Germany's economic sinking

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There seem to have been US plans to use the war in Ukraine as a reason to sink the German economy.

The RAND Corporation was born after World War II as a kind of think tanks of research and development that could bring together America's best and brightest minds to hypothesize and solve problems before they arise. Although non-profit, and originally conceived as a non-partisan organization, this organization, linked to the CIA and the Pentagon, has evolved to be anything but.

Its publications are intended to “develop solutions to public policy challenges and help make communities around the world safer and more secure, healthier and more prosperous”. They would provide for the investigation and analysis of problems faced by governments and other actors, but always under the lens of what can best serve the US governing elite and its information and defense communities.

Russia, as a global counterweight to US dominance, has been a subject of particular interest to RAND and, more specifically, its destabilization and weakening. Of course, the end result of a destabilized Russia would be no more than an even stronger United States, no matter if, in the process, hundreds of thousands of people might be impacted by war, famine, or economic instability. If someone browses website from RAND, you can find hundreds of left-wing for Blogs and for political analysis with titles such as: Overextend and unbalance Russia (Overextending and Unbalancing Russia), “Could US Arms Assistance to Ukraine Lead to Russian Escalation?” (“Could US Weapons Assistance to Ukraine Lead to Russian Escalation?") And Pathways to Russian Escalation Against NATO in Ukraine War (Pathways to Russian Escalation Against NATO from the Ukrainian War). All this very recent.

Of course, the Russian special military operation in Ukraine was not simply an overnight occurrence, and since its effective beginning on February 24, the Ukrainian military has received billions of dollars in assistance from the United States and perhaps a fair amount of assistance as well. strategic advice from RAND.

War is a complex gamble. With a match of this size and so many international players involved, many motivations undoubtedly come into play. For Russia, security and safety seem to be at the forefront of motivations. With the potential threat of Ukraine joining NATO, as proposed by Vice President Kamala Harris herself, as well as the presence of biolaboratories operated jointly with the US Department of Defense, or the presence of a contingent of mercenaries organized by CIA and composed of special forces from former Soviet states, it becomes easy to understand the set of motivations of that part.

But the current US regime's motivations for continued support for Ukraine, and the coquettishness with which they seem to be plunging Europe into a long, dark economic winter, is a bit more nebulous.

Let's take the RAND Corporation as the thread of the ball. From it, when we examine the nonstop publication of political analyzes about the destruction of Russia and its people, we can find clues to these reasons. Its motivations, however, become even clearer when it comes to analyzes that this organization prefers not to publish on its website. website.

From a recently revealed analysis report produced by RAND, dated January 25, 2022 and classified as “confidential”, John Mark Dougan disclosed what could be one of the most relevant motivations for the United States to encourage the conflict in Ukraine: to maintain power.

The six-page report entitled "Executive Summary" was published even before the outbreak of conflict, but after the State Department's threatening warning about "Russian-sponsored false flag attacks". The leaked version appears to be a photocopy of an official RAND brochure, intended for the White House and the US national security community, or, more specifically, according to its intended distribution: the White House Chief of Staff, the ANSA [?], the State Department, the CIA, the National Security Agency (NSA), and the Democratic National Committee. That's right! The Democratic National Committee is “copied” in an analysis report addressed to the national security community and members of the Biden White House.

The second page features the standard copyright references and verbiage about Rand's mission. On the third page is where we get to the most interesting things.

It is not known whether the report extends beyond the four pages presented in this “Executive Summary”, but the headings and text included in these four pages are incriminating enough. Explicitly, RAND predicts that the US economy is on the brink of collapse. Rising debt and uncontrolled money issuance as a result of the economic slowdown brought on by the pandemic has put the United States in a remarkably precarious position. They predict that the continued deterioration of the economy will likely lead to the defeat of the Democratic Party in the next congressional elections, opening the door to a impeachment of Joe Biden in his next legislature: “The impeachment of the president cannot be ruled out under these circumstances, which must be avoided at all costs”.

This passage, by itself, already demonstrates the partisan bias of the work being done by RAND and signals the coordination of tactics currently in practice by the Democratic Party and the National Security State, the “Deep State”. But most shocking are the measures RAND suggests to maintain control of the nation by both groups in order to protect Joe Biden and those pulling the strings behind the scenes.

The “Executive Summary” begins with the title “The weakening of Germany, and the strengthening of the United States”, which insinuates as the final objective the influx of money into the North American banking system, from European and NATO-aligned nations, with the hope that this will be done without significant military and political costs.

