Why does the nameless of the Planalto remain?

Clara Figueiredo, untitled, essay Films Overdue Analog photography, digitized, Florianópolis, 2017


The military and civil groups around the nameless want to enjoy the feast until the last day

The studies and reflections carried out so far on the captain's permanence in the Planalto did not arrive at the best analysis of the horror prevailing in the country. In this way, he is navigating in murky waters (which pleases him), savoring holidays in the midst of death, transforming the Brazilian State into a pastiche and mocking (in his practice) the religiosity and myth of those who support him

A better systematization of the different components of history, anthropology, science of religions, psychiatry, environment, politics, languages ​​and other knowledge capable of (perhaps) interchange with the body and spirit of the people who still support his name for President seems to be lacking. in October 2022. Evidently, we are talking here about the population detached from interests in positions and privileges, because the others, involved in the myth of interest, will go to the last farthing in favor of their pockets. Some realism in politics helps: the military and civil groups around the unspeakable want to enjoy the feast until the last day. The rest is rest. Even the ideology became mockery and deceit.

Only the fact that a possible 25% still supported the figure of palace power (and perhaps the legislative caucus that trails behind him with open mouths and pockets) causes astonishment, as the captain has not carried out in three years a single fair and worthy attitude head of state in the face of the country's claims. His percentage of ruler and state figure is zero, as everything he did was anti-government and mostly anti-state.

Evidently, the columnist does not consider the signing of checks and service orders to be a gesture from a head of state in the face of human outcry. Why? Well, what we saw is that his signatures were forced, often unwillingly, regretted, cursed and equivocal. Signing purchase orders for vaccines along with intense advertising about innocuous drugs causes a disastrous stalemate, a sense of evil, falsehood. Signing orders for emergency aid for the poor is the greatest sign of the displeasure of the powerful towards the unfortunate impoverished, because what impoverished them is what the captain loves, encourages and promotes: poorly paid employment, instability in the work relationship, the lack of opportunities for those who study and for all those looking for work. Passing off projects for the general use of highly toxic products (with the excuse of a rogue agricultural production) is an act of death and not of life, which serious researchers have already proven.

Didn't your 2018 voters see and hear from the beginning that the captain had promised to destroy a lot of things? So it was done. Since the captain's head is deregulated, what happened was that he proceeded to destroy here, there and there, areas and sectors of national life. So he ended up destroying everything that was a direction for the Brazilian State. Bolsonaro made Brazil a little Brazil.

To those who say that there is no remedy for those 25% of the captain's fan-voters, the question is not in the remedy – because remedying politics is always a bad attitude – because what matters is understanding, the best explanation of the phenomenon and subsequent analysis comparison of the Brazil that he defiled, humiliated, degraded, diminished and crushed before the necessary Brazil, or a demanding project of a deep Brazil, which is not that of newspapers and the media, of landowners, of the poor in their silence, of intellectuals and its multiple readings, of the organizations and institutions themselves. This Brazil that would erupt from the humiliation and degradation perpetrated by him, the unnamable (since his name, Jair, the myth is of no interest, but the representative acts of evil) would also be the comparative result of the knowledge that brought integrative analyzes of this evil.

Continuously, we would see evil in its entirety and in its details. On the other hand, Brazil is necessary.

Comparative acts in scientific methodology are difficult and demanding, but always brilliant when honoring the all, the path being made. In this movement, it is not possible to work on research for the sake of research, as the majority of populations feel and demonstrate their feelings in the face of what has been done since January 2019. Such demonstrations of a huge population must be considered and considered as research documents . Furthermore, the acts of the nameless are obvious in their malignity. From there it departs. And the new path will demonstrate what was not done, the chasms and gaps in governance, as well as the results that go far beyond the crisis between powers, a small piece of the iceberg of the country's bankruptcy. Sharing such knowledge is indispensable. No excuse for a pandemic, which has hit the world. What happened here was due to the disgrace of the ruler.

It is recognized that people, groups and social movements are being repetitive in the face of the horror represented by the president. Even language and its repertoires are stagnant, which worsens the state of horror of bodies and minds. And in the face of inexcusable behavior (forever!) by figures like Augusto Aras, sectors of the Federal Police, the center or centers of Congress, media bosses, etc. heading to the polls in October with the weight of brutal impotence. The unspeakable has two troops, one direct action and the other maneuverable, the supposed “captive” electorate. The set of the two troops, which goes from the military field to the political and communicational field, is voluminous (as also occurred in the Dictatorship, 1964-1985), it was enlisted by him.

The first troop is ruling because it gains advantages, money, travel, luxury, positions and prestige. Yet they will be forgotten forever soon. But for such a troop, today matters, the coming months matter, the changes, adjustments and insertions in higher positions and prestige. Later she will find a new way not to fall into reproach. Even worse is that these isolated people (who give free rides to capital and the world of wealth) have very little to do with the 57 million votes in 2018 for the captain. Compared to the size of the votes, it is a group of power, present in the three instances of government and state. A people who didn't have a single intelligent idea about the affairs of state and government that would make the country move towards a happy and beautiful destiny. None of them and none of them, from adults to children.

