The price of voting for Jair Bolsonaro

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Families have decisions to make for the near future. For education and health in Brazil

This columnist assumes that there are values ​​and prices in voting for Jair Bolsonaro, considering people who vote sincerely. The sincere deserve reflection and spring is coming...

One of the values ​​is that the Brazilian justice system did not conclude for corrupt actions by Jair Bolsonaro and his family members, as the official bodies did not publish anything as definitive. It is common voice that attorney general Augusto Aras will be judged later if he does not soon find another high position in the justice of the Bolsonaro government. On the contrary, former President Lula was judged incredibly quickly and landed in prison, being absent from the 2018 elections. However, justice itself made him recover his rights and show Lavajato's mistakes. Therefore, the processes that go through the system against Jair and sons may reach decisions soon and corruptions may be known. But people and families do not live on dial-dials, nor on half justice. To see.

Another value is that the president appears in public as unbroken, virile, impetuous, a kind of superman of the tropics. He recalls the cases of the conquerors of old and the American secret agents, who always win and kill a lot of people along the way. Just when you think he's going to talk about his family and that his divinity is above everything, he comes in with the brush thing. Complicated mixture, but common in the president. Who is above all, God or He, the unbroken?

Of course, this story is subjective, personal, because nobody knows if D. Michelle accepts and guarantees all her husband's impetuosity and imbrochability. Do many people think that to be a good family you have to have an unbreakable one? It gives a strong impression that the only real family is the one that has its unbreakables. It seems that the unbroken is the one who has a lot of land, a lot of stores and a lot of power not to be guilty of anything. On that stage on the XNUMXth of September, the poor president of Portugal (has anyone seen him?) was withered and almost invisible next to two imbrochables, Jair and the old man from Havan. Dona Michele, poor thing, looked like a character from that game called João Bobo, thrown from one side to the other.

Is this not just a man thing? Women stand aside, don't they? Some journalists showed that Mrs. Michelle has been having trouble with this subject in her husband's mouth, but she will not complain in public, because she is not crazy and needs to garner votes. Pastors, owners of a good part of Brazilian communication, are always keeping an eye on her. Is all this a lie? So what is the truth?

For being faithful to the pastors and shyness, the president's wife will not say anything, even if everything is "for the English to see" or to give a strong impression on voters. But this business of schmoozing or not schmoozing is not a gospel issue, and few people seem to think about why the president mixes evangelical issues with the story of the hoax. Did any prophet or sage of Bible did you deal with this issue? It doesn't seem possible or fair. But it is worth asking the pastors and pastors.

But there is one thing that is definitive: Jair Bolsonaro snubbed the vaccination of the people in the initial months of the pandemic because he thought that everyone should be a bit of a superman, like unbroken and would have to endure the flu. But it wasn't the flu. This columnist has lost seven friends and has several family members with serious consequences.

Did almost 700 Brazilian men and women really die, or is there some malice on the part of the newspapers and health personnel? I know a Jair Messias voter who says that everything is a lie, but I don't believe that those 30% of Jair's voters are the same as this voter I know. For him, there is no truth in anything, even in photographs and audios. So, is that talk, that show on the XNUMXth of September with Jair and the old Havan also a lie?

Perhaps there is still another thing that leads to voting for Jair Messias: he puts his face forward and solves things. For example, the case of fuel prices. Too bad prices only dropped now in September, because the population had already been paying high prices for fuel, food, cleaning and construction products, services in general for a long time, more than two years. Will it be possible to make up for the hunger and all the difficulties to live well until the election on October 2nd?

Wouldn't it be nice to do the math? If you pay top prices for two years and then get discounts for a month and a half, what is it worth?

The columnist does not know of any other value for voting for Bolsonaro. But he knows that voting for the president has a price; better, it has prices. If the voter or his voter, the family doesn't think it's all a lie, it's worth looking at the price of the vote.

The first price is the education and culture of children, adolescents and young people, which means 53.759.457 under eighteen years of age. Fifty-two percent of this youth is of African descent and suffers a lot to stay in schools and in the educational system. In fact, this system often expels children and teenagers from school. In recent years, much more and the pandemic is not to blame for this.

Bolsonarist families perhaps shouldn't pay attention to the business of the imbrochable, Bolsonaro's thing since he entered government in 2019. But all families in Brazil have children and young people in schools, for sure. Can you believe that scientists from the Institute of Socioeconomic Studies, based on the government's own portals, for example Siga Brasil, are right in showing that Bolsonaro failed to deliver between 2019 and 2021 the value of 8 billion to children, adolescents, teachers and other education support personnel? It was obligatory money, guaranteed by law. And for 2022 it is already known that students will not receive 6,2 billion. Word of the researchers of the same institute.

