The (neo)liberal, the conservative, the destroyer

Wols (Alfred Otto Wolfgang Schulze), [untitled], 1988


The lack of civility joined the scoundrel of the acts and the impudence in the speech

From time to time, we need to go public to reiterate the obvious. Earlier today, gliding through the feed from a social network, I came across a (sponsored) page that calls itself conservative. The publication announced a motorcyclist starring the unnameable in Rio Grande do Norte, in the worst Mussolini style. Aside from the annoyance of seeing the guy on the screen smiling and waving from the top of a pickup (greatest symbol of agribusiness), the worst part was realizing that fifty-one thousand people had countersigned the post with likes (the encouragement would be to credit most of it to the action of robots).

After two or three seconds, the first step was to report the spam. The second, block the page. The third, posting a mini-outburst on the same social network, suggesting that the self-denomination "conservative" does not apply to those who have no project for the country and, regardless of the actual social class to which they belong, hate the "people", detonate any form of assistance and views opponents as mortal enemies. Yes, why name the subjects who are doing cosplay of fascists to “conservatives” is an understatement: they are destroyers.

Far be it from me to defend (neo)liberals and “conservatives”: these clumsy, square, hypocritical and hungry people who, in the name of any abstractions (religion, morals, tradition, custom, hierarchy) see “their” neighborhood, “their” ” city and “his” country, where he (does not) live, as if it were a private and exclusive territory. The point is that, at least since 2013, this pseudo country, this republic fake decided to concentrate and expel all that is bile in the form of mindless “protests” that served the nonsense of sectors financed by foundations and international mega-companies (or aligned with endogenous ultraliberalism). There is boldo tea for those who are capable of feeling the pain of themselves and others.

It is worth remembering another phenomenon: the sectors of the population that idolize a mythomaniac, assuming they participate (with benefits) in his clumsy flock, act in a very similar way to the “patriots” who sell the body of the inhabitants and the soul of the national territory to billionaire speculators , almost always headquartered in power countries. It is as if the fate of the “homeland” were to submit ad infinitum to the others because of chronic impotence (sorry: I am not referring to any campaign in favor of penile prostheses, let alone the monstrous “speech” “delivered” on September XNUMXth).

The imposture of the representative dialogues with the arrogance of his constituents. Until recently, the obsession with social distinction was a trait that shaped the so-called middle classes. What we are witnessing now is a pantomime performed by a mass of people in more or less humble conditions who seem to need an abject figure as a father (Freud explained the primitivism of patriarchal and monotheistic religion in The future of an illusion). It remains to be seen what “conservation” the destroyers and their accomplices are referring to: it would be naive to assume that they would limit themselves to keeping the bad things as they already are.

Let's regret it. The lack of civility was added to the baseness of the acts and the impudence in the speech. Let them not talk to me about “good morals”, “freedom” and justice” – three chimeras that never existed here. Under his hypocrisy-lined crystal umbrella, in the name of a god who contemplates (immovable as ever) mud, hunger, association with militias, withdrawal of rights, predatory business and corruption, the task of contradicting them and throwing stones would be even easier.

From slush funds to properties purchased with “cash money”, passing through cracks, deals in congress, deposits and millionaire checks from third parties, it is an affront that followers of Leader subtropical are praising the “sincerity” of the mythomaniac and “denounce” any form of corruption (moral and financial) that is not their own.

Nor will I waste time recalling the six hundred and sixty thousand deaths, which could have been avoided if life were more important than the megalomania and selfishness of we-know-very-well-who.

*Jean Pierre Chauvin He is a professor at the School of Communication and Arts at USP. Author, among other books, of A thousand, one dystopia (Publisher Glove).


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