The dismantling of reason

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The extreme right is in a network around the world, inside which short and idiotic speeches flow

The manifestations of Bolsonarism in England, which accompanied the visit of the unnameable to that country, demonstrate that there is a new type of far-right political organization in definitive formation in the world. It is in a network, through which short and idiotic speeches flow, which facilitate the recruitment of supporters, dispense with the presentation of “programs” and exclude any rationality for the debate, or even for the checking of conceptions that are in conflict. They unify, however – through the feeling of social orphanhood – a contingent of unemployed people, immigrants, “lumpens” and supposedly intellectualized ultra-rightists around the world

Castells, Jordi Borja, Richard Sennett, Chomski, Boaventura, Baumann and many other intellectuals and professors from around the world and from our country, have dealt with this new and challenging world from the specificity of their research and political action experiences. In it, “proletarian internationalism” was replaced by the “objective” material connections of global financial capital and political democracy has been subsumed in media controls over parliaments, which are devoted – within the limits of their intermittent crises – to giving more satisfaction to political columnists of the great press organs than to the sovereign people.

These organizations are emerging in the space left by traditionally organized parties, which are no longer able to “talk” with all excluded people, of all types, of all genders, of all cultures, of all digital and informational innovations, which pervade the daily lives of mankind today. It is a new type of political organization, with a thousand heads and hundreds of centers financed by the flows of money that leak from the clandestine space of secret networks, political relations with crime and exploitation, by governments over the most adaptable peoples. to the charms of postmodern slavery.

Nazism and fascism had a clear national ideology of inhumanity, racial and class oppression – concrete national interests that designed a well-formed barbarism: those who did not want to see it could make a conscious decision about their future, because if they sympathized with the dirty purposes could then support its effects. This political attitude, morally, made no difference in terms of support for the fascism of that time, but this new and current type of fascism – apparently without a leading center – spreads like an invisible virus in an air polluted by short-sighted illusions: it is the evasion of mediocre and sad reality. of its adherents that immunizes them from any lucid thought about their own unhappy condition.

A Brazilian emigrant sending an Englishman, in his own country, to Venezuela, when he asked for mourning and respect for the death of his Queen, who felt in the depths of his soul as the idea of ​​his nation, can be a symbol of where we are and As far as we can go: the majority of traditional politics, full of arabesque phrases and baroque programs can have a short time of survival and succumb, after a certain moment, emptied by the death sentences of rational dialogue and harassed by the direct violence of well-paid armed militiamen.

Denialism in the face of the coronavirus pandemic was the first major practical exercise of the type of genocide promised by neo-fascism on the rise, as it was – at the same time – an implosion of humanism as an ideology and the presence of a new instrumental “science” for a field of concentration cut by the infection spread by the State.

Their mantras are the same everywhere, adapting – it is evident – ​​to the respective national spaces: “globolixo”, “communists”, “go to Venezuela”, “globalists”, “go to Cuba”, “God above all, Homeland above all”, are formulas repeated to exhaustion, both on the networks and in their short physical appearances on the streets, through an avant-garde that is certainly remunerated. The phrases, however, acquire meaning through the aggressiveness of their disconnected grimaces – through the unmediated disrespect towards the interlocutors – and through the violent way in which they are uttered.

They go far beyond their verbal content to exclude and dismantle reason and mean nothing, they just prophesy hatred as a unit in collective unhappiness and as a project to destroy democracy, to return to medieval darkness. In the concrete Brazil that we live in, a victory for Lula in the first round, with this vast unity promoted by the left, we will be able to inaugurate the first great continental blockade – for democratic reasons – to the fascist beast that proliferates here.

*Tarsus in law he was governor of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, mayor of Porto Alegre, Minister of Justice, Minister of Education and Minister of Institutional Relations in Brazil. Author, among other books, of possible utopia (Arts & Crafts).


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