Why do we take to the streets



Citizens who will not silently watch another genocide in this country built on the basis of genocides

On June 13th, we will be on the streets to fight the Bolsonaro government and its genocidal policy. His stance in the face of the new coronavirus pandemic imposes his immediate removal. The elementary function of a government is to protect the population. Bolsonaro and his followers mock the dead and conspire against policies that could save lives. The new fascism prefers barbecue, pastel, jet-ski and horse riding while hospitals are filled with queues of patients waiting for adequate treatment, with health professionals left to their own devices waiting, uselessly, for responsible resources and policies.

Meanwhile, cemeteries fill up with the dead that could have been avoided. Brazil is already the new global epicenter of the pandemic, with more than 30 deaths. But instead, Bolsonaro uses the time of the Republic trying to save his family from the arms of Justice, dismissing health ministers who do not agree with his farcical charlatanism that wants to shove down the throats of the people a medicine that does not even have scientific proof of effectiveness in combating the disease. coronavirus.

Its followers scream “military intervention” because they want to silence all who raise their voices in an attempt to oppose dancing on the edge of the abyss where we are being led by the association of neoliberalism with fascism. We are not going to watch passively as the country is transformed, once again, into an immense cemetery silenced by tanks.

Some may think that there is contradiction and opportunism in fighting for months for the isolation measures to be respected and now taking to the streets. However, until the present moment we defend and practice the quarantine, while we saw the streets being taken over by fascists. But Brazil can no longer withstand two crises at the same time: the pandemic and Bolsonaro. One feeds off the other. The only way to fight the pandemic is to overthrow this irresponsible government. We won't leave the streets until he falls.

Now, when death touches the favored classes less and less, who can pay to be treated, the barons of the economy demand a return to their regime of profit and spoliation of the working class. Some believe they can naturalize this country's secular and brutal indifference to the fate of black and poor bodies, who, depending on those in power, must die without mourning and without a name in the mass grave of history.

We do not fight for the return of the democracy that was stolen from us, because, in fact, it never existed! We fight to make possible the existence of a country that has not yet existed, in which social inequalities, injustice and indifference do not fit. A country where the government does not blackmail its poor people, putting them between the perverse decision of choosing between certain economic death and probable physical death. In this country, neither Bolsonaro nor his militias fit. Some say leaving now is giving the government the argument it needs for an authoritarian shift. But we will never accept this blackmail that will make us lower our heads in the face of our own destruction! No people will silently accept the perpetuation of a government that takes them to the slaughterhouse!

If you think like us, come to Avenida Paulista on June 13, 2020, at 14:30 pm. Bring your mask, respect the distance of two meters between the demonstrators, hold a photo of a Brazilian woman or a Brazilian killed by the covid-19 or by the violence practiced by the State, and march against this government! In this fight, your desire for justice and equality will make all the difference.

*Action Group is a non-partisan and spontaneous group of activists, artists, lawyers, teachers, health professionals, students, publishers and communicators.

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