What to do?

Image: Elyeser Szturm

By Airton Paschoa*

Agenda outlined by the leadership of “Naughty Left”

Since everyone is talking about what the left should do, I'm going to talk too, well! And I have this right, as a clandestine leader of a poetic apparatus in which thousands of gritty words come together, which I adopt, like a good father, and later, like a good commander, in a united order of a platoon ready to fight. Who does not align — between the lines!

The left must do what it didn't do in 18, when I explained to God and the world (more God than the world) that the Cyro-Lebanese was the ideal front, having Percearense on the head and Haddad, Deputy and Minister of Finance, on the neck , of course, because it was in the conversation.

Why he didn't, I don't understand, because I warned him.

Now, then, that we've waded into memamé, only stinkier, with the milicos and the bolsonaviruses infecting everything, maybe we have to cool off a little: dino and sauro, I mean, ciro, or similar animal.

This is if moros and mourões admit the “democratic” game of 22, as they consented to the “democratic” game of 18 (as long as they lead).

Impiche, resignation, suicide... if only! all shot in the dark!

However, with all this, the left, alas! still not safe from sinking, I mean suffocating - what a feeling of deja vu looms, O gloomy shadows of the past! um… a civilian… doria?! O incredible huck? Sorry(to).

*Airton Paschoa he has been a demerit member since 2003, on the left Marota (Movimento Aleatório Rotatório Tá)

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