The agonizing end of Zionism

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Judaism cannot be protected by furious Israeli military, as all the military does is sow sadness and reap hatred

Zionism, which created Benjamin Netanyahu, is coming to an end, even if we are only equipped with pens. During the pessah, the Jewish Passover that commemorates the exodus from Egypt, Noemi Klein defended the exodus from Zionism, the end of the centuries-old Zionism in favor of the millennial Judaism (The article was translated by the website the earth is round).

Em Operation Shylock, in 1993, the year of the Oslo agreement, Philip Roth already proposed diasporism, the exodus of European Jews from Palestine. It is worth quoting in full the passage in which the cynical senior Mossad agent states, “What we did to the Palestinians is evil. We took them from their homes and oppressed them. We expel them, beat them, torture them and murder them. The Jewish State, since its birth, has dedicated itself to eliminating the Palestinian presence in historic Palestine and dispossessing the land of a native people. The Palestinians were expelled, dispersed and dominated by the Jews. To create a Jewish state, we betrayed our history – we did to the Palestinians what the Christians did to us: we systematically transformed them into the despised and subjugated Other, thereby depriving them of their human condition. Regardless of terrorism or terrorists, or the political stupidity of Yasser Arafat, the truth is this: as a people, the Palestinians are totally innocent, and as a people, the Jews are totally guilty.”

The diasporism proposed in Operation Shylock is based on an initiative undertaken by tens of thousands of Jews who abandoned Israel in the early 1950s. This Jewish exodus from the “Promised Land” was described by Ori Yehudai in Leaving Zion: Jewish emigration from Palestine and Israel after World War II.

The banality of evil, an expression coined by Hannah Arendt, illustrates the use of abominable means to justify ideological, dubious and suspicious ends. Fundamentalist ideals, competition for power and the agony of decadence have lulled the world into recurring catastrophes.

We are being assaulted by real-time, color images of the extermination of the Palestinian people. Using a false speech supported by alleged artificial intelligence that would detect terrorists, Israel takes the opportunity to bomb entire blocks of residential buildings, schools and hospitals, “so that Israelis can sleep in peace”.

The Gaza Strip, in the collective imagination (via the media), has already become synonymous with hell. The Israeli offensive in Gaza is justified by the governments of Western countries as a means of defending civilization from Eastern “barbarism” that includes Islam, China and Russia. Surrounded by comfort, opulence and apparent security, Western society, apathetic, cynical and petty, watches the ongoing massacre as if it were watching entertainment programs, cursing any “unprecedented” reaction coming from the East.

There are people who do not believe that there is a difference between right-wing Zionists and left-wing Zionists. How not? Of course there is a difference, the Zionist right is not hypocritical. Left-wing Zionists think that violence against Palestinians began with the right in power and are blocked from recognizing that violence against Palestinians has always been administered by left-wing Labor governments, which announced equal rights for Jews and non-Jews, while They massacred, expelled and took over Palestinian lands.

There are still few voices not aligned with the mainstream media and big capital that speak up against Western barbarism in Palestine. JustVision, created in 2003, broadcasts interviews and produces films that denounce Israeli violence and the dehumanization of Palestinians. +972 Magazine, created in 2011, dedicated to independent and citizen journalism, publishes reports, articles and interviews. Local call, created in 2014, is a Hebrew-language website dedicated to activist journalism that values ​​freedom of information and expression.

According to Primo Levi, Israel was a mistake in historical terms, an artificial country that did not work. The agonizing end of Zionism can be measured by the recurrent redoubled use of physical force when it does not achieve its expected objectives, which constitutes a total betrayal of humanism, pacifism and internationalism, ancient values ​​of the Jews of the diaspora.

According to Noemi Klein, our Judaism cannot be protected by an angry Israeli military, because all the military does is sow sadness and reap hatred – including against us as Jews.

*Samuel Kilsztajn is a full professor of political economy at PUC-SP. Author, among other books, of Returnees [].

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