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The gesture of Bolsonaro's aide in the Senate was not without reason

Most likely Pacheco (Senate) and Lira (Federal Chamber) will be involved in their own dependencies, favors and agreements in order to save both Martins and Ernesto, especially after the senator changed his speech about the total ineptness of foreign relations, that is , already said that the performance of the international pariah “it’s still flawed”. Soon it will no longer be, especially when Jair – perhaps alongside Martins – demonstrates the special role of Ernesto and Damares in an election campaign. It is clear that they understand each other. They know the codes. You know it will samba.

Further. If the legislative police didn't immediately take the young man's cell phone for analysis, they won't find anything. You will find, yes, that phrase that honest mouths do not emit, with which he took the opportunity to call us all clowns. I do not repeat the phrase because it affects values ​​that are dear to me. Everybody knows.

However, the introductory speech of the senator's leader suggested a set of meanings demanding several returns to him. See and hear several times. First, the place of the young man. Martins was in a special spot, focused all the time. Who put it there? Only that place was given to him? Was it his political importance?

Follow up. The person standing there was restless and made many gestures. She always seemed to be in disarray, so she fixed the lapels of her coat several times as everyone does (and not with a special gesture), only more anxiously. His eyes communicated with intended or possible visible interlocution and, while Pacheco talked and talked, he communicated with interlocutors. He was in multiple communication process and rarely did his gaze hit the speaker, retreating tenths of seconds later in the direction of his social communication.

There were two exceptions. When Pacheco enunciated one of the reasons for the meeting, that is, the chancellor's questioning about the vaccine from the perspective of international relations, Martins moved the well-known set of fingers three times, barely touching his jacket and, especially, in a place that is no longer more, strictly speaking, lapel. Let us highlight the questioning, then signaled by the specialist, as they say. Ahead, hearing the word confrontation, read by the leader of the meeting, provokes the second movement, of equal time and measure. Therefore, questioning and coping move fingers and lead to the immediate falling of eyes on the cell phone. He does not repeat the gesture in the repetition of the same words.

Semiotics can be maritime, medical, linguistic. Always symbolic, always saying important things, but which require deepening the relationships between psychosocial phenomena and people, acuity in other behaviors of the person or people in question, analysis of their work equipment, etc.

Could it be that in the imminence of the companion, or chief, or master, or representative of the American guru, being questioned by distinguished representatives of the Federation, it is appropriate to order taking...? Or should questions be answered on the networks, especially with a view to nipping any questions in the bud?

The sentence I don't quote, trivialized beyond all measures by the figure analyzed, has no value other than as an enunciation to catch the unwary in the semantic game of this type of people who choke on so much net, net, net, net. Therefore, any analysis, or even the work of the legislative police ordered to work by Senator Pacheco's impassioned voice, will have to follow a serious path. But it's not worth talking to Jair, who doesn't know what seriousness is in the face of life and death, as everyone has seen and heard in these two years that seem like more than 100.

The field of meanings of the questioning is that of the relationship between representatives and minister. In other words, the first hypothesis is absurd, the representatives, who would have the word to find paths and meanings in the midst of national horror, should, moreover, receive responses from the expert in international relations in the semantic crossing of gestures. The gesture takes place at this intersection, associated with the immediate messages of her nimble little fingers to the cell phone. If someone wanted to go further in the research, it would be worth questioning how Carvalho's disciples and other tropical friends of Trump (there are so many, from atheists and agnostics to shepherds of the 99 sheep...), spread across the networks, react to questions what is done to them! There, semiotics takes on new meanings, especially if combined with the investigation of cell phone messages anxiously manipulated by Martins.

What is the field of meanings of this NET who orders his speeches to make heads for this suffering country?

Now, the same reasoning applies to the confrontation, which would not take place, according to Pacheco, between representatives and the chancellor, but between Brazilian society and its horror in the face of more than 300 thousand deaths and desperate for a vaccine. It would be heavy, even for Nazis and fascists, to imagine that a guy sitting in the sights of TV cameras, next to the president of the federal senate, would order society mourning so many lives lost to take that…!

Sorry, I wasn't educated to use words from the vulgar linguistic universe, those jewels idolized by Jair and his troupe, who certainly wasn't educated by others, because he doesn't know them. Worse is that even the people of my world are catching the disease of using 5 bad words in a sentence of XNUMX words, under mediocre syntax. Jair must be loving it. Include young students, who say they do it for sport, or for no reason. Meaningless?

It should also be noted that Martins was not there without reason. He was of greater importance than the President of the Senate, as Jean Baudrillard and others have suggested when discussing postmodern public rituals. It is the simulation, or the recreation of reality in which a second gestural language takes the place of the first and which should be the only one: the clarifying debate. In texts by the aforementioned critic, he showed that fanatical fans put on a show in the stands, leaving little interest to those who run after the ball on the field. At the very least, your reactions are more important than the game. Especially when there are racial threats and various violence. There the weather is hot. In fact, Martins' presence recreated a reality not thought of by senators. He stood out and the president could only perform his simple function, even more so with a chancellor who says a lot to not guarantee meaning to anything... because nothing is meaning. According to him, Brazil is the international pariah, thank God.

And that. By the yes and the no of what he wanted to enunciate with his gestures, Martins could not stay a minute longer working for a serious government. But, if the world today (and not just De Gaulle) is right, given the naturalization of the atrocity we have experienced since the beginning of last year, then Martins will remain! And he will continue to do what he likes, as well as using words from burning historical memory to ride over the ignorant and try to shut the mouths of the intelligent.

Martins dominated the scene. Back on Capitol Hill in Washington, many people did similar things. Mutatis mutandis, he dominated the almost sacred space and there he lay down and rolled over.

However, if Martins was there doing bubbles of love to his girlfriend (and prove it), even through those gestures, already re-signified, semiotics will not progress. But that he turned around, that did. And Ernesto said nothing. If only he was Arnesto from Adoniram Barbosa,

would give samba from time to time. Martins was not there to listen to Ernesto. Not Pacheco.

But, to remember my grandmother's language, considering the phrase he passed through the net, when he called us clowns, this guy is not a good thing. Long live Piolin! Long live Mussum!

*Luiz Roberto Alves is a senior professor at the School of Communications and Arts at USP.


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