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Total closure: metaphor of Brazilian disgrace

There will be full closure (also called lockdown) of production, assembly, distribution, consumption and services processes in Brazil, except for the strictly essential, in favor of saving lives and likely overcoming the pandemic. But it will be in the old-fashioned Brazilian way, that is, dull, incompetent, crumbling, backward and out of place. Such a method will cost, first, many lives and the breakdown of the health workforce. In the partisan political way as he always did and Rodrigo Pacheco does now. In the falsely balanced, good-natured and kind way. To say the same after careful research and investigation, it will be violent, murderous, avenging, predatory and postponing.

It's how we were. Other presidents, dictators and intervenors were disgusting and paid minimal attention to the lives of the people of this country, helping a lot to assassinate them, because death is always the result of postponing responsibilities, public lies, denial of science, imbalance ethical and mental. So it was with all the mayors, governors and presidents who opened streets and roads without thinking about those who already lived there, workers or indigenous people and quilombolas. Thus, they made the square meters of “progress” worth another and the poor were driven to floodplains, unknown caves and all forms of periphery. We have known them since the 1920s, the First Republic.

In the government of the sinister and unreasonable figure, the Planalto official, everything just got worse, exacerbated, out of bounds, without borders, in the manner of banal and blunt murder. With the support of a mass that calls itself a “believer”, incapable of specifying the object of its belief. He certainly has nothing to do with the faith that emerges from the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts. A religious newspeak of these people was woven into the webs of anticommunism, the prosperity of the leaders, the idea of ​​“community” as a “flock of the 99” (which never goes in search of the 1 stray), the ritual that takes the place of the linguistic statements of the biblical text, of religiosity as a spectacle, of the cry for G‑d (the author's accent) that demands material compensation, of the complete ignorance present in the speech of the “terrible believer” of the AGU in the STF regarding the human condition of the believer in time and space , regardless of being among peoples, for the Lord of the Scriptures is wherever his name is sincerely invoked. How can these people understand themselves to be believers if no one has done with them the simple hermeneutics that is wrapped up in the concept of tzedakah, which is the foundation of to be speaker and agent incarnate in Jesus the Christ?

Our history says a lot about what we live today. We were and are champions of backwardness in ethnic-racial justice since slavery several times centuries old; advocates for the rights of children, women and the poor; relevant negative consequences in the conquest of education and free and autonomous cultural action; highlighted in the mutilations of male and female workers; leaders in the repression (and often death) of thought, the production of information and the true construction of communicative acts; extraordinary stimulators of knacks, which in fact are masks of ancient violence and transfigured humiliation; excellent rants about little or nothing that seem to be a lot and mean big things, like the happiness index; we stand out in the complete denial of biblical values ​​(vaunted) in the name of sinecures, little jobs, tax refunds from churches and church owners, scabrous screams from pulpits directed by international bandits called preachers.

Why the first person plural? Because there has always been some or a lot of social support in favor of evils, horrors, pretense, lies, postponement and denial of rights. Like Ruy Castro, in a text dated 09.03.21/57/2018, he locates the Gang called Brasil, although he is aware of exceptions and non-adherents. The sinister figure had XNUMX million votes in XNUMX and may even run for election, when he should be interdicted and hospitalized, according to diagnoses by excellent Brazilian psychiatrists and psychologists.

Assuming our condition (and not saying like the pimp president: "I won't put mine on the line...") must be a pedagogical starting point to scrutinize phenomena, find variations, move the scales of history, but never out of the condition of being part of life of the people and the nation. Despite everything, we are. Oppositions, yes; evaporation of responsibility, no.

A short article by Celso Furtado, in Revista do Brasil, 1984, was entitled What are we? and not About us There, the economist and former Minister of Culture began by justifying the title: What we are is a challenge to our mysteries, or how to become aware that in our future there will be something irreducible to lived experience. What we are “is that we are in an identity crisis, we feel uncomfortable on our skin or inside the clothes we are wearing” (p. 12)

Celso Furtado jumps to the moments of our industrialization, our joys of growing and progressing. Then he states: “The new mansion built in the euphoria of industrialization and urbanization exhibits cracks in all its walls. No one escapes the fact that our late industrialization was conducted within the framework of an imitative development, which reinforced our society's atavistic tendencies towards elitism and social oppression (12-14)”.

