For a peace deal in Ukraine

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Proposals on possible agreements that could lead to an end to the conflict

We are accused of being warmongers and of not feeling the suffering of the Ukrainian people. We are even ridiculed in networks and articles, saying that we believe that Russia will rebuild the Soviet Union, saying that we are old-fashioned communists. This is totally false. And I speak in the plural because these accusations go against all of us who write against racism, Russophobia, xenophobia and the resurgence of Nazism-Fascism that dominates the hearts of thousands or millions of Europeans, who we thought were democratic and cured of these evils.

We wrote very clearly that this is an intercapitalist conflict, the result of the US hegemony crisis and the submission of the European Union to the interests of big capital and US international policy. That is why I make this concrete proposal. It is possible to stop war: it requires political decision, daring, negotiation and courage from those who govern (or pretend to govern) the world.

Therefore, in view of the deepening conflict, the suffering of the people of Ukraine and the ensuing suffering for the peoples of the world, it is essential to oppose the continuation of the war and that representative organizations and forces that still have a voice can lead a effective negotiating table, before we fall into a nuclear confrontation that will lead to a humanitarian disaster. The UN must take a bold, proactive and strong role in a situation that could lead to an unimaginable nuclear disaster.



1. A high-level negotiating table headed by the UN Secretary General; high representatives of the Russian, Ukrainian and Catholic Church (and I propose them because they all invoke the name of God); the Foreign Ministers of Russia, the United States and Ukraine; Government guarantors of India, China, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico.

A ceasefire for 96 hours, starting from the installation of the negotiating table, that is, immediately. This ensures humanitarian corridors and a substantive presence on the ground of United Nations observers. Probably Peacekeeping Forces, which do not belong to any of the countries involved in the conflict. In other words, not the United States, not Russia, not the European Union, not Ukraine.

Suspension of arms deliveries or mercenary funding to Ukrainian territory or their accumulation at the borders.


Basic agreements to be discussed

Ukraine will be declared a territory of peace, free of nuclear weapons, and will not be part of NATO (which is an offensive military alliance). The supply of weapons and mercenaries to the Ukrainian government will be suspended (mercenaries are at the forefront of child trafficking, trafficking and slavery networks, among other things).

Russia will withdraw its troops from Ukrainian territory. Decisions taken by the people of Crimea and Donbass to belong to the Russian Federation will be respected.

The supply of gas, oil, wheat and maize to the European Union and buyer countries will be maintained under the terms and conditions agreed before the outbreak of conflict, ensuring the well-being of the peoples of the European Union and others.

Nazi paramilitary brigades on Ukrainian soil must be disarmed. Suspension of the Russophobia campaign in the media, under sanction, in all countries where it occurs. The right to freedom of expression in the European Union will be restored.

All those arrested for participating in anti-war protests will be released and feminist and pro-war movements will be strengthened to defend the rights of freedom of choice of gender and other rights violated in the countries of the European Union and in Russia.

Economic sanctions must be converted into resources for the reconstruction of civilian infrastructure in Ukraine, including houses and buildings that have been destroyed. Only companies from countries that were not involved in the conflict should participate in the reconstruction.

The proposal to condemn in the UN General Assembly all expressions of Nazism must be approved.

Voluntary repatriation to Ukraine will be promoted for all those who wish to return. The same asylum conditions will be granted to any applicant, from any part of the world, even if he is not from Ukraine.

Agreements on protecting the environment and substantially reducing the gases that produce global warming, as well as agreements on nuclear disarmament and against the arms race, will be resumed.

As Latin Americans, fighters for peace, we launched this proposal, improved where necessary, to be shared with political parties, organizations and social movements in Latin America.

* Luis Varese is a journalist and anthropologist.


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