What's left of Demetrius Magnoli?

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Magnoli, a former PT and Libelu activist, became a spokesperson for the financial market, just another piece of rubbish with a respectable academic title

I really miss the student movement, everything I experienced and those with whom I lived fraternally.

When I arrived at the Faculty of Law in 1982, my partner Eduardo Surian Matias and I were the only two militants of the Workers' Party. From the following year onwards, others joined the student movement.

We lived with PCdoB activists Ana Angélica Marinho, José Antônio Lemos, Caio Carneiro Campos, Miguel Valente Neto and many others, the PCdoB was strong and organized; personalities like Aldo Rebelo and Sergio Benassi were always at Pateo dos Leões at the central PUCC; there were left-wing democrats like Nilson Roberto Lucilio, my dear friend João Antônio Faccioli, Claudio Pedrassi, today a judge at the São Paulo Court of Justice; the centrist PMDB Democrats were also there; All these people, with Caio as a candidate for president of the Academic Directory, came together and won elections for the entity that year.

I regret not mentioning all the names, but, believe me, this group of boys and girls, alongside other democrats, removed the college and then the university, from the obsolete, antiquated, conservative, moldy and completely disconnected logic of what the country was experiencing. : the end of the dictatorship and the new aromas that the encouraging breeze of democracy brought.

That 1982 was, for me – an eighteen-year-old boy, peripheral, who worked during the day and attended college at night -, a magical year: the elections for governor, mayor, councilors, deputies and senators moved our militancy, our hearts and reinforced the certainty that our activism had in fact enormous meaning and could change the world (the only negative note was the defeat of the Brazilian football team in Spain, not even the defeat of Lula and Jacó hurt so much).

Among the various meetings and congresses, whether academic or linked to the student movement, the UNE congress in Piracicaba was transformative, even though Libelu was defeated by the PCdoB, which elected Bahian Clara Araújo, the entity's first female president.

That year I got closer to Liberdade e Luta, Libelu (I sold a lot of the newspaper “O Trabalho”).

Libelu, a tendency of the student movement, linked to Trotskyism and the Internationalist Socialist Organization, was the first political tendency to defend the slogan “Down with Dictatorship” publicly; He actively participated in the reconstruction of UNE and UBES (while still a high school student I was at the congress that brought UBES back in 1981 in Curitiba; it was Gualter, a physics professor, who paid the bus ticket there).

Libelu housed spectacular paintings that became national personalities, I can mention those I met personally: Luiz Gushiken; Marcos Sokol, of whom Jacó Bittar always speaks with enormous respect; Antônio Palocci (who became a “baptized” scoundrel); Zé Américo; Cleusa Turra; Paulo Moreira Leite; Caio Tulio Costa; Matinas Suzuki; Mario Sergio Conti; Reinaldo Azevedo; Josimar Melo, for whom I voted as deputy in 1982; José Arbex; Glaucus Arbex; Celso Marcondes, who was our leader in Campinas, he was a councilor in the city and director of Africa at the Lula Institute and, amazingly, Demétrio Magnoli.

Yes, Demétrio Magnoli, the same one I heard yesterday harshly criticizing the reindustrialization program (“New Industry Brazil”) presented by Lula and Alckmin, sad. He, a former PT and Libelu companion, became a spokesman for the financial market, just another piece of debris with a respectable academic title.

While the CNI – National Confederation of Industry – celebrates the “New Industry Brazil” and highlights it as a positive step towards the reindustrialization of the country, “faria lima” and its vassals, including Demétrio, criticize it.

The federal program will allocate 300 billion reais for financing until 2026, with an additional R$194 billion redirected to support the priorities of Nova Indústria Brasil, all aligned with the Industry Resumption Plan proposed by the CNI last year, which takes into account areas such as agroindustry, health, infrastructure, digital transformation, bioeconomy, and technologies of national interest.

Hearing opinions like that of ex-partner Demétrio Magnoli is outrageous, as he is not ignorant or uninformed, it is pure bad behavior; he knows that without compliance with the provisions of article 174 of the constitution of the republic there will be no development, this has been the case throughout the history of the country and the world, since the great navigations.

Demétrio knows that the industrialization of Brazil is considered a late process, as it began a century after the emergence of the first industries in Europe. The first manufactures were opened in the national territory during the 1930th century, but it was only from the XNUMXs that the process gained strength, thanks to State investments and the participation of national and international private capital.

I would like to ask Demétrio: is there anything left of that “boy who was going to save the world”?

These are the reflections.

*Pedro Benedito Maciel Neto He is a lawyer and holds a master's degree in civil procedure from PUC SP. author of Reflections on the study of law (Comedy).

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