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Why Emmanuel Macron invited himself to the BRICS summit in Pretoria

It is a fact beyond dispute that Emmanuel Macron is an errand boy for the Rothschild family. even the Wikipedia describes the family's activities on the London-Paris axis: “Both the British and French branches emerged from the Second World War with new generations of the family at the helm. Historic partnership ties between the two branches were revitalized, leading to a full merger in 2003 under Rothschild & Co. The Rothschilds created the first hedge funds in 1969, and reinforced their position as world leaders in investment banking. Additionally, the company is a global private bank with more than 4.000 private customers in 90 countries. Rothschild & Co provides a wide range of services to individuals, governments and corporations around the world.”

This is a classic financial business of moving capital, mostly in cash. like any other hedge funds, Rothschild funds have analysts – we will omit their attributes here – who are in charge of risk assessment and probabilistic analyzes designed to conserve and increase capital.

Emmanuel Macron's request to attend the BRICS is not an act of espionage nor does he seek to be a Trojan Horse, in no way, it is to negotiate on the edges of the BRICS summit regarding the fate of Rothschild capital. The West's trajectory is now well mapped out, and rising volatility and radical decline are well under way. This is a bad situation, very bad for capital. Money loves stability and calm.

Evidently the truth of the SMO (N. do T.: Russia's Special Military Operation in Ukraine) began to spill over those analysts, and the Rothschild family and even the unsophisticated observer can now easily infer the magnitude of the geopolitical change - it is something unprecedented in modern history. It is also something metaphysical – money cash, even huge volumes of it, means absolutely nothing if it is not based on firm foundations of massive military power and real economic power.

We are witnessing not only the end of Western hegemony, there is a much more profound change under way – the death of finance capitalism and the exposure of money as merely a tool, not a substance in itself. De-dollarization advances at a dizzying pace. Only one example today: “Finding alternatives to the US dollar will take time, but the global dominance of the dollar has “asphyxiated” many countries, and Africa needs to have its own currency, George Sebuela, president of the Confederation of United Enterprises of Africa (AUBC). Sebuela said that African countries with their own currency will trade more easily with each other and even with other countries. “What the United States has done with the dollar has really asphyxiated many countries in one way or another,” he said. “If you don't walk the line, you will be under pressure because you will have to use the dollar,” said Sebuela. He also said that the question for the African Union will be “how do we start as a continent that is huge, and that has so many great opportunities, so that we have our own currency, which can make our trade much easier, even with other countries?" This is a discussion that is also taking place within the BRICS group, said Sebuela.

And this is just one of many. What about this other: “Russia has paid dividends for the Sakhalin 1 and 2 oil projects in Chinese yuan, a change from its usual practice of paying them in dollars, thanks to Western sanctions on Russia. The decision to pay in Chinese currency instead of the traditional US dollar came after Russia was excluded from dollar-dominated global payment systems as a result of broad sanctions over the Ukraine war.”

One might ask, how can this be done? Simple – because you have the greatest military force in the world, and an economy that can easily bankroll and supply it, while allowing the country to continue to grow. Muammar Gaddafi didn't have that – he was a leader of a small Arab nation with a lot of money but minimal military and economic power. He sought an alternative to the US dollar – he ended up dead. It is not possible to do this with Russia, because those who try end up dead in the most violent way.

And here's the difference. Libya could not produce modern tanks, while Russia produces over 1.200 a year, all of them state of the art. Evidently, this fact "reached" to the Rothschild family and they are desperately trying to find a place to land their immense fortunes, before they evaporate due to the collapse of the modern civilization of the West.

Emmanuel Macron is nothing more than a manager, nothing more. Hence, “please invite me to the BRICS summit”. It is also a desperate attempt to hang on to the coat sleeves of Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping and try to be heard for a minute. The Rothschild family fortunes want to be guarded by S-400s and T-90Ms with SU-57s instead of Patriots PAC3s and Leopards-2s. That's all it is, nothing more.

*Andrei Martyanov made a military career in the former Soviet Union. Retired, he settled in the United States. Author, among other books, of Losing military supremacy: the myopia of american strategic planning.

Translation: Ruben Bauer Naveira.

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