The bizarre and catatonic in this government knows no bounds. Guilherme Amado reported on the portal Metropolis, on February 28, that Brazilian Army organizations responsible for military doctrine compare the war in Ukraine with the Amazon, that is, they compare watermelon with cheese. The result of the comparison leads to strong apprehensions for the poor Amazon, attacked by the powers and their aficionados from the borders to the north. More and worse: the self-determination of indigenous peoples could provoke a project of secession, the rupture of the Amazon and its external appropriation. No word of reproach to the disgraced big land grabber, to the always illegal or unfair miner (due to the materials used) and directed at the many arsonists.

The end of the sting, which would not occur in a serious government. A direct attack on the people who secured the country, its land, its narratives, its worldliness, its mystique, its gastronomy and its many ethnic values. Only they are attacked and, by extension, the dangerous invaders. Talk to frighten little children by the fire on a moonlit night. Just it. Thing to forget. Too bad it still exists. In any case, the word self-determination is another linguistic pastiche that has nothing to do with indigenous peoples. But it must be said that one day we will praise our indigenous peoples with a strong throat because of the high civilizing role they played and still play, acting contrary to the white world and guaranteeing the forests. The blessing, peoples of the forest!

As for the 2018 voters, today they harbor doubts about their brief future, their citizenship dilemmas, their remorse and concerns. These countrymen already make comparisons, as it is impossible for the Brazil that one sees and feels to exude justice, dignity, effective service to the public. But often the subjectivity of comparisons leads to a lump in the throat and does not point to solutions. There is a lack of objectivity, of new and adequate facts before our eyes. And one should not disbelieve the people who cast a vote different from ours, because, in some way, they make up us. They are our other, our other. They reverberate in the self. In a way we suffer together. Even if we have different justifications. It is possible that we find ourselves in the transversality of new analyzes and new demonstrations and understand each other a little better.

Brazil cannot be understood in terms of its old mythology. And even less for the good moments of solidarity in favor of mitigating the human and natural dramas, which are always getting worse. The mythology of the cordial Brazilian, of strong feelings towards the other, of conciliations, of the middle path and so much more did not exist, as a force, in the reality of colonial, imperial and republican life, except as a phenomenon known anywhere in the world where there was some dialogue and where someone paid attention to the similar. Nothing that would characterize us, since the opposite of all supposed values ​​has already been abundantly demonstrated by scientific investigations.

What formed us were the confrontations and the tough interactions. Hence, learning and sharing, whether diffuse or targeted. This was followed by the construction of instituted instances. It is understandable, therefore, that the barbaric wage differences between social groups, the courts stalled by disputes of all kinds, the legislation that disorients the supposed citizen, the cruelty of murders for pennies and sinecures, all this (and more!) the real country we built, especially in the Republic of clay feet, because one cannot speak of the Empire and the Colony without, immediately, understanding them as excrescences.

The excrescences are still passing their tuning fork over the diminished republic. In turn, not a single republican gesture of the unspeakable was seen, which means that he made the republic much worse, with the support of his power groups in the various areas and government agencies. This is the case where governance violently attacks the state. Doesn't kill him, but leaves him lame and partially stunned.

There is nothing worse for the next elections than the presence of the unnameable. Everything would be more dignified without him and his minions, far fewer than 56 million voters. It is true that if we had had the competence and justice to send him home and judge him properly for the immensity of harm he caused to Brazil, studies and investigations would have moved in another direction and even voters from before would have understood the phenomenon. However, thousands of documents denied, hidden and pinched in the trash by Lira and his people; many others stuck in the corners of the supposed justice system and its indecorous “letter of the law”; all this seemed like a carnival of horror, which gives reason to the deep doubts in voters' minds and creates the silly sensation that there is an electoral bipolarity, receptive to such a third way.

However, it is no longer fair to talk about polarization in the run-up to the October elections. Who polarizes? Evil against good? right and wrong? left and right? There is no polarization. Agreements and agreements still await better decisions and everything will happen in the liberal field, light, light for those who enunciate and dramatic for those who work, study, look for a job and live the daily life violated by liberalism.

The asphalting of candidacies towards October considers the supposed “spirit” of the people, thought generically, their priming of ideological positions and their lack of interest in them. Hence pragmatism looms large, which may even allow new candidacies with some new path and support, but starting from almost nothing. It will be, if any, an event. O tertiary possible will require the maximum confrontation with reality and will not be a prize; on the contrary, a tremendous challenge.

The evil of history is the candidate still in power. Strictly speaking, it is not a candidacy but a stigma, a misdeed, a promise of the worst, of unmitigated horror. In these waters, parents who think of children who smile and believe in their country, of workers who trust in their talents and vocations, of students who demand university with academic and social quality, as well as people who respect life, will not be able to navigate. of all Brazilian people and territories of diversity that guarantee a dignified, solidary and beautiful future.

Bad, too bad that we were unable to dethrone him, him and his entourage. Its electoral disaster should, however, be natural, because beyond the vote, life matters. That the nameless does not know and with which he plays, especially the lives of others and others.

* Luiz Roberto Alves is a senior professor at the School of Communications and Arts at USP.


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