The bottom of this well

Demonstration of protest against PL 1904/24, which equates abortion to homicide, with a sentence of up to 20 years, brings together women in Cinelândia. Photo: Fernando Frazão/ Agência Brasil


Instant and massive repudiation of the “rapist’s PL” shows the strength of resistance

Every dive is a flash. Blitzkrieg, Desert Storm, All at the same time now. The avalanche of setbacks arrives at speeds greater than that of light. Try going 48 hours without reading the news. When they return, the world will have become significantly worse.

The extreme right does not stop, here and elsewhere. Lula's electoral victory was a sigh, a breath of fresh air, it gave us more time and hope, it gave us greater conditions to resist. But that was it. Bolsonarism, neofascism and religious fundamentalism continue on a brutal, swift and facetious offensive. They command the political and legislative agenda, guide public debate, impose agenda-setting.

Restricting or eliminating sexual and reproductive rights, that is, attacking the lives and dignity of women and LGBTI people has always been on the legislative agenda. But never before has this type of proposition had so much strength in parliament and in society. Since the 2016 coup, we have plunged into a deep hole from which we have not emerged. Worse, we continue to fall without even being able to imagine where, after all, the bottom of this well is.

The fascists, homophobes, sexists, racists, denialists and stupid people in general came out of the closet. What's more, they walk around proud of their stupidity. Legitimized.

They zeitgeist, this desolate spirit of time in which we are immersed is what explains the advancement of legislative aberrations such as “the” (and not “a”, please, the word project is a masculine noun) PL 1904-24 authored by a pastor of the assembly of god in Rio de Janeiro, affiliated to the PL (liberal party), who is now a deputy. I will not write the name of the opportunistic worm.

The LGBTI movement has known about the figure for years. The problem is that this type of little fascist, in a very short time, went from being a noisy and exotic minority to a social-parliamentary majority. The scum lost their modesty. The nasty animals came out of the sewer and came to infest our home, our dinner and our noble palate. They crawled out of their fundamentalist ghettos and now rule the country.

Until the revolution comes, until we have the means to judge and punish them – whether in the manner of the people's genius guide, or through the compassionate methods of the great helmsman – what we have left is a lot of political and ideological struggle and triggering the bourgeois justice, based on current legislation.

Long live women! Long live the feminist struggle. Our bodies belong to us.

Abortion: women decide, society respects it and the State guarantees it.

* Julian Rodrigues, journalist and teacher, he is an LGBTI and Human Rights activist. Political training coordinator at the Perseu Abramo Foundation.

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