January XNUMXth – the failed coup



The XNUMXth of January was the death throes of a coup that didn't work, but that doesn't mean that the karma scammer has been canceled

A little before the 2022 election I published on the website the earth is round a series of six articles on the many coups d'état that succeeded in the Brazilian tradition and the few that, whether carried out or planned, did not succeed. I analyzed these events from the independence coup, in September 1822, to the impeachment without legal basis of Dilma Rousseff and the hitherto unprecedented preventive impeachment of Lula’s candidacy in 2018, entering through the coup plotters designed and tested from the Planalto Palace by his usurper and related lackeys.

Now, when the goals that led to the XNUMXth of January last began to be outlined more clearly, the analysis of this failed coup attempt is imperative.

The tenth anniversary of the June 2013 demonstrations brought to the fore the reflection on whether that was not where the serpent's egg was implanted that led to the takeover of the Planalto Palace by the usurper in 2018, after Michel Temer's penguela for the future , with the parliamentary coup against Dilma, led by Eduardo Cunha, and the coup against Lula, led by the duo Conje Moro and Deltan Fominha from Curitiba, but with broad support in various legal spheres throughout the country.

Could it be. The fact is that as of January 2019, a pseudopod of the military establishment and a bandit of civilians, all highly incompetent, were installed in the Planalto Palace and surroundings, who, instigated by the usurper, immediately began to plot the most diverse hypotheses of blow that made it possible for them to stay where they were.

Why “pseudopod”? The word, derived from the Greek, means “false foot”. It designates an extension that installs itself in the “skin” of an animal cell, and which serves to facilitate locomotion and the capture of food. It is the right word: it cannot be said that the clique in uniform or in pajamas that settled around the usurper was exactly representative of the military establishment as a whole, although it presented itself that way. They were, above all, friends of the financial mouth. However, in any case, they took the flag of the Agulhas Negras into the Palace.

And with them, there were also civilians averse to anything that was a civilizing achievement, from civil rights to environmental protection, from social protection to public health and education, from vaccines to universities, culture and science, from electronic voting machines to secret voting. and etc. "Secret vote"? Yes, because one of the purposes of the “printed vote” was to give Rio de Janeiro militiamen the power to control who had voted for whom. Around this clique, the traditional media and the right wing seduced by the power of the usurper dreamed of their pre-1930 Brazil, deindustrialized and reduced to an immense agro-export park and importer of electronic beads or others. Without a driving urban force, such as a proletariat in the 1930s, which could contest or even dispute the favors of the State. And with the suffocation of the MST.

National project? Zero. Geopolitical insertion? Zero. In its place, automatic alignments more with Miami and Olavo de Carvalho than with Washington, with suppliers of jewels for the crowned, weapons for the militiamen and repressive artifacts for their protection. It was in this perverse broth of culture that the new coup against the 2022 elections began to be plotted.

There were many rehearsals, plans and motivations, with the September sevens, the perorations in the playpen, and the backstage weaving. With all this, and four years of time, it's a wonder it didn't work out. Why didn't it?

(1) There was no leadership. The usurper is not a leader. He's a beachhead, as they say in military parlance. Someone who goes first, establishing a perimeter so others can come. But he's not good for that either. Why? Because he is a coward. He speaks harshly with those he sees as vulnerable: women, blacks, gays, Indians, South American neighbors, etc. And he chirped in front of those he saw as having power: the United States, Saudi princes, even some star generals, etc.

(2) For this reason, the usurper has always outsourced the coup. He attributed his organization to others. In the end, he went all Jânio Quadros in 1961. He got away with it. He left the Palace ahead of time. Perhaps imagined being restored to power in the arms of the people or on the tracks of a tank. It didn't work out. Neither were there people, nor was there a mat.

(3) Due to lack of leadership, the objective of the coup was never well defined. Which was? Melt the elections? Melar your result? Re-election? Impose the usurper? Removing Lula and enthroning Geraldo Alckmin?

(4) The usurper threatened a foundation of the military corporation: the hierarchy. Recalling: between 1961 and 1964 the revolts of sergeants in Brasilia, in 1963, and of corporals and sailors, in 1964, threw many high-ranking officers, loyalists before, into the arms of coup leaders, such as generals Machado Lopes and Pery Bevilacqua. This would later be revoked by the coup regime, but the damage had already been done. The usurper and his gang of hustlers messed with the hierarchy. It is enough to remember the number of dismissals that took place in the highest ranks of command to protect the underlings.

(5) In short, there was no cohesion capable of arming the coup between the pre- and post-elections. These were internal factors in the failure of the coup. Let's go to the outside.

(a) The coup failed to gain support abroad. The obtuse personalities of the usurper, Ernesto Araújo, and Olavo de Carvalho made a decisive contribution to this. The American establishment sent seven – seven! – emissaries before the elections, three of them military, warning that they would not support a coup. That is, it lacked imprimatur potest and the nihil obstat from Washington. Joe Biden and the Deep State of the US preferred to face the risk of Lula rather than endure longer the negative certainty of the usurper and his minions. And since the Falklands War, Washington has viewed military adventures in South America with distrust. He prefers legal and parliamentary coups, if applicable.

(b) No one in the European Union denied support for Lula. Even extreme right-wing governments, such as those in Poland and Italy, supported Lula. Viktor Órban remained in obsequious silence. The isolation proudly promised by Ernesto Araújo while he was chancellor has become a reality!

(c) Lula made a master move by inviting Geraldo Alckmin to be vice-president. I heard from a reliable source that the suggestion came from Fernando Haddad. The two million decisive votes in the electoral difference may have come from there.

(d) At some point, the corporate leadership of the judicial system realized the mistake it had made in preventing Lula's candidacy in 2018. establishment North American, so influential in the Lava Jato operation, may have also influenced the top of the STF in that other sense. STF ministers' trips to the US were eloquent.

In short, when the January 8 attack took place, the conditions for defeating the coup were very strong, and Minister Flávio Dino knew how to capitalize on them very well. The vaunted support of the lower ranks of the FFAA and the state PMs was not that strong. Proof of this is that it was the PM of the Federal District, under the command of intervenor Ricardo Cappelli, who began to quell the invading vandals of the Three Powers. The coup plotters, with a strong scheme in Brasilia, did not get significant military support outside the Federal Capital.

In short, the XNUMXth of January was the death throes of a coup that didn't work.

Attention: this does not mean that the karma scammer has been annulled. Reduced to ashes this time, like Dracula he can return, teeth bared.

* Flavio Aguiar, journalist and writer, is a retired professor of Brazilian literature at USP. Author, among other books, of Chronicles of the World Upside Down (Boitempo).

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