Palestine: cry until you drown

Marcelo Guimarães Lima, Bombed city, digital painting, 2023


Crying for Palestine is what the world should do until the tears grow so big that they drown the murderers and their accomplices, the direct and indirect genocidaires

The situation in Palestine has been analyzed from almost every possible point of view; some out of conscience and seriousness, most out of complicity and stupidity. Therefore, the intention here is not to create a new in-depth political analysis to convince those who do not want to be convinced. After all, the positions are well defined. And among them, more and more people in the world, whatever the so-called analyzes say, or what the media and governments say, we conclude that what is happening in Palestine is an undeniable genocide on the part of Israeli Zionism. Which, in fact, needs to be repeated a thousand times, is a supremacist, racist and far-right doctrine. This way everyone will know what they defend and justify.

However, in addition to looking at the harshness of the situation from international geopolitics, we simply cry and scream for Palestine. There are thousands of murdered, injured, hungry, orphaned, homeless people, wandering around the largest concentration camp humanity has ever seen, simply waiting for the moment when the bomb will fall and take their lives. From the first days we heard statements from families that their biggest concern was not how to get out of that hell.

They understood that it was not possible, that all escape routes were closed and that they had been abandoned by the so-called “international community”. That's why their doubt was whether they should stay together and die at once, or try to spend their days scattered around that concentration camp under the illusion that the bomb would take away part of the family, but the other would survive.

We can think about this decision a thousand times and we will be wrong a thousand times, and not once will we be able to put ourselves in their shoes. We will never be able to understand what a mother or father might feel in this situation, who must make this decision: die together or disperse so that, perhaps, someone in the family can survive a few more days.

In Gaza, the Zionists play with the Palestinians, making them flee their homes, forcing them to move a few kilometers south, so that they maintain the hope that this is how they will live. At the same time, they are destroying everything, tightening the siege, while remaining uncertain about making that decision: together or dispersed. And it makes you hate yourself when the decision was to disperse and you discover that that part of the family that wasn't with you didn't survive the last bombing. And now, you are the one wandering from rubble to rubble waiting, even hoping, that perhaps a new bomb or shot will arrive soon so that, in accordance with your beliefs, you can be reunited with those who were previously murdered.

Crying for Palestine is what the world should do until the tears grow so much that they drown the murderers and their accomplices, the direct and indirect genocidaires. Because the other side of this same coin is that of North American and European rulers (the self-proclaimed international community) who not only look the other way when faced with the suffering of the Palestinian people, but also encourage it. They continue to sell their weapons (damn business!), they continue to buy Israeli products, they continue to share the same table at galas, festivals and competitions; they continue to say that Israel has the right to kill tens of thousands of Palestinians with absolute impunity, as if they were applauding the label that Zionism gave them as subhuman and, therefore, without rights.

They will talk about justice and the right to defense; they will tell us, once again, about the suffering of the Jewish people eighty years ago, while ignoring the suffering of the Palestinians today and for the past 75 years. They are the same rulers who one day became defenders of the free world and human rights. They are the same ones who condemned others for repeatedly violating human rights and today we discover them as the hypocrites we almost always intuited they could be.

They trample on the rights of the men and women of Palestine and encourage Israel to continue its private carnage. Even if someone dares to take this country to international courts of justice, they quickly come to its defense and argue and counter-argue against the accusation of genocide. The same thing that the world sees on television and about which it no longer has any doubts: trying to annihilate an entire people and achieving this by murdering several tens of thousands is genocide, whether or not the international court of justice or the sacred books say so. of all religions. It matters little what men wrote; It's a simple matter of common sense, it's a simple matter of humanity.

And at the height of hypocrisy, although they do not consider that there are sufficient arguments about the genocide that the world sees and maintain their military, diplomatic and propaganda support in favor of Israel, they suspend funds to UNRWA so that this humanitarian organization stops covering basic needs of the Palestinian refugee population. And they sell us the Israeli story that the reason is that out of 30 thousand workers of this international organization, ten or twelve participated in the attacks of October 7th. Even if this were true, would it be a reason to suspend all aid, which, by the way, was a pittance, to two million people? So, what should be done given the evidence of the war criminal character and the profile of the entire leadership of the Zionist political and military command.

Faced with this brutal reality, some try to show themselves as rulers sensitive to the suffering of the Palestinian people and periodically talk about the two-state solution. The problem is that one of them, the Israeli, has been recognized, endorsed and supported by these same rulers since 1948. However, the other, the Palestinian, has been losing its territory since that same date until it is now almost unviable. Now, European and North American governments continue to flood the debate and drag their feet towards this solution. It seems they expect the Palestinian people to be annihilated to get rid of the problem.

Crying for Palestine is what the world should do until the tears grow so much that they drown the murderers and their accomplices, the direct and indirect genocidaires.

*Jesús Gonzáles Pazos is an anthropologist. Author of Communication means: what service do you need? (Icaria editorial)

Translation: Ricardo Kobayaski.

Originally published on the portal The jump.

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