Zionism hates black people

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The same deputies and senators who defend the right of neo-Nazi groups to say that black people should not exist oppose the right of Palestinians to react


Claudine Gay was appointed rector in mid-2023, before the genocide initiated by Benjamin Netanyahu, Likud and other Israeli supremacist parties, including those of the “Zionist opposition” and the self-declared “left-wing Zionists”. As expected, students at North American universities, as well as almost everywhere else on the planet, staged protests against the supremacist and racist policies of the Zionist State.

The students defended the Palestinian right to react. On Christmas Eve, Israel killed 78 people in a refugee camp, making a point of highlighting that Christian symbols are also not welcome in the State that does not have a Constitution and requires genetic testing, with non-scientific parameters accepted exclusively by Israel,[I] to grant citizenship to peoples and people who claim to be Jews.

The right to Palestinian reaction is obvious. Anyone who does not want to delve deeply into the 76 years of occupation and ethnic elimination, just analyze the last twenty years, when Israel started to invade lands and boycott the Oslo Accords with advances on the West Bank and the creation of an open-air prison. Between 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2021, Israel officially killed 120 Palestinians.

In 2024, there will be 25 thousand Palestinians killed so far. Whoever knows the slightest bit about the history of Israel, at least since the Nakba, the expulsion of Palestinians by Nazi-Zionists led by Ben-Gurion in 1948, knows that the plan has always been the expulsion and genocide of Palestinians for the racial colonization of the territory. A genocide supported and financed by the British to impose an imperialist front in the Middle East, later largely taken over by the USA. One CommonwealthPlus.

Therefore, there really are no mincing words. Hamas reacted to the 120 deaths. It doesn't matter if it's a religious movement – ​​especially because Israel relies on biblical myths to naturalize genocide, the famous dirty talking about the evil washed. Israel is a theocratic and supremacist State without a Constitution whose full citizenship, legally, is restricted to Jews. Hamas and other organizations in the Gaza Strip are the anti-colonialist front and, in context, that is what matters, as Israel is the colonialist agent, like white South Africans.

Under this simple premise, applied to the Zulus and other South African ethnicities by the left while the right defended the white supremacist South African government through Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Commonwealth, students and social movements in defense of Palestine defend the Palestinians' right to react as an inalienable right of colonized peoples in search of self-determination.

Therefore, the Intifada is a political right of Palestinians, colonized and objects of genocide by Israeli Zionists. It is not an irony of fate that black South Africans, today holders of South African institutional politics, have filed a complaint of genocide and crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court against Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel. Therefore, Israel, which collaborated enormously with the apartheid South African with arms sales and joint military operations in Angola and Namibia.[ii]

The North American extreme right, steeped in Christian Zionism and defending the myth of the return of supposed Jews as a premise for the return of the messiah, summoned the deans of Harvard, Pen State and MIT. In the questions asked by Christian Zionists, it became clear that the Intifada would be anti-Semitism or Jewish genocide, referring to the ghost of the Holocaust, an event that occurred in Europe and applied by Christians.

I discussed in a previous text[iii] that Christian Zionism, together with Jewish Zionism, detached the Holocaust and anti-Semitism from the European continent and whiteness, transforming the former genocidaires into perpetual fighters of anti-Semitism, which would now be a specific practice of Muslims and Arabs, who do not have any historical record of systematic persecution and genocide of Jews.

Anti-Semitism became a face of Eurocentric white identitarianism, instrumentalizing itself in a device for political and military intervention in the Middle East and North Africa. And this is positive for Jewish Zionism, as it transforms Israel into a NATO protectorate with enormous autonomy due to the mythological symbolism of Christian Zionism, to the point of imposing guidelines on the US president in upstart speeches in Congress.

The rectors did not accept the equivalence between Intifada and anti-Semitism. Since then, they have come under pressure to resign. The one who suffered the most pressure was Claudine Gay, the second dean in Harvard's history and the first black woman. Her response and that of the other deans was based on the 1st North American amendment, at the request of lawyers, which is so popular among conservatives and neo-Nazis, who parade the swastika and the Confederate flag through the streets of the United States.

The same deputies and senators who defend the right of neo-Nazi groups to say that black people should not exist are opposed to the Palestinians' right to react, because, in this case, it would be the philistines who would prevent the formation of Greater Israel, the premise for the return of the messiah . In short, they prohibit any pro-Palestinian demonstration, transforming it into anti-Semitism.

She resigned, above all, in the face of the threat of a decrease in donations to the university. In other words, Zionist lobby[iv] – there would be a good debate on “university autonomy” with an institution so subject to “private donations” from businesspeople. They looked for quotes with accusations of plagiarism, which did not appear – in other words, her life was inspected with a fine-toothed comb. They found paraphrases, something common in academic texts, so common that the university only asked for correction, something extremely common.

