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Those sacrificed in the lawless land of the Amazon show that it is dangerous to live in this president's country

The palatial nameless is capable of getting much worse. He is a bottomless bag of horror, next to those who still obey and follow him for the exclusive interest of power and for the astonishment of the world.

He accused Dom Phillips and Bruno Araújo, sacrificed in the lawless land of the Amazon, of taking an adventure through the region. There was even a backyard conversation (which is his normal place) about the fact that “a lot of people there didn’t like them”. At the same time he said that we are experiencing spiritual problems in the country. Contrary to Noel Rosa's text in Unfortunate Guess, the guesses of the nameless are not unhappy, they are indeed accursed. Now, is it a matter for a State leader to discuss whether a man sacrificed in the indispensable exercise of journalism was well liked by bandits?

Furthermore, we do not tolerate the outdated figure that inhabits the palace of Brasilia and he is still alive talking and doing absurdities every day. We didn't get the impeachment exclusively due to the Centrão of Mr. Lira, from the PGR of Mr. Aras and other self-serving powers of the humiliated republic. They, all of them, need to be judged by Brazilian history.

Why is it that about 30% of our people still haven't come to terms with the lies and pretenses of the Temporary Palace? Why have Christians – including myself included – not seen that this president is a mockery and mockery of the Gospel?

Every day this man presents his folly and his lie. The last ones (which in a few hours will be superseded by others, which will always be superseded until the elections and everyone knows it) were the augury (thing of ominous people who do harm) about the journey of the journalist and the indigenist and the lie about the spiritual situation of the country. As for the first, the unspeakable said something about the obvious he created: studying Amazonian life to publish articles and books about the brutal reality of the region is “an adventure”.

Yes, walking through the Amazon today governed by the guy who horrifies the country is very dangerous. In other times, scholars spent years studying the Amazon region and returned safe and sound. The Amazon of this anti-citizen is extremely dangerous, as his friends and supporters are practicing illegal fishing, illegal hunting, illegal deforestation, smuggling, illegal burning, robbery, rape and other horrors there. Therefore, whoever gets in the way, dies! For this reason, the journey of journalist Dom Phillips and Bruno Araújo was denounced by the dictatorship-wishers as an adventure.

How can believers vote for a candidate who has friends and protégés who do hellish things: rape, deforest, illegally fish, set the forest on fire? Can you explain? Or vote for the one who doesn't control anything, for example: who causes general high prices, encourages armed violence, withdraws local resources against fuel, increases food insecurity, the denial of human rights, the protection of children and adolescents against illegal work, guarantee of health and protection in indigenous, quilombola, rural and riverside spaces?

The unhappy leader of the nation has a preference for certain families: the families that kill, the families that commit illegal acts, that protect children from justice, that control properties and people's lives with weapons. How wrong those who think of “their families” are when listening to the petulant President of the Planalto...

How disgusting it is to see the propaganda of the “beloved homeland” on TVs: an armed and totally insecure homeland! And the miserable little money in election time for those impoverished by his government, in the wave of “God in the heart”. It is about the corruption of G's in the voice of this figure.

Now, we are more adventurous than the president thinks, as he seeks to reap (like the old image of death...) all those who venture to study in the mediocre secondary school that he took to schools after Temer's legal mockery; we ventured out in search of health in the good SUS system, now distorted and losing investments; Brazilian men and women who want to create an open and free culture in the face of another mediocrity are also adventurous, that is, try to force the use of public money to pay for books on weapons (and Americans no longer know what to do with these damn war tools and discord); also adventurous are the women and men who must take care of their homes (when they have them) and have to work to bring home one of the worst wages in recent decades.

And a lot of elderly people – including myself – say they are going to vote for the reaper of lives and rights. How to explain? It is possible not only to regret but also to denounce all the elderly willing to vote for Bolsonaro as those who, despite so much time (and we praise those who reach old age!) still do not understand Brazil and its needs. Nor their own. They're not here. They must be somewhere else. They probably climbed the Bolsonarist myth mountain and don't know how to get back. They were lost and, likewise, they lost their memory.

We are venturing out and the guy from the palace is threatening and mocking us because in Brazil, today, there is little left for the social classes that are degraded and impoverished by the politics of the unspeakable, but to venture out in the struggle for survival, for culture, for food, for education, for health, transportation, etc.

In this sense, Dom and Bruno's "adventure" is yet another journey within the right to cross lands and rivers in these green territories to narrate what happens, visually, as thousands of writers, journalists, scholars have done, whose result, its phenomena and facts, enriched the scientific work of the world and the school studies of children, adolescents, young people and adults. The Amazon did not kill Euclides da Cunha; actually enchanted him and allowed the wonderful book On the Edge of History. Nor Rondon. Two soldiers of superior ethics, whose action, whose leit motiv of the Amazonian incursions and whose history make clear the armed base that, in these mediocre times, prance around the unspeakable plateau.

Poor Bolsonarists who must be saying: “Well, why did they go to the Amazon, to the Javari Valley? It's dangerous!!". In fact, these people are blinded, numbed by the myth of death, the omen, the failure of others, the risks and adventures. Mythified and mystified. The myth of perdition. These mystified and forgotten people are not capable of considering that their ancestors crossed the sertões, rivers, caatingas, cerrados, mangroves and trails in Brazil in more “dangerous” moments to find supposedly better places to live. In many cases, they secured the family's life and legacy. These people, today, have forgotten their own lives and history. That's why he became a Bolsonarist and fails to see that the perpetrators of crimes are the accomplices, the "soldiers" of the president, called to dominate the Amazon due to illegality. Even when those same people are living with a monthly average of 303 reais.