The elite was, a few days ago, with the Planalto accident, which does not put him on the line (but those of all the people) in an ignored and unknown mansion in some upscale neighborhood of São Paulo. Some members of this group say beautiful and sometimes harsh things about social isolation and vaccines in apathetic media. But they applauded the delusional in his last lie (penultimate or antepenultimate as this text is being written) about buying vaccines that he denied at the right and good time. Useful innocents in the hands of delirium, these and these have already been used, in history, mutatis mutandis, at the hands of Nazism and Fascism. But there is still a lack of political exacerbation of these elites in the hands of evil (who were cheered) until they call the rich and property owners who were not there “communists”. There the cycle of boçality closes. Calling someone a communist in Brazil as a weapon for their mental and intellectual indigence is the end of any symbolism of life. As Estanislau Ponte Preta would say, the unfortunate accuser out of nowhere turns into “sneezing powder subnitrate”. But he still shouts the last cry: Communist!

Meanwhile, Lira and Pacheco are taking their innocuous speeches in the direction taken by their three hundred or so voters in Congress with the barely disguised objective of organizing the electoral system for 2022 in their own way. the judiciary system, in order to impose the unintelligent agenda of the sinister, which denies genders, rights, fills the holsters of imbeciles with weapons, draws the innocuous and reactionary homeschooling, denies the integrity of forest and riverside peoples, etc. These two are there to be torn apart by their sinister companion from the highlands and no one will remember them for years to come. Certainly associated with people considered important, such as Toffoli, Aras, Mendonça and Kassio, who give limping answers to, perhaps, confused consciences. Are they all “terribly evangelical”? And that's why they side with the exclusive “Christianity”, in which the AGU committed itself? Yes, they will soon be forgotten.

While the imitation of Byzantineism spreads, death piles up bodies… And the columnist (Folha, 09.04.21) leaves the usual rationality to ask for his wife back, an intensivist struggling with the collapsed health system.

Will we celebrate the 1922th anniversary of the 2 Modernist Movement under this political disgrace, the visceral companion of Sars Cov 1920? Soon that aesthetic and ethical experience, which shook the Casas Grandes and elitist euphoria between 1945 and XNUMX, but could not overthrow them, because it lacked people, enlightened conscience and economic-political foundation. There was already there, with time-spatial reservations, part of the huge group that chose the sinister one from Brasilia. But Modernism opened a new world with Di Cavalcanti, Portinari, Mário de Andrade, Rubens Borba, Anita, Tarsila, Rachel, José Lins, Graciliano (and others and others!!) and capable of penetrating depths that we did not know, as Candido and Bosi showed so well.

Even so, poor bureaucracy devils, who would never say what they said in previous governments, in this lived misfortune, they claim that books should be taxed, as they are something for the rich or successful. In fact, there is no longer a tomorrow, understood symbolically, as such unfortunate people cannot even see the enormous work of librarians throughout Brazil spreading books to children on stilts, in addition to similar graphic productions being able to transform themselves into a universe of educational images and new forms of reading. Yes, Brazil still reads little as a result of all the repressive history and the school imposed by bureaucracies. But millions of children love to read and millions more will read when schools leave their confinement and recreate themselves as educating communities, thus going far beyond the textbook. It had to be in this government! It's coherent. The idea of ​​public management (and even intelligence) seems to have come to an end, more comprehensively than before.

The total closure will come, however, when health workers faint in the face of the volume of dying people and the lack of essential materials for their care. Then we will see how the country succumbed to the borderline intelligence that deceives everyone in the scream and the pen. The impoverished elites (and their intellectual sycophants) who deny closure because they don't understand economics and have never heard of Smith's original theses or the community experiences of economics will kill off a significant part of the country and then enact the lockdown, under the blessing of the delusional who does not construct a single intelligent sentence. For what?

what are we?

*Luiz Roberto Alves is a senior professor at the School of Communications and Arts at USP.


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