Claudine Gay wrote a note, in which she denounces racism, which, in fact, happened: “It has become clear that it is in Harvard's best interest for me to resign so that our community can navigate. […] Through it all, it has been distressing to have doubts about my commitments to confront hate and uphold academic rigor – two core values ​​that are fundamental to who I am – and frightening to be subjected to personal attacks and threats fueled by a racial animosity.”

Brett Stephens, conservative and reactionary journalist from The New York Times, was quick to defend that Claudine Gay's departure was an encouragement against “the diversity policy” that would have destroyed the “excellence that prevailed before”. The Friedmanite was consistent: Milton Friedman saw any public policy, including non-segregated schools, as anti-liberal measures.

More than Jewish Zionism, Christian Zionism invented a fake news and went viral through its denialist networks. Why? Because she is black, beforehand not competent (meritocracy discourse) and would have become rector as a consequence of the “culture Woke”. Obviously, there was no plagiarism and the equivalence between Intifada and anti-Semitism is a kind of “reverse racism”. The racist agent is Israel. Some of these networks also argue that the Holocaust did not exist. Faced with this fact, Jewish Zionism prefers to try to stick its head in the hole. But Zionism is not an ostrich. It's an emu that runs towards chloroquine.


Israel is the result of a European political movement. Current Zionism is a synthesis of Christian Zionism and assimilated Jewish Zionism, shaped by Western Eurocentrism. As such, in addition to the explicit and blatant racism against Arabs, which in Zionist ideology must be eliminated and replaced ethnically and racially by Ashkenazi Jews (white Europeans), Jews not from Europe are objects of the white and supremacist racialization of white Israelis, today a large majority. This fact is an ontological characteristic of Zionism.

after the Nakba, the expulsion and genocide of Palestinians and the theft of their land by the Ashkenazi, Jews from the Middle East and North Africa were forced to move to Israel, as they came to be seen as representatives of the colonialists. The vast majority did not want to leave their original countries, but the Anglo-Saxon colonialist and imperialist intervention reshaped the entire region. This is the case of Mizrahim Jews, who were demographically representative until the middle of the 1967th century, when the State of Israel began to promote more aggressively an immigration policy for Ashkenazi Jews after the Six-Day War in XNUMX and the imperialist annexation of territories, an evident whitening policy similar to what occurred in Brazil in the XNUMXth century.

So much so that in 1975 the UN equated Zionism with racism through Resolution 3.379 of the United Nations General Assembly, with a favorable vote from Brazil, which, even linked to the USA due to the Civil-Military Dictatorship, agreed that expansionism and way of treating Arabs proved that Zionism would be equivalent to official racism.

The Resolution condemned the following Israeli practices: “(1) Annexation of parts of occupied territories”; (2) “Establishment of settlements in them and the transfer of foreign population to them”; (3) “Destruction and demolition of Arab houses”; (4) “Expropriation and confiscation of Arab properties”; (5) “Evacuation, deportation, expulsion, uprooting and transfer of the Arab inhabitants of the occupied territories, and the denial of their right of return”; (6) “Mass arrests, administrative detentions and mistreatment of the Arab population”; (7) “Plundering of archaeological and cultural properties”; (8) Interference with religious freedoms and practices, as well as family rights and customs”; (9) “Illegal exploitation of natural wealth, resources and population of occupied territories”.[v]

Zionism was textually equated with apartheid and Portuguese colonialism in Angola and Mozambique. The Soviet Union proposed a text that equated Zionism with Nazism and neo-Nazism. It should be noted that all the votes in favor of Israel came from European countries, not only for geopolitical convenience, but because they identify with the colonialist racism practiced. After all, how can we condemn Israel for racism and neocolonialism if European countries have profited and profit from racism and neocolonialism? In addition to protocol support for the political and military arm of the West in the Middle East, there is also a historical and ontological identification.

What was not considered until then was that racism did not occur exclusively against Arabs, but against a portion of the population that until the mid-45th century represented XNUMX% of the Israeli population, the Mizrahim Jews, also known as Oriental Jews. The Mizrahim stayed in the so-called “transition camps” in conditions of poverty. The “transition camps” aimed to carry out a kind of “transition” to Westernism in opposition to the “barbarism” of the unduly Arabized Easterners – they came from Arab countries.

Their children were kidnapped so that they would not have contact with their parents' non-white behaviors.[vi] They were also used as buffers for risky colonization in Palestinian lands and were later expelled by real estate speculation for the advancement of settlements of Ashkenazi Jews (European and white). Therefore, they formed an opposition political group in the 1970s called the Black Panthers.

It can be argued that Zionist colonialism involves racial and ethnic replacement within the Israeli Jewish community itself. Jews seen as Arabized passed through concentration camps called “transition camps” to “civilize” themselves, along the lines of Christian settlements over indigenous peoples that existed until the end of the 19th century in the state of São Paulo.