Nor does the common discourse fit into the tolerable JP TV, which, given the work of the federal police, creates an unreasonable mantra about searches in the forests and rivers of the Amazon. Well, they fulfilled their obligation with some delay, mitigated in part by the critical voices of Brazil and the World. Everything that goes beyond a sense of obligation begins to mystify the role of the State in the face of citizens who fulfill their work and citizenship journeys in it. This country has already exacerbated (much) the falsehood of not understanding what the obligations of citizenship are, as well as the role of those who are maintained professionally as a function of the unequivocal rights of the people of a territory and of those who visit and work there. The basic lesson was never understood. The rest is smoke from some unintelligent sectors of the media. But journalistic thinking is on the rise today and should not be denied.

Well, it's dangerous to live in this president's country. Dangerous for girls and boys who walk to physical education, to the promenade and to school, or for workers who venture into cities; also for parents looking for a salary and for native peoples (who are not Indians, but people) who demand the guarantee of their dignified and safe continuity.

Living Bolsonarism is very dangerous! He whose name it is dangerous to name also emitted another of his swindles. He said the country is in spiritual trouble. Poor in spirit, the president knows nothing about the history and sociology of Brazil, as his army professors had nothing to say, as they also did not learn from generation to generation. They haven't read Fausto, Caio, Milton, Dupas, Emília and so many others. After all, what to do with reading a united order? Almost anything. If they had learned something, they wouldn't disdain electronic voting machines now after applauding them for so many years! Poor in spirit...

Ah, the new hoax of the lack of the spiritual also reveals that the president and his troupe know nothing about religious sciences and theology. There is no lack of the Spirit, understood as the consoler promised and realized on the cross and present in the lives of all peoples. the comforter of Gospel it is not conquered, it is not won; it is given in the ministry of revelation, as we read in various texts of John. It's about the Paraclete/Paraclete, which is certainly participating in a new awareness of the poor, of families where there is justice and love, of political, ecological and social movements, of suffering ethnic groups, of women mistreated throughout history. The capitalist individualism that certain wealthy pastors propagate throughout this country is monstrous. But the Spirit has no satisfaction to give to these parasites of the Gospel, as Jesus did not to many of his executioners. They will pass.

Something is happening in the country and Bolsonaristas have little suspicion. It grows in Brazil (and the unfortunate president doesn't even suspect, because he is intellectually blind) is that, expanded in conscience, the populations from north to south come to cut and cut short the false right of the rulers to harm their people in the context of their free will. Contrary to what the myth of death and weapons thinks, the concrete existence of the Consolador is continually awakening more and more Brazilian men and women to wake up from their sleep around the myth (and it's about time!!!) and against he rebelled strongly, sending him to his Hades.

No one who takes pleasure in being called a myth could be voted for or supported by Christian intelligences. It is nonsense, a basic misunderstanding of concepts and values. Brazil's great spiritual problem is that the consoler himself is being offended by deaths without a vaccine in the pandemic, by the menu of lies that denies society a fair and balanced government, by the offense to human rights, by the distortion of funds in the secret budget of Congress led by Lira and Barros, for stealing public money destined for students in the country and for encouraging killer weapons.

The poor palace myth is not seeing that the Spirit is present in every young person who escapes the influence of mercenaries and recruiters. He escapes mystification and finds effective freedom to think about Brazil and its needs. In other words, he denies the adventure of living under the Bolsonarist religion. The Spirit acts when Joe Biden shrugs off the miserê of the myth and his futrics against his political opponents in Brazil. The Spirit is also telling the male and female workers that no evil is possible at all times and that there are gaps in understanding and judging the present evil.

The Spirit acts when the unhappy man from the Planalto is recognized as he should be in international bodies: an ignorant person full of politics, a liar and a potentializer of poverty and injustice in his country. And so it goes, always more put aside. And he doesn't deserve any compassion, because he is the author of evils, which was proven in the greatest of evils: having contributed personally and decisively to the death of more than 600 thousand Brazilian men and women under Covid 19. The biggest vaccine denier in the world world, along with Osmar Terra's children, and some self-interested actors who are addicted to gossip in the field of medicine and health. Fortunately, not many.

No people has lived fully in the Spirit and in the Spirit, even in the pages of the Holy Bible. In the historical sequence, selfish interests, madness for power, the humiliations suffered by social subordinates and the barbarism of unrestrained profits disturb the personal and group organization of freedom with and in the Spirit. And the proof that peoples distance themselves from the Spirit is in following the myth of deception, the very nameless of the Plateau. This so-called citizen has not had a single action, in three and a half years, really stripped down, dedicated to the people without self-interest, or an act of love for the common good. A single founding law, a just decree. Everything about him was provoked by the myth of deceit and self-interest. That's why he's the myth and not for any positive reason. His trial proceeds, and it must be radical.

The name of that figure will very soon be forgotten. Deservedly so, as the evils done produce historical inversions and, especially, produce the individual and group revulsion within the human spirit, necessary to erase traces that one does not intend to revolve and one wishes to remain forever as ashes. The current owner of Planalto will be gray soon. It needs to be for the good of the world.

In fact, he needs to be dispatched even for us to breathe again, because people who think like him and have interests founded on hate, torture, revenge and power are burning the country, in all corners and different ways. With him in power we will no longer breathe. The country will already be a symbolic part of Dante's inferno taking the place of the quasi-romantic image of the Amazon as a green inferno.

* Luiz Roberto Alves is a senior research professor at the School of Communication and Arts at the University of São Paulo. Author, among other books, of Administering via culture: educational-cultural revolution in ex-pauliceia desvairada, 1935-1938 (Mall).

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