Note of support to Breno Altman

Chila Kumari Singh Burman MBE, If There Is No Struggle, There Is No Progress – Revolts, 1981


The investigation against the journalist is an attack on freedom of expression and an affront to national sovereignty and Brazilian democracy

The Amnesty Collective Manifesto will never again be made public to state its vehement repudiation and indignation in relation to the reported investigation by the Brazilian Federal Police of an alleged crime of opinion – as this is what it is effectively about – by the combative journalist Breno Altman due to his argued criticisms and justified to the State of Israel and the current genocidal aggression of the Israeli armed forces against the Palestinian civilian population in Gaza and the West Bank.

Jewish personalities from around the world, including Israeli opponents, have spoken out against the war and the Zionist ideology that justifies it.

For Breno Altman's accusers in Brazil, who abuse logic by distorting the meaning of words, Jews who oppose Zionism and the actions of the current ultra-right government in Israel would all be “anti-Semites”. Definitely, the statement that Breno Altman is anti-Semitic is a politically and intellectually disreputable and fallacious accusation.

The investigation against journalist Breno Altman is an attack on freedom of expression by a public body that, in this way, presents itself as an active part in an ideological dispute of interest to a foreign State. This is an affront to national sovereignty and Brazilian democracy.

*Collective manifesto amnesty never again is a collective for discussion and theoretical-political action.

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