PT leaders aged

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By Patricia Valim*

Popular sovereignty, even if in spite of the tired leaders of the party, is the only vaccine to fight the virus and the worm.

The PT leaders have aged, this is what the PT Communication Secretary and pre-candidate for São Paulo City Hall, Jilmar Tatto, announces in the newspapers on the morning of Good Friday when he states that “the PT has defined that it is not the moment to join Fora, Bolsonaro”, because “the party’s focus remains on the coronavirus pandemic, defending isolation and demanding that the federal government act to protect the most vulnerable” [1].

The PT leaders aged precisely at the moment when the Party celebrates only 40 years of history, as they publicly demonstrate that they did not understand the deadly extension for workers around the world, precarious or not, of the greatest global crisis after the “great war of the century”. XX”: the coronavirus pandemic. And if they understand, it's worse: they will be conniving with thousands of deaths in Brazil.

The PT leaders aged on the same day that the Povo Sem Medo and Brasil Popular Fronts began to ask for the departure of President Jair Messias Bolsonaro, understanding that there is no way to face the coronavirus without defeating Bolsonaro. That is: social movements, unions and entities do not agree and discredit these aged leaders of the workers' party, the largest leftist party in Latin America, because their leaders see a contradiction where there is none.

The PT leaders got old when they stated that the Party “has the feeling of supporting demonstrations in the popular field, it sympathizes, it understands why people make pots and pans”, but, however, however, however and despite delegitimizing the strength of this growing movement, spontaneous and its disruptive nature by stating that “the people are not on the streets, because they cannot. Congress is not meeting”, despite the fact that this same Congress approved monthly income for the most vulnerable.

PT leaders grew old by not recognizing the political role of social networks worldwide and claiming that there are no conditions for an impeachment at this time: “a crime of responsibility characterized by jurists, will and popular mobilization …”, pretending to be unaware of it due to political fatigue a complaint against Bolsonaro at the International Criminal Court in The Hague (Holland) for crimes against humanity, especially for asking the Brazilian population to die when leaving social isolation and returning to work.

PT leaders aged by publicly announcing that they are resigning from exercising politics and will not build a majority in the National Congress at a time when 17% of Jair Messias Bolsonaro voters are regretting their vote because of the thousands of people who will die for lack of public policies to contain the coronavirus pandemic: “populicide” in the terms of the editorial of the French newspaper Libération to designate the genocidal and suicidal State of Jair Messias Bolsonaro to which these PT leaders will be historical accomplices.
PT leaders have aged by claiming that they will charge the government to implement Congressional proposals, disregarding that Bolsonaro has publicly fought the government's own Minister of Health because of his orthodox denialism that puts thousands of people at risk of death. To try to avoid this unparalleled tragedy, Bolsonaro had to be contained by the establishment of an “operational presidency” which, after all, is the military tutelage commanded by General Braga Netto, which the PT leaders used as an excuse for not joining the impeachment. and who are now silent.

The PT leaders have aged, are tired and are out of step with the situation and with the PT’s President of Honor himself who, on April 1 of this current, said: “Either this citizen (Jair Messias Bolsonaro) resigns or impeachment takes place. based on the crimes of responsibility he has already committed”. Lula knows like few others that the decision not to join the “Fora, Bolsonaro” is the outsourcing of the political exercise of opposition to the so-called “centrão”, as has occurred in the so-called “revolt of the governors”, including the government of the state of Bahia that has led this movement.

PT leaders have aged, are tired and are undergoing political quarantine while the majority of PT militancy has built a majority to approve Universal Income during social isolation and the impeachment of the genocidal president. Because popular sovereignty, even if in absentia of the tired party leaders, is the only vaccine to fight the virus and the worm. May we have the necessary strength for the biggest fight of our lives.

Out Bolsonaro!

*Patricia Valim Professor of History at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA).


[1] PT public note communicating the decision of the National Board meeting on April 09, 2020.

Article originally published on the website Brazil 247.

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