Jews seen as “barbarians” by the Ashkenazi classified the entire process as racial domination, to the point of creating a political movement in honor of the Black Panthers. In other words, they saw a similarity with the North American situation, in which white Anglo-Saxons imposed barriers and instituted a violent policy of domination over black workers.

The case of the Beta Israel Jews, from Ethiopia, corroborates how Zionism is a white and European racial theory against all non-white peoples, particularly blacks and Arabs (those blackened in the region to the Israeli-European spirit). Called Felashas by Ashkenazi Jews, whose translation would be “invader” or “foreigner”, they went to Israel after Resolution 3.379/1975, under a state initiative to prove that Zionism was not equivalent to racism.

Ethiopian Jews, who lived in isolation – they are probably much closer genetically and phenotypically to the Jews mythologized from the diaspora of the Roman period by Zionism – were only recognized in 1977, 27 years after the Law of Return and just two years after the Resolution – what a coincidence !. They arrived in force only in the 1980s after the deepening of the Ethiopian civil war through Israeli military operations to prove (sic!) the non-existence of racism by Israeli white supremacists.

Like Mizrahim Jews, Ethiopians went to assimilation and transition camps, or concentration camps. Just like Mizrahim children, Beta Israel children went to specific schools to remove any African or non-Western influence from their parents. However, in 1980 and 1990, there were some technological innovations in the service of Ashkenazi Jews to control the “barbarians”. Israeli beta women were sterilized with Depro-Provera[vii] and blood for donation from all were discarded by the Ministry of Health in the 1990s.

Nothing more symbolic of the search for purity than forced sterilization and prohibition on donating blood from Beta Israel (black) Jews to Ashkenazi (white) Jews.[viii] And before anyone says it's water under the bridge, in 2013 Magen David Adom, Israel's equivalent to the Red Cross, rejected the blood of deputy Pnina Tamano-Shata. In a recorded scene, the nurse explained to the deputy that “according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, it was not possible to accept blood of Ethiopian Jewish origin”. Even though almost all of them arrived in the 1980s (40 years ago) and the youngest were born in Israel, the Israeli Ministry of Health explained in a note that the ban was due to the risk of “HIV transmission”.[ix]

Just like Eastern Jews, Ethiopian Jews are a burden to European and white Jews – both of whom form the impoverished portion of the Israeli population. In practice, an instrumentalization to say that Israel would not be racist. Hence the policy of segregation, sterilization and elimination. They are too black for a white Israel surrounded by “barbaric” Arabs. Too black for an imagined white and European Israel.


In Brazil, Zionism had the greatest adherence to a national fascist power project. An honest identification. It overlapped with Christian Zionism radicalized by neo-Pentecostalism and was enormously engaged in the construction of Bolsonarism and in Jair Bolsonaro's campaign. Law firm, hospital and practically all Jewish institutions in Brazil linked to Israel committed resources and personnel to Bolsonarism, with great protagonism for Conib,[X] entity that today persecutes critics of Zionism.

Jair Bolsonaro thanked him by linking the country to Israel, to the point of illegally purchasing an Israeli spy program in a ridiculous trip whose justification was the acquisition of a non-existent Israeli spray against Covid.[xi] Some 30 Brazilians were spied on, all enemies of Bolsonarism and Israel, which stores personal information in the cloud of a company based in Tel Aviv, a very serious national betrayal by double agent Jair Bolsonaro.

Bolsonarism, in turn, was built from the perspective of white supremacy, for which the black movement should be extirpated. Coherently, Jair Bolsonaro addressed the issue in his courtesy visit to Hebraica-RJ, when he compared what is most dear to the Brazilian black movement, the quilombolas, to cattle – it would be like comparing remaining Jewish neighborhoods in Europe to rat vivariums, already that in African slavery legislation they were movable properties listed and compared monetarily to cattle. In the background of the fascist, an Israeli flag fluttered to the sound of applause and laughter. He also promised that he would not give an inch of land for indigenous demarcation, raising his voice to clearly demarcate his disposition with the promise, also accompanied by applause and shouts.

Years later, Jewish institutions in Brazil did not abandon Bolsonarism, fascism and neoconservative proselytizing racism, as seen in the action of Jewish entities with the Israeli ambassador in an illegal act at the National Congress. Jair Bolsonaro was invited by Israel. It has allied itself and remains allied with a fascist and racist project that destroyed assistance policies for the black population and sought to decimate indigenous peoples, as seen with the Yanomami. Paradoxically, he began a campaign, within Israeli organizations, to treat criticism of Zionism as racism (anti-Semitism).

