Hey Russo, things got gray, huh...?

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The curse on those who joined the lie against the Republic will take a long time to pass

When there The most intense days by Madame Russo in the window of the bookstore around the corner, I thought: good reading for pandemic moments, it must be an erotic torrent very hot. Which what! What a tasteless thing, Russo! I'm sorry, but I warn you that the volume is stuck. Ah, was it you who taught Madame to write? Ah, I see, that explains everything. Who knows now, in the relatively unoccupied days of the States, you might not take advantage of a course given by Olavo: “how to write best sellers without giving up charlatanism”. I think they would advance a few steps, no doubt.

But where's the Globo de Manipulação network, it didn't come to help? You know what it is? They are very low, they manipulated so much that they fell into a crisis of self-manipulation. But maybe Míriam Porquinho and her promising journalist son come to the rescue and do an interview like “I am a victim of hackers evil ones, believe me!” And the exemptions from Barão de Limeira, nothing yet? It doesn't hurt to wait, they always stick to details of details to barely disguise their irresistible reactionary vocation. Relevant localism disguised as a “national project”. Calm down, give it some time, it doesn't hurt to wait.

Nothing to compare with his international project, Russo. Inspired by the athlete-president of Moscow, but actually anchored in the FBI, in the exchange with the Dept. of Justice (in the CIA?). After all, it is not new that they wanted Petrobras to go bankrupt, that they wanted the destruction of the most prominent contractors, that they wanted to detonate the BRICS. Because, Russo, seriously, what you can tell is that you guys really like money. That Baptist subaltern of yours who has the name of a strange medicine, incredible how he only thinks about that: the money. Alvarez & Marsal was a great idea, staying there giving advice to the companies you broke, then just stop by the cashier. But now they want to take that little mouth away from you, Russo, that's a joke, isn't it?

After the dream of being a minister of the STF (failed), after the dream of being President of this Phodida Nation (failed), when you were well accommodated by Alvarez & Marsal, the mafioso of Israel in the chat, the bankrupt contractors in the chat, someone comes of the same judiciary that you and your gang have so much trashed, saying that there is a “conflict of interest”. And now maybe you won't even be able to go to the cashier every week, will you have to look for a tax haven, all that difficulty, just because one day you wanted to be the Sheriff of Brazil?

But you have to feel sorry for such a vertiginous fall, right, Russo? Where are your widows? Where are you white racists? Where are your journalists guided like robots? Where is Maringá? I'm stopping here because I know that deep down you're an emotional motherfucker, like your Moscow model, and that you can shed tears, not those of a crocodile, but those of Uncle Sam's monkey that now even the bosses there aren't willing to come to the rescue.

So, Russo, are the ghosts of Youssef the money changer still haunting you? And the tracks of Tacla Duran don't let you sleep? I hope it doesn't occur to you and the hardcore gang, even in desperation, to resort to the methods of the Russian argentocracy: poisoning, after all, is something out of an old detective story, it doesn't quite suit your style.

And what about the rioters in Ceará, whom you, as Bozo's minister, personally instigated? Angry! Where is that gang? Anything? Russian, my grandmother used to say: the world is really ungrateful. You, who did so much to rid the face of Ronaldinho Gaúcho, who hid Adriano da Nóbrega from the most wanted list, who campaigned so much in favor of the “illicit exclusion”, which, swear words aside, entirely rid the faces of the killers in the service of the State (very democratic, huh, Russo, your inspiring role model was certainly proud of you!). And now, nothing?!…. What cruel people, huh, Russo, you were just settling scores with corruption.

You who invented the award-winning industry based on a new form of torture, in that corridor of the PF in Curitiba, “if you don't hand over Lula, the sentence is doubled, if it takes more than a week to denounce the sentence, the sentence is tripled”. And the class, now, ungrateful. You, the man with the fatal wiretaps, the calculated leaks, everything timed with the Globo de Manipulação network, and now nobody comes to the rescue.

I'm really sorry. Why not dedicate yourself to a serious movie once in your life? Made in his honor and that of the “men in black” who served him in the most fake of the history of the Republic. Watch, if you dare, the excellent documentary, recently released, “Sergio Moro: the Construction of a Judge Above the Law”, directed by journalists worthy of this profession, Luis Nassif and Marcelo Auler. Answer if you can. It cannot? Doesn't anyone come? Then shake it off.

I did warn you. On March 29, 2016, I wrote an article in the “Trends & Debates” section of Folha de S. Paul, “Polished or dirty hands?”, warning of the great ongoing conspiracy. They paid very little attention. Including you and the boys from the Argentinian Baptist with the name of a medicine. Of course, in the midst of delirium of coup power, they only wanted to plot an attack on democracy and the rule of law, an assault on the coffers of the compliance, the fake but highly lucrative accusations, the billionaire indemnities at the expense of the destruction of the national heritage. They wanted to do the job for which they were raised and paid well: to remove the PT and Lula as the main actors in the Brazilian political scene. Even if that meant paving the road towards neo-fascism. Even if this resulted in destruction as a strategy, in all instances, the delivery of national sovereignty as a consequence, the historic downgrading of the country as we are. Even if this implied genocidal anger in times of a pandemic.

And he ran like a pet dog, to be Minister of Justice of an unjust and polluted mismanagement. There was no longer any need to hide. Everything had been prepared for this comedy of horrors, for this tragedy without magnitude. And you always look like a landscape. Leaving Gabriela “copy-pasted” there in Curitiba, Gabriela who didn't play the flute, after all, she only acted there under your orders like “knife in the skull”. What an image, huh, Russo, it reminds me of death squads, militias, I know your guys, apart from not being very good at power point, are not fond of physical violence, what for? If they already exercise the greatest of violence, that of the Judiciary turned itself into a parallel power, above the Constitution and Brazil?

Okay, this is a time of mourning for you, not even the excellent and irrefutable documentary by Nassif and Auler did you want to face it, even in a lecture at Mackenzie Presbyterian University they caught you, huh, Russo, today nobody respects you anymore, that's not enough, need to do an internship in Moscow.

But first, please accept this invitation to visit the tomb of the car wash. “Here lies a raven”, it seems that someone wanted to write on the tombstone, but was promptly stopped. Better, perhaps: “Here lies a bunch of dazzled people, who thought they were above all the powers that be, who forged crimes against their country, who had the complicity of the Supreme Servants of the powers that be, who guided the big media like no editor had dreamed of , who followed Washington's orders, who built step by step the disgrace of a people and the current unhappy fate of a country”.

In this land, it is soon noticed that when you plant, nothing grows, nothing is born, nothing grows. Black hole of worst intentions and actions. Because the curse on those who joined the lie against the Republic will take a long time to pass. There's no knack, no cleverness to reverse the scenario. Things turned red, Russo.

*Francisco Foot Hardman is a professor at the Institute of Language Studies at Unicamp.


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