PT's eternal gravediggers

Image: João Nitsche


Over the crowd of its eternal gravediggers, the PT remains the biggest leftist party in Brazil, one of the biggest and best in Latin America and the world.

Let me clarify right away: in São Paulo, I supported Boulos and Erundina from the very beginning. I respect the other options on the left. Let me clarify: in São Paulo, Boulos, in addition to being a super cadre, brings the favorable wind of generational renewal, and injects rationality into PSOL, away from the resentful anti-PT primarism that characterized several party leaders, from north to south, from east to west. And Erundina, at the height of her eighty years, renews herself, along with Boulos.

Having said that, I underline: above the crowd of its eternal gravediggers, the PT continues to be the biggest leftist party in Brazil, one of the biggest and best in Latin America and the world. Defend the anti-Bolsonaro front that you want: broad, popular, left-wing, center-left, etc. Any of them, without the PT, without Lula, will not prosper.

Contrary to what its gravediggers boast, the PT came out gallantly in these municipal elections. Never has a party and its leadership been so derided and discredited by the media mainstream of Brazil for such a long time and with such false and forceful arguments, all the more forceful the more false they are, because this equation requires an internal operation from whoever embarks on it hand and foot together, that is, what in English is called “suspension of disbelief”, the “suspension of disbelief”. In the political field this means the abandonment of any critical and independent spirit, to adhere to the rudeness of the grossest falsifications. Not that the PT is a convent where only nuns and monks enter “sans taches et sans reproche”, far from it. but the media mainstream and the enemies of the people wanted to make him the scapegoat for all the evils that afflict the Brazilian and world political field. The PT was blamed for being the most corrupt party in our history, almost the founder of corruption; of throwing zillions of reais away to help supposedly dictatorial and communist regimes. In fact, corruption has never been so investigated as under the PT governments; and it was under these governments that Brazil gathered the indispensable ballast of expressive reserves in international currencies, to be a safe receiver of investments on a world scale, since our bourgeoisie increasingly prefers to invest its pulpy reserves in tax havens with a reputation more than suspicion, in addition to supermarkets in Miami. And sometimes there was help from significant left-wing leaders: I can't forget the television scenes of the psolista leader, with her little t-shirt, shoulder to shoulder with Netinho (ACM Neto's most affectionate nickname), investigating the supposed ills of the alleged monthly allowance. , whose existence was never proven and, parodying Fernando Pessoa’s Ulisses, “since it didn’t come, it came and stayed”. Even more: from the left, the PT and Lula were accused of everything. From having “disarmed the masses”, who in this regard were always ready to invade the Planalto Palace as if it were the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg in 1917, to having shamelessly favored capital by encouraging consumerism on the part of the poor and miserable.

Anyway, I'll cut the story short: in ours, the PT is here to stay. He is an inalienable part of the plurality of our lefts. I have already mentioned Boulos and the PSOL; Not to mention that I didn't talk about flowers, parodying Vandré, Let's Go Manuela and PCdoB/PT in Porto Alegre. And in time: the PT gravediggers have now gained a valuable ally, Mr. Barack Obama, through memoirs of him; very coherent, because, after all, Lava Jato was created on his land during his government.

* Flavio Aguiar is a journalist, writer and retired professor of Brazilian literature at USP. Author, among other books, of Chronicles of the World Upside Down (Boitempo).

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