In RAND's opinion, the biggest obstacle to achieving this goal is Germany's growing independence. That problem appears to have now been resolved with the war in Ukraine and sanctions on Russia, which resulted in the death of the Nordstream pipelines and the cutting off of natural gas from Russia to Germany. That alone will no doubt prompt Germany to demand assistance from other European nations if it wants to save its citizens when the cold weather sets in.

Control over Germany and its governmental decision-making process appears to be the main concern of RAND, which predicts that the destabilization of the United States would lead to an acceleration of German independence and the inevitable end of American influence. When that happens, RAND believes France and Germany will align, along with other “Old Europe” nations, creating an economic and political competitor to the United States. As long as these things can be avoided, America's global dominance could be assured.

Sanctions on Russia and continued pressure exerted by US influence in Europe were expected to focus on two things: German consumption of cheap gas from Russia and Russian exports of cheap nuclear fuel to France. France and Germany are heavily dependent on electricity produced by French nuclear power plants.

These two elements are the very pillars of the German economic model: gas and electricity. With the war in Ukraine, both have been or very soon will be cut off. Germany will turn to the West, and France will be forced to look for fuel in Canada and Australia, both solidly under US influence [and participants in the international spy and intelligence condominium known as the Five Eyes (US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand)].

In the section entitled “Crisis Controlled”, the analysis admits that through “our precise actions, it was possible to block the commissioning of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline”, and suggests that Germany should be forced to completely reject Russian natural gas, involving it a, as much as possible, in the “military conflict in Ukraine”. In the meantime, Russia will have stopped all natural gas exports to Germany. Problem solved!

At the time of this writing, the conflict in Ukraine is little more than a civil war between the east and west of the country. Western Ukraine (aligned with the United States) clearly acted as an aggressor against the eastern part. It is worth noting that the United States was beating the drums of war before Putin moved a single soldier within Ukraine's borders. So it seems that the effort to involve Russia and Europe in the Ukrainian conflict has been in the works for some time.

The text goes on to discuss the methods by which the current US regime can manufacture the necessary elements to create an economic and humanitarian crisis. This includes making use of the German environmentalists, in the prime minister's coalition with the dogmatic Green Party, even naming two useful idiots [Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck] who could profitably be guided in helping to create the atmosphere that develops. sought.

Even after the mistakes are realized, the lasting damage will have already made it difficult for the leaders of the current and even a new German government to revive relations with Russia, especially after Germany was forced by its Western partners to supply weapons and ammunition to Ukraine.

The consequences of these geopolitical movements will be catastrophic for Germany. Without Russian gas, in order to avoid the mass death of German citizens, the industry will be forced to close, producing shortages of basic products, breakdown in logistical chains and “eventually, the occurrence of a domino effect, by the complete stoppage of largest chemical, metallurgical and machine building plants, since they do not have the ballast to reduce energy consumption”.

RAND predicts losses for Germany in the hundreds of billions of euros, causing a collapse in its economy, a reduction in GDP and, eventually, the total collapse of the economy of the European Union as well. All European currencies will become toxic and far less desirable than the dollar, leading to an inevitable strengthening of the US economy and a repositioning of the country as a most favored nation. Of course, grudgingly, China would also benefit from these economic conditions in Europe.

In addition to economic problems, mass migration is expected as jobs become scarce and skilled labor is no longer needed in Europe. In that case, their only recourse will be to go to the United States, where the booming domestic economy will welcome them to fill the jobs that will inevitably be created.

The US economy is saved, US society is kept distracted, and “election stakes” are reduced, keeping the Democrats in full control should the RAND predictions come true. At this time, the entirety of the National Security State's plans have yet to come to fruition, but if so, this analysis report could become very significant.

Meanwhile, the Republicans may eventually present themselves as a counterweight to these forces, as it is still foreseeable that they will regain control of the House and Senate in 2023, with the implementation of a process of impeachment shortly thereafter, as well as full-scale investigations into members of the Democratic Party. The best laid plans of mice and men can still go awry, and while the Deep State has positioned itself in the trenches of power more today than at any other time in history, the Democratic Party could still suffer a major defeat in the next election.

*Zak Paine is an American multimedia journalist, a supporter of the Republican Party.

Translation: Ricardo Cavalcanti-Schiel.



The RAND document can be accessed at:,_strengthening_the_U.S.


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