In other words, the money belongs to the law, but it is no longer sent to children in the so-called educational system. Where you go? You should ask Paulo Guedes, Artur Lira (from the Chamber of Deputies) and the president himself. The values ​​for education with Bolsonaro are much lower than in previous years. Larger resources would guarantee meals, didactic material, cultural actions in the community and transportation, for example, in the 178 public basic education schools in Brazil, spread across the four corners of the country. Lie or Truth? If true, who is set free by that truth, for "you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free" (book of the John's New Testament 8: 32).

Would families be released from the obligation to vote for the one who wants four more years and who prefers to give billions to deputies and reduce the resources of Brazilian students? But education needs resources to make the school a beautiful, well-groomed, happy, cultural place, with the appreciation of teachers being very important. Likewise, with quality meals and especially with quality education, which must be seen and evaluated by families and Brazilian society. Also for the families who intend to vote for Bolsonaro. Without families and communities, the school is crippled.

Hopefully it's not a lie another high price to carry on the back for voting for Bolsonaro. It is about the health of Brazilian men and women.

Is everything that the newspapers, magazines and scientific articles say about the lack of medicine, lack of personnel at health centers, the great distance between health units across the country and the campaign against vaccination a lie?

Is not vaccinating evangelical? This columnist studied culture and education for two and a half years in Israel and took advantage of his stay to also participate in Christian communities. He learned Hebrew and gets by in Aramaic, biblical languages. there is nothing in Bible that prevents vaccination. Imagine if there were, because health was treated very differently from what we know. But Jesus' “vaccine” was the example of faith and true language There is the opposite in biblical texts when children are present: it is a great sin to take away the children's right to health. Now, in the history of Brazil, the West and the East, the greatest guarantee of health for children – and even for adults – is the vaccine. Medicine is good to remedy when one has already become ill. Vaccine prevents. A complete vaccination card is a beauty, pride of the family.

This is not true? If it isn't, the truth doesn't exist and anyone invents anything called the truth. Even the president.

Why did vaccination decrease in the Bolsonaro government, even the Sabin Vaccine, against paralysis? Crazy thing? I don't know, but it seems that it's also because of the unbroken, oddly enough. But it is already another meaning of the unbroken. Anyone, child or adult, does not need a vaccine because the body can handle it. Can you handle it? If he, the superman, says he can handle it (but many people guarantee that he took the vaccine in secret and then said it was a secret for 100 years) then anyone can handle it. Can you handle Covid? Can you handle infantile paralysis? Can you handle tetanus?

Until this day in September, only 35% of children aged between 1 and 5 years had received the paralysis vaccine. The hope is that it would be 95%. Brazil has achieved this goal many times. We have almost 15 million children in this age group in Brazil. This columnist, already old, had friends who had paralysis when he was little. He knew their suffering and theirs. Then Brazil became a vaccination champion. Now it's skidding in vaccination and there are a lot of people campaigning against it. It can only be sin, which in the Hebrew language means error, deviation, being outside an objective and therefore capable of denying one's own truth. This sin needs to be corrected and the truth reestablished. It won't be with this president, who has a horror of the vaccine. Who can handle it?

Scientists show that if we had a vaccine as soon as the cases of Covid 19 increased in Brazil, we would have saved between 95 and 100 thousand people. They died. The pain and sometimes frustration of not being able to do anything remained.

In any case, we continue to demand the status of citizens, people who define the course of Brazil.

Trusted doctors say that, depending on age, the person can't handle even the most common viruses. It suffers a lot. The vaccine guarantees. We have to go back to being the example country of vaccination. We will be!

It would be possible to write a lot about the price of voting for Jair Bolsonaro. But to think about Brazil and the vote on October 2, it is enough because the facts with two fundamental issues of human life were shown here: education and health. Without education/culture, the meaning of everything that health means in people's lives is not well understood; without health there is no strength or will to educate oneself. Without both, life ceases to be.

In the Bolsonaro government, it is true that education and health were deeply mistreated in quantity and quality, every year. There are signs and facts everywhere that prove it. Is this or is it not a matter for Brazilian families? If not, perhaps it could be said that there is no family in Brazil and the president is inventing families to win votes.

Families, which the columnist believes should exist, have decisions to make for the near future. For education and health in Brazil.

“Memory is the pillar of redemption and oblivion is the beginning of death.” Remembering is necessary.

* Luiz Roberto Alves is a senior research professor at the School of Communication and Arts at the University of São Paulo. Author, among other books, of Administering via culture: educational-cultural revolution in ex-pauliceia desvairada, 1935-1938 (Mall).


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