Firstly, there is no anti-Semitism in Brazil. Here, the self-declared Jews are white, descendants of Europeans who came here because there was exclusive authorization for whites, according to Decree No. 528/1890, which prohibited the entry of “indigenous people” from “Africa and Asia”. After World War II, Vargas corroborated the exclusivist perspective for whites and prohibitive for blacks in Decree No. 7.967/46, stating that immigrants must meet the “need to preserve and develop, in the ethnic composition of the population, the most convenient characteristics of their European ancestry”.

Some specific problems here and there, but they entered Brazil because they were considered white. White self-declared Jews live just fine, thank you. They can declare themselves whatever they want, but in Brazilian racialization they are white and will always be white. Strictly speaking, the Brazilian population does not care about the Jewishness of a subject who is phenotypically white in a society in which Brazilian racism is applied by whites against blacks and indigenous people. It's the joke that Spike Lee plays on Klan infiltrators with the Jewish investigator played by Adam Driver who only recognizes himself as a Jew when he infiltrates a Ku Klux Klan cell as a white supremacist. Outside of that, he is white because he has always been classified as white.

Second, Bolsonarism acts against the black movement, reinforcing the idea that racism does not exist. Jewish institutions, especially Rio de Janeiro, reproduced this speech and engaged in the campaign and rapprochement between Benjamin Netanyahu and Jair Bolsonaro. Not just lent club and stage. Thus, we have a Zionist right that denies racism against black people through Bolsonarism while claiming that racism against Jews exists. And this in Brazil. It's a case sui generis of white and fascist hypocrisy. Rich, middle-class whites, evangelicals, Catholics and Jews, residing in Brazil, consider themselves anti-racists against racism directed at… whites. There are people who have said and written the word anti-Semitism more in one month than racism in their entire lives.

One example is Alexandre Schwartsman, a well-known representative of the financial market and banks, who opposed the somewhat obvious link between the Spending Ceiling and racism made by Silvio Almeida. The painful and even childish text “The Ceiling and Race: What the Numbers Say” reproduces that old litany of delegitimization of a white man surrounded by condominium walls: “piggybacking on the movement that justifiably formed in the wake of the murder of George Floyd , in Minneapolis, the latest attack against public spending control in Brazil attempts to associate such policy with racism”.[xii]

It's black Brazilians... piggybacking on the murder of others... I explain: “You should have presented this thesis to Alexandre, the great, before Floyd's death. Then, poor thing, reality is your life. He saw Floyd on television because he is not required to have contact with you in his condominium life, and he thought this discussion arose with Floyd. Put yourself in his shoes. Who wouldn’t think that you weren’t being opportunistic with Floyd’s death?” But what about Agatha, Luana and many others killed by police officers in Brazil before the publication of their brilliant text, in August 2019? “Understand, he only watches international channels. He has farsightedness with what is happening around him because he has no contact with the sound around him.”

Interesting in his argument is that the movement created in the wake of Floyd’s murder was “justifiably so.” Why he does not “justifiably” consider the Palestinian reaction to the Israeli Armed Forces’ bullets at children since 2008 is a mystery, resolved by hypocrisy and silence. Guess: he considers a just war to be a holy war. I guess he considers it a war between “civilization against barbarism”, as Benjamin Netanyahu expressed it, and Israeli policy against Arabs, Eastern Jews and Ethiopian Jews.

He is a Friedmanite, that American economist who opposed desegregated schools in 1962, at the height of the fight for civil rights, because he considered it an anti-liberal measure. The text of the statement contains errors and more impressive errors. It deals with the increase in the health budget in 2019. That year, health lost 20 billion[xiii] and it was the year with the lowest investment rate in the last 50 years.[xiv] Perhaps in a future text we can look into the mediocrities and their details, such as his abrupt defense of administrative reform to overcome racism in the public service (sic!). What a sentence: “If there were, therefore, real concern about policies that harm the black population, ‘progressives’ should be on the front lines for reform, but I haven’t had the chance to see them there yet.” What a phrase, ladies and gentlemen!

Zionism is Bolsonarism and Bolsonarism is Zionism. Bolsonarism is Brazilian Zionism against indigenous peoples and the black population. Zionism is Israeli Bolsonarism against Eastern and Ethiopian Arabs, Jews. This is what Benjamin Netanyahu realized when he proposed to Jair Bolsonaro a pact against accusations and prosecutions of genocide and crimes against humanity.[xv] In common, the defense of the white and European legacy over the “uncivilized”, the seizure of land, genocide, daily violent domination based on racial hierarchization, the defense of the neoliberal agenda, the radicalization of militarization, the theft of raw materials of original peoples, religious proselytism and the denial of the future.


Israel killed 1% of the Palestinian population. If it were in Brazil, there would be two million people. Zionism justifies and naturalizes this count, as Bolsonaro did during the pandemic and with the Yanomami.

*Leonardo Sacramento is a teacher of basic education and pedagogue at IFSP. Author, among other books, of Discourse on white people: notes on racism (Mall).


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