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Accepting the limits of liberal democracy will lead us, at best, to participate in the old pact of the elites

The President of the Republic Jair Bolsonaro runs a successful campaign to continue to be seen by the population, among those who elected him in 2018 and others he tries to attract to recover the loss among those who realized, as they live the hardships of their mismanagement, the farce mounted in the service of the elites. A campaign to continue (despite his previously criticized alliances and the daily shenanigans of his family environment and the assault group he organized to power) to be seen as the anti-system rebel, the one who wants to do things and the call establishment doesn't allow it, which cuts down on truck drivers' lives and at the same time speaks out against the abusive increases practiced by Petrobras, and against inflation, against unemployment, against high interest rates, against poor service at the INSS, as if he weren't the one owner of the Bic pen that appoints and dismisses those responsible for all these ongoing policies in the country. The presidential candidate enjoys greater support among the richest, where his anti-politics discourse combined with the practice of neoliberalism, characterized by the progressive reduction of rights, low wages, the concentration of income and goods and the worsening of people's lives have more echo, because these sectors have always cared about the democratic issue, it is their privileges that count the most.

Those who waste time with demonstrations, without people, under the slogan Fora Bolsonaro are wrong. Our work, the action must seek to clarify, to give voice and move the people, so that in the October elections Bolsonaro and his political, economic and country project have a substantive defeat.

A kilo of tomato at R$14,00, has responsible – Jair Bolsonaro.

The prices of alcohol, gasoline and diesel at the heights are responsible – his name is Jair Bolsonaro.

The price of the gas cylinder, which exceeds R$100,00, is responsible for the name of Jair Bolsonaro and the gas voucher, recently approved, was at the initiative of Deputy Carlos Zaratini, from the PT, and not Bolsonaro, as well as the BRL 600,00 of emergency aid in the first year of the pandemic, twice as much as Bolsonaro wanted, was an initiative of the opposition.

The inflation that eats the salary of the worker, who buys less every week, has a cause – he responds to the name of Jair Bolsonaro.

A kilo of expensive meat, rice and beans, in a country with the largest herd in the world, with vast lands to plant, bears the responsible signature of Jair Bolsonaro.

Half a kilo of coffee costing R$18,00 in the country that is the world's main coffee producer, has a person in charge – his name is Jair Bolsonaro.

The more than 30 million Brazilians infected and the more than 660 killed by Covid-19 are responsible – Jair Messias Bolsonaro.

Those who are guided by good mocism are wrong, to soften the program, the demands of the people, how to deceive the ruling classes; these remove the socks without taking off the shoes. Thus, it is necessary to make clear what we want and which side we are on, that we are the anti-system block of forces, but for this it is not enough to beat the chest, it is necessary to affirm that: we are going to strengthen the public and free SUS to offer health care to quality and accessible to all, for that we are going to invest to double the resources for public health, for the SUS; we are going to take measures to generate affordable employment for all, with the formalization of work, with rights that guarantee a dignified life and a supported old age; that young people will have access to education without having to pay and that they can and should dream of a better future than the one we are offering them so far; that we do not accept the collusion of the rich, the billionaires, with Jair Bolsonaro, to keep interest rates high, in a country where inflation has nothing to do with excess demand, the people are buying less and not more, so we do not buy this policy that Bolsonaro implanted in the economy and in the Central Bank.

Let's strengthen agriculture that produces food for Brazilians and can help feed the world; We are going to practice another policy at Petrobras, where its private shareholders do not get rich at the expense of making the population's life worse. We are committed to the rights of the people, against violence, for equal rights for all, regardless of race and gender.

Our broad alliance policy must be anchored in firm, unavoidable commitments to put an end to the miserable lives of the poor, give them dignity, pride, that they lift their heads; with the future of young people that is built in the present, with immediate care for the elderly and their families. We must not give in to the immediacy that confuses us, that equals us in the mass grave, that has been stimulating, all over the world, and in Brazil, anti-politics in the service of the dominant classes. Accept the lamented by prominent leaders of allied parties, as expressed on 19/04/2022, in the newspaper Economic value, that the program should come to the center, reflecting the composition with the vice-president, is to contribute to the defeat, not just electoral, but as a project of change that the country needs to serve the population.

It is necessary to understand that democracy with progressive emptying of its substance (employment, salary, means of transportation to work, adequate housing, accessible and good school and health, access to having and expressing itself culturally) as it has been happening in the world and around here nay, it has led the masses of the people to their devaluation. Accepting the limits of liberal democracy, increasingly constricted, as intellectuals with a living do, who discard ideas and programs to defeat Bolsonaro, is an entry limitation that will lead us, at best, to participate in the old pact of the elites, that “Everything must change so that everything stays as it is” as GT Lampedusa so well expressed it, a theme so dear to the Italian thinker and revolutionary Antonio Gramsci.

It is good to have a good reading of how the second round of the elections in Chile went and how Mélenchon almost went to the second round in France, with the paths chosen for his campaigns. It takes more bread bread and cheese cheese. If we have been incapable of building more political strength and social roots to be better represented in candidacies in several states and, if that were the case, we could also have had a better solution for composing Lula's ticket, let us make the electoral process a moment of struggle, of spend your shoes, your voice and your energy so that together we can build another path for the country and its people. There is no possibility of expecting miracles from the “Prince”, we are not in the moment of the Medici or Louis XIV, now we have Elon Musk, Bezos, Zuckerberg, the Old “Armani” of Havan. Enough of navelism, wasting time with decided facts, the time is now, let's go out into the streets, organize meetings on Sundays in the squares, each one with their little chairs and benches in open meetings/assemblies to dispute our program with the people. The fight.

*Ubiratan by Paula Santos, doctor, is a professor at the Faculty of Medicine of USP.


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