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Show the vigor of the popular force celebrating the good weather that we will build

Lula's inauguration should be joyfully celebrated as a spectacular step by citizenship in the long struggle against obscurantist truculence. A party is in order to encourage the people on their arduous and long journey.

There is little left for the inauguration and the fears that surround it do not fade away. Today, there is no aware democrat who does not fear for Lula's life. How to calm down when rabid fanatics give themselves to terror hounded by public servants charged with containing them? Among the fanatics, there will certainly be those who want to use the private arsenals gathered with the stimulus of a government that declared war on the defenders of social reforms.

The discussion about the convenience of Lula parading in an open car on the day of his inauguration reveals a lack of guarantees in containing extreme right-wing terrorists. It shows that officials tasked with preserving law and order are unreliable.

Alexandre de Moraes, defender of democracy, tries to frame civil criminals. Would his determinations be fulfilled if they involved active and reserve military personnel involved in political delinquency? Who would handcuff generals who don't mind staining their uniform by pulling off blows? More than ever, armed corporations show their crazy autonomy.

Lula still has not shown any intention of exercising the supreme command of the Armed Forces. He did not mention his guidelines for National Defense, a fundamental condition for command. He shows a unique ability to build electoral alliances. He knows how to lead citizens. He has not learned to square ranks. He shows signs of compromise with uniformed prevaricators.

By guiding the future Minister of Defense to dialogue with military leaders, Lula recognizes them as political actors. Our president cannot become a hostage in the barracks. A timeless teaching states that if political power does not command military power, it will command it.

What is it for us to do? Let's show the vigor of popular strength by celebrating the good weather we will build! Let's exorcise truculence by singing, dancing, jumping for joy at Lula's inauguration! Not to inflate her ego, but to offer her the necessary support to fully assume the Head of State. It is necessary to break the routine of military guardianship that distorts republican life.

Crowds must occupy squares and streets in every corner, celebrating Brazilianness and democracy. Multicolored people, effusive, will rescue the flag of Brazil vilified by the enemies of development and social justice.

The party needs to be big enough to immobilize both the politicized corporations and the wildest lone wolf. (A party without fireworks, recommends my daughter Natália: it's up to frightening criminals, not domestic animals.)

The presence of foreign delegations will help consecrate democracy. Let heads of state from all over the world come, relieved by the absence of the rude delinquent who will be removed from the presidency of one of the most important countries in the world.

May they witness the value of the Brazilian soul.

The diplomats and Janja must take care of the roses for Madame Macron, stupidly attacked by the disqualified captain.

Parties are key. Humanity recognizes itself at parties. By celebrating, communities identify and are identified. Celebration is harmony, fraternization, integration, consecration of values, affirmation of beliefs and, above all, a commitment to a bright future. Feast is an infallible ointment. It ends with excruciating pain.

The powerful have always organized shows to deceive the people. But, at parties, the people insist on showing their own disposition. Festivities can encourage Brazilians to isolate terror. We need a party the likes of which has never been seen in the history of this country.

* Manuel Domingos Neto is a retired UFC professor, former president of the Brazilian Defense Studies Association (ABED) and former vice president of CNPq.

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