Gabriel Boric's Triumph

Image: Hugo Fuentes


Boric embodies the proposal of the most profound structural transformations of the last 30 years in Chile

Gabriel Boric is the youngest president in history. It is not merely a curious fact. He represents a new generation and an important political reconfiguration. The grand coalitions of the thirty years were left out of the second round.

Boric embodies the proposal of the most profound structural transformations of the last 30 years. Only comparable with the great milestones of 70 and 88 (Salvador Allende and defeat of Pinochet).

More than a precise ideology, it expresses a spirit, a desire for transformation, in peace, in order. One should not overinterpret the results.

He is the President-elect with the highest number of votes (4.619.222) in the election with the highest absolute participation and relative record (55,6% by voluntary vote). Eduardo Frei had a record in votes and Michelle Bachelet, in percentage. Consequently, he has a presidential mandate, of course. This, under the presidential regime, is especially important.

However, a very complex situation occurs in Parliament. Little strength of its own: 5 senators out of 50 and 37 deputies out of 155.

On the other hand, he is the president with the lowest number of votes in the first round (26%). It grew by 30 points due to support from forces that were not in the first round. It went from 1,8 million to 4,6 million, that is, a difference of 2,8 million.

How is it explained?

Reflection, democratic alarm. Kast was a threat and continues to be. It got 44,1%, 3,64 million close to the record on the right which is 3,796 million.

Boric was a transformative vote, but it also represented governance. Kast directly clashed with the constituent process.

Incorporation of issues left out in the first round, such as security and terrorism, control of irregular migration,

Flexibility, no insurmountable issues

Last but not least, Bóric's political capacity and credibility.

He said very important things after the first round:

“We sin through immaturity.” Letter to Christian Democracy: “We need each other”. “History does not begin with us”, speech on victory night.

He achieved reconciliation with previous generations. The support of Lagos and Bachelet is significant. Standing on “shoulders of giants” as Isaac Newton put it.

It is not effective that there are several Borics. He is himself and his circumstances. With 25,8% of the votes in the first round, 23,9% in the House and 10% in the Senate, it was necessary to open up. Major programmatic axes were set:

– new social rights in response to inequalities, abuses and discrimination;

– new development model;

– protection of the constitutional convention;

– in international politics, redefining Chile's image;

– reconstruction of the South American space

– turquoise policy: blue for oceans, green for ecology

– feminist foreign policy;

In the immediate future: fiscal consolidation; pension reform and health reform.

The essential question: amplitude and modalities of the ruling coalition, the Portuguese option. The winning coalition is I appreciate the dignity. It is her primary responsibility. A Christian Democracy it has already defined itself as an opposition party, since there are elections in January, or rather, it is discussing whether or not to enter the government. The greatest complexity is the electoral calendar.

* Carlos Ominami, Economist, he was Minister of Economy of Chile.

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