Nise da Silveira

Ben Nicholson OM, November 78 (strange landscape), 1978.


Poem in response to the President's veto


If my Nise could speak

Who are you to judge my story
Who are you to veto our memory
Your veto doesn't veto me
Your veto does not affect me
I'm a woman from all over the world
I'm from the Brazilian people
You veto today, I vote tomorrow
You veto today, I vote tomorrow
From Alagoas, northeast
In Salvador I studied medicine
female psychiatrist
I went into the heart of madness
I loved animals, cholinhas and pussies
I loved the animal, human, insane
I faced misadventure and dictatorship
I was born of heroes and heroines
You know that rifle rose
Do you know the courage of girls
I'm in the bloom of this Brazil
I live in so many people
In poetry or image
That springs from the unconscious
With rosary flower in luggage
art frees indigent
Art knocks down arrogance
Art lifts a nation
Art heals the citizen
And since your pen is small
and your ignorance is great
Thank you for the tribute
And for such slutty
I do it now like my cat
I lift my tail and I don't even talk.

*Andrez Simoes is an artistic producer and Jungian therapist.


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