agreement to formalize and guarantee rights for one million uberized workers, the week that IPEA announced the record increase in labor income in the country, of 11,7%, which did not As seen thirty years ago, the shock of the effective power of neo-fascist politics in Brazil became public: a survey revealed a significant increase in those who consider the policies and the state of the economy in Brazil to be bad, the same ones that everything indicates are good.

The outright refusal to recognize the government's work occurs mainly among Brazilians who earn between 2 and 5 minimum wages... that is, poor workers and the lower middle class, a group where the large mass of evangelicals in the country is also concentrated. .

In fact, for the real united pocket-coup people, right-wing evangelicals in search of power, and all other types of Bolsonarianism, Brazil's economy has “never been so bad”, “the country is ruined” and “companies close their doors”. every second”, as it circulates daily in its broad national technical political networks, always without data, but always in a massive way.

Continuing in their privileged way of producing power, through show, scandal and aggressive impertinence, gross and bellicose lies constellate those masses under control, who enjoy, as their masters determine, consuming such “information”, and also producing it. The subject there is the hyper-agile lie, constructed with rigor and method, of language and circulation policy, on the internet.

In the world of these people, as we must already know, one does not read a newspaper, one does not consider history, and the general device of liberal ideological control, the Globo, for example, has become prohibited, and must be discarded, as the idea of ​​“globolixo” created by them explains, every day. As we know, they have long split the common political culture, they live in a technical “parallel Brazil”, of their own “myth”. And, as the Quest research revealed, they in fact impose their internal terror on us, very easily, one of the faces of today's Brazilian barbarism.

The situation demands precision, understanding and political action. We are no longer in 2018, when progressives of all stripes, with their parties, mass or otherwise, and their intellectuals, discovered, following the election, that Jair Bolsonaro was a strong political reality. And when people still doubted the character's neo-fascist nature. When little or nothing was known about the dogged world of the internet, the practices of violence and degradation, slander, defamation and permanent declarations of death in the mass networks of the extreme right, illegally promoted.

When nothing was known about hate and lies being strong policies. When we didn't see the Bolsonaros' first virus robot on the internet, to automatically reproduce their fakes, which appeared in 2011... a reality that seemed irrelevant to us. When we did not see the national system of mass organization, in 2015 and 2016, in YouTube chats and WhatsApp networks, participating with the greatest force in the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff and the arrest of Lula, already asking for a coup d'état from his generals...

They worked en masse, bringing together groups across the country, without any reference to Captain Jair Bolsonaro in his already active dictatorship project. We are no longer in the time when a PT buffer candidate for president – ​​a party that believed it would win the election even with Lula in prison, and with the total national war open against him, because it was certain, until September 2018…, that his race it was with Geraldo Alckmin, and with the late PSDB… – he could summon journalists a week before the election, to say that he discovered “horrible things being said against him on the internet”, in which, in the mildest fascist propaganda, he was a criminal pedophile .

And when the mass of millions of scoundrels, who to this day we still don't know how to call by the precise political name, exulted maniacally and fiercely with the symbol of the truth of their campaign: not a broom, to sweep away the corruption of their cracks and their militia torturers and thieves , not even a star flying in the sky of universal happiness…, but a baby bottle, with a nipple shaped like a penis. This was done in Brazil.

This was done on the basis of the material construction of a concrete structure, a real cultural industry, of a fascist propaganda network in the country, which has been developing continuously for ten years. And these true material structures of fascist propaganda – where hatred, religious mystification and denial of history and reality of facts are a single process of meaning – are totally untouched.

The government that managed to defeat this movement by a hair in 2022 believes that just resuming the material policies of 2003 is enough to deal with the hallucinatory passion, merged with the networks of the national hate group. It continues to fail to understand that this subjectivation is permanently fed by a material structure of production and reproduction of memes, lies and imaginary violence fully released. Permanent mass propaganda, based on the strength of sadism, as performance human psychic.

Therefore, it is fascism. Unfortunately, increasing the family allowance, increasing the income tax exclusion range for the poorest, employing more people, guaranteeing rights to platform workers, mean nothing in the networks of psychosocial control of Bolsonarism. There, for something that varies between 20% and 30% of Brazilians, only what the fascist and evangelical political core actually says and promotes.

Our continued historical inability to understand that all right-wing politics takes place in this other “public sphere”, entirely controlled, and often criminal when fueled, is astonishing. The longer we take to punish your 2022 coup movement, the stronger the movement's social presence becomes. Our true denialism in this regard is clearly part of the strength of fascism among us.

It is time for the left, and the left in the government, to understand that the basis of all Bolsonarism is its logic of permanent structural lies, which is supported by its permanent network propaganda system. A political and “cultural” catastrophe that the left did not combat, and has not fought, for more than ten years.

After all, as we all know very well, “communism is taking over the country”, “the 2022 elections were rigged” and “the Lula government’s economy is a scorched earth”.

We are playing with fire, and gunpowder, without any excuses or justifications anymore.

*Tales Ab´Sáber He is a professor at the Department of Philosophy at Unifesp. Author, among other books by The anthropophagic soldier: slavery and non-thought in Brazil (n-1/ Hedra). []

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