Why do we go back to the streets



Manifesto Letter of the Act “Bolsonaro Out!” of July 04th

Those who pretend to govern us would like to eliminate from the Brazilian people the ability to be indignant in the face of death. This is the true government project: to naturalize ditches and more ditches with the bodies of Brazilian men and women, the result of neglect and mockery; create a society insensitive to disappearance; make this country a cemetery of silence, over which indifference reigns. Brazil, built on top of the black and indigenous genocides, is now witnessing yet another wave of genocide: that of the poorest and most vulnerable layers of our people, dying without the right to mourn and pain and, if not dying, desperate in the face of misery and the unemployment that forces him to take to the streets and “return to normal”. This condition, again, disproportionately affects the black and indigenous population. In front of the whole world, Brazil stands out not only as the epicenter of the pandemic, but as the epicenter of the dead without mourning. No society can survive this.

​A government, whose true horizon is the indifferent sacrifice of its own people, cannot continue even one more day. The pandemic has laid bare the death machine that drives it. Those who applauded torturers, state assassins and militiamen specialized in extorting poor people could not give us anything different from this. Those who came from the darkest basements of the military dictatorship, from the farms where slave labor is still found, from the electric saws that still pulsate with the colonial rhythm of the conquest, from the banks that see this land only as a space for exploitation, could only have as a government project the naturalization of mass death. Against this, we will once again be on the streets and until this neo-fascist and genocidal government falls.

That in this demonstration each and every one carry a photo of those killed by state violence, be it the product of negligence in facing the pandemic, police violence, the massacre of indigenous populations, the disappearance in the fight against the dictatorship. May each and every one speak aloud the name of those that the government wants us to forget. May we do a dignified mourning for those that the government wants to burn on the altar of the economy for the few.

You are important to this fight. This is not the destiny of our country and we can change this story. Come on July 04th, at 14 pm, in front of MASP. This act is premised on ensuring the safety of everyone within this scenario, in which mobilization takes place in person. Respect the health measures of distancing and protection. Come fight with us!


*Action Group is a non-partisan and spontaneous group of activists, artists, lawyers, teachers, health professionals, students, publishers and communicators.

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