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Bolsonarism is the greatest emblem of the ethical degradation of Brazil

It is increasingly difficult for Jair Bolsonaro to get rid of in the case of jewelry. The plot shows that Jair and Michelle transformed the Presidency of the Republic into a theft and smuggling operation, involving ministers and high ranking officers of the Army.

Messages exchanged between members of his close circle, which the investigation revealed, make it increasingly difficult for Jair Bolsonaro to reach his classic defense: “They were committing crimes to favor me, but I didn’t know anything”.

The use of the presidential plane in the smuggling scheme indicates the manipulation of the Presidency of the Republic by the criminal gang.

The Federal Police are calling for the breaking of Jair Bolsonaro's banking and tax secrecy, which could have devastating repercussions.

The fact that Frederick Wassef bought back the Rolex that Mauro Cid had sold, in order to hide the theft, shows that Jair Bolsonaro's gang is acting to obstruct investigations. This is more than enough reason to order a preventive detention.

Jair Bolsonaro is a genocide, who would have hundreds of thousands of deaths on his conscience, if he had conscience. He conspired against democracy, tore up the Constitution and systematically failed to fulfill all the duties of the office he held.

Maybe go to jail for a mere jewel theft. Alright, it's a start.

The case also puts the Army in the eye of the hurricane. It is not only the already notorious Colonel Cid, but also his father, General Cid.

Cidão and Cidinho, so to speak. The two paid with public money to operate the president's shady business - another characteristic of the gang.

Cid's father wasn't just a pajama-clad general and Jair's bosom friend. He was also head of the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency in the United States, with a salary in the range of R$60. Among his obligations, forwarding stolen jewels to auction.

Cidão, by the way, provided the “comic relief” of the plot, with the pathetic reflection in the photo of the jewelry box, which allowed him to be identified as an intermediary in the sale of the muamba.

The Army command has already said that it will not manifest itself. He even said that he “does not condone any misconduct” (laughs), that is, he went into harm reduction mode. Wearing high-altitude uniforms, Cid Sr. only received the solidarity of the gorilla Sergio Etchegoyen, today in his pajamas.

Another important element of the story is the deafening silence of the Bolsonarosphere about the case. It seems that the inventors of outright lies, which cattle are ready to swallow about anything, are on vacation.

In fact, they are waiting for the unfolding of events, to try to embed any absurd narrative.

It's just that the story is easy to understand, tailored to cause damage. Someone appropriates a good that is not theirs and sells it to someone else: theft. Wants to pass for legitimate owner: embezzlement. Rebuys and returns when things stink, pretending nothing happened: obstruction of investigation.

Bolsonarism is the greatest emblem of the ethical degradation of Brazil. A country where 58 million citizens were not ashamed to vote for a genocide. Voting for a person who makes fun of the suffering of others, who defends torture, who lies pathologically, who exalts violence, who exudes lack of culture and brutality.

Who knows, maybe now they will feel ashamed of having voted for a thief of jewels and watches, Ali Babá from Rio das Pedras.

* Luis Felipe Miguel He is a professor at the Institute of Political Science at UnB. Author, among other books, of Democracy in the capitalist periphery: impasses in Brazil (authentic).

Originally posted on the author